That's what they said happened.
"She wasn't happy."
That's what they claimed.
"He was only trying to help."
He was the reason I died.
"He was a hero, at least."
He is a murder at most.
"She's not in pain anymore."
Damn right. I'm seeking vengeance.

My name is Sonny Raley. I was murdered at age seventeen in my home town of Racine, Wisconsin. My spirit still walks the streets, halls of my high school, and floorboards of my home. It's been a year since my murder, and I am returning to my spirit to get my vengeance on my killer: Jackson Wesley.

Sonny; the deceased / Jackson; the living

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  1. Knives and Pens
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  2. Gardens and Boats
  3. Light
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  4. Come Back
  5. Afterlife
  6. Do you want revenge?
  7. The Rules
    There is a sex scene in this chapter. Just saying