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Meeting Half Way

Meeting Half Way ♠ Chapter Two

«Lynn's POV»

It was already 11 P.M and Mrs. Davis still wasn't here. She had said to meet up with her at an intersection near an Italian restaurant, and wait for her so we could talk. That was 2 hours ago. It's fucking cold, I'm starving, and I'm tired. Where the hell was she?

My prayer was answered. I heard high heels clacking quickly toward my direction. I turned to look at my right and I saw a female figure outline. Mrs.Davis! Finally. I could hear her breathing quickly, wanting to hurry up. Run woman! I thought grumpily. "Never dis me out like that again, Claire Davis! Do you hear me?" I yelled in her ear as she took the final closest step toward me.

"I'm so sorry, Lynn. My car broke down a half mile from here and I came running. " She flinched and rubbed her ear in which I had yelled in.

"Ok, can we go now? It's freezing and I'm starving. Have you any idea how long I've been standing here? 2 hours! You could've called a taxi or get on a bus!" I complained to her as we walked off the curb of the intersection and crossed onto the other sidewalk, where the restaurant was. I opened the glass door and let Claire in first. Then I walked in and warmth laid it on my body. It felt good on my cold bitten cheeks. I don't doubt I looked like a frozen tomato at the moment.

I saw good spot next to the fire place, but not too close. "Claire, come on. Let's go sit over there," I pointed at the place I chose and we headed toward it and sat down on the red, plushy chairs. I thought about something, but before I could, a blonde haired waitress came up to us with two menus.

"Ciao! Welcome to Reto's! Today our specialty is Parmesan Alfredo with spinach," She said in a squeaky voice. Ugh, it hurts my ears. It reminded me of my snobby sister who got married 2 years ago. She had the awful squeaky squak voice that annoyed me the fuck out. Thank God she's gone!

"Hi," I gave a grin with emotionless eyes.

The blonde waitress looked down with a creeped out face and just walked back toward her station. Good, I don't like people like her.


I looked at the menu and took ten minutes to choose what I wanted. The waitress came back with a small smile on her face, but it looked completely fake. "Have you chosen what you want?" She asked. I nodded and read the name of my choice.

"I'll take Farro Fettuccine with cherry tomatoes with guanciale," from the corner of my eye I could see her scribble down what I wanted.

"...And what would you like, miss?" The waitress asked Claire.

"I'll take a Shepherd's pasta with ricotta and sausage, and drink we both would like hot chocolate." The waitress nodded and wrote down everything and left into the kitchen. I looked around the small, but elegant restaurant, which was almost empty.

Not many people come here, only the ones that live around the street. I've always come here for two years. I stared at the large fireplace the was in front of us, but not too near. I gazed at it, trying to remember something. It snapped, I remember what I wanted to talk to Claire about.

"Claire..." I trailed off, sadness could be heard in my voice. Claire's eyes widened and filled with tears. "Oh Claire," I whispered. She loved Marnie a lot, since she was her only child. Marnie's dad had died four years after she was born. Nobody knew why.

"Not my little princess, not Marnie," I heard Claire whimper. I could see her transparent tears roll down her cheeks, soaking into her brown coat. She sniffled quietly, wiping her tears and holding her head in one hand.

"There's nothing I can do Claire, I'm so sorry," I told her and set my own hand into hers and squeezed. She wrapped her own fingers and held my hand. I got an idea, but it wasn't gonna make Claire happy. "There's one possibility, though..."

Claire's brown eyes met my gray eyes with hopefulness. "What is it?! Please, tell me!"

I was just about to whisper out my answer when the blonde waitress came and set down out plates and drinks. "Thank you," I mumbled as she left the table. What a bitch, but I guess I deserve it.

"Lynn?" I heard Claire's faint voice and I snapped out of it. I looked at her and continued with what I was trying to say. "Well...?" I heard Claire ask me again. "To save Marnie... She has to marry him," I closed my eyes and opened them again. She had a shocked and sad look on her face. Her mouth was slightly open, her eyes shining with unshed tears, again. "That's the only thing we can do, Claire."

"No! There has to be something else! My daughter can get married, she's only seventeen!" Claire whispered in anger.

"There's nothing else I can do, either she dies or gets married."
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