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Guides for the Pre-Engagement Life


PROLOGUE: Press Conference

After three years of serious commitment, Michael Phelps decided to drop the bomb at a Press Conference after the 2008 Beijing Olympics about proposing to his girlfriend, Roxanne Miller, some time before the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

So in 2009, with the media still going on a frenzy of criticism and both side of their Families advising them to evaluate their relationship, Roxanne took it upon herself to get into full Pre-Engagement mode to see whether or not both of them were really ready to take the next step of their lives.

All the while, she was still stressed over the fact that she didn't have a clue when he was exactly going to pop the question. He only mentioned 2010.

"I hope he's not pulling my leg," She once said with a lot of worry.


Real People, Events and Locations have either been changed, created or altered for the purposes of this fan-fiction. Most characters are not real and if they happen to resemble someone in real life, it is pure coincidence.

Author Note:

This is a Sequel to "Rules on Relationship".
  1. #0.1: It's only just begun
    Between Michael Phelps, the Media and Family... Serious decisions had to be made
  2. #0.2: "Goodbye Bachelor Pad"
    After a long wait, it's finally happened - Moving In
  3. #0.3: "Compromises"
    There's no "I" in "Team", so it's time to makes some changes
  4. #0.4: The "Jolly Holidays"
    Christmas and New Year's are Extra Romantic
  5. #0.5: The "Countdown" Begins
    Non-Stop talks of Proposal and Engagement Rings
  6. #0.6: "Valentine's Day"
    One of the Most Romantic Days of the Year
  7. #0.7: "Sharing"
    Selfless Actions for Selfish Purposes
  8. #0.8: "Arguments and Doubtful Moments"
    Media Frenzy causes Problems
  9. #0.9: Getting some "Counselling"
    Outside opinions often provide "Good" Advice
  10. #1.0: The "Other People" Concept
    Testing the Other Fishes in the Sea
  11. #1.1: "Kiss and Make Up"
    Getting over the Hurdles
  12. #1.2: "Baby" Talk
    A Major Topic no matter what age
  13. #1.3: "Mid-Twenties Crisis"
    Turning 25 can get you thinking
  14. #1.4: "Critics, Critics, Critics"
    Some Opinions are best left unsaid
  15. #1.5: "Ultimatum"
    To Be or Not To Be, that is the Question
  16. #1.6: "Five Year Milestone"
    Marking Five Years on the Calendar
  17. #1.7: "It's Really There"
    Facing the Reality
  18. #1.8: "Tick of Approval"
    Asking Permission is always Important
  19. #1.9: "Suspicious Activities"
    Michael Phelps is up to something
  20. #2.0: "Growing Frustrations"
    Everyone's gathered in Ann Arbor... Why?
  21. #2.1: "On One Bended Knee"
    [LAST CHAPTER] "Finally!" Everyone said.