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Daughter of the Girl

Scarlette Jenna Jerggens. Daughter of Elizabeth Rose Gaskarth and Damien Justin Jerggens. Niece to Alex Gaskarth.

When her mother died she left Scar with her father and Uncles. Scar was only 8, but six years later finds her 14 and starving for answers.

The fans of her mothers haven't had much closer either. They got the news, got the why, and nothing else.

Friends of her mother only knew parts of her life. Small parts.

Scarlette Jenna Jerggens sets off to find answers. Answers about her mother. Answers for herself, her father, her family, and the fans.

This is the life. This is the why. This is the end, but it's also the beggining.

Disclaimer: I own no famous people.

Dedicated (yes the whole story) to:

ThisKitty for being there for the last month and more. Honey, you kick ass!

LBRYRFN for being there since the first story. Chica, you're fantabulous!
  1. Letting Some of Her Secrets Go So New Ones Can Be Discovered
    Scare lets her Uncle know her plan, and Alex gets some more gray hairs.
  2. Say goodbye my love, and I'll kiss you goodnight
    Scar says goodbye, hello, and waits for departure. All the while scared out of her ***ing mind.
  3. Only Alex
    Alex got married and Scar gets a surprise...or another surprise.
  4. Beginning of the Life Trip
    Our epic journey finally begins.
  5. Klub Der Nacht
    The first stop of the Bonding Tour.
  6. Mood-Swinging-Uncle
    Holy damn...
  7. Unicorn Kid
  8. How Much Pain Can You Take, Sweetheart?
  9. Feel
  10. Aftermath
    I recomend reading this slowly, and whilst listening to Desert Song.
  11. Thinking
  12. Buzz
    Read the authors note if youre prone not to.
  13. Why?
  14. Boys Like Girls: Completed