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It took him all of two seconds to reach me, and that was all it took to make me nervous. Butterflies erupted in my stomach and I shivered at the sudden sensation. He noticed, just like he notices everything. Honestly I think he likes the effect he has on me, it shows him he is in control. Not that he would ever have any problem with being in control, it wouldn’t take much for him to dominate me. Hell, that girl I was just fighting took me out ten times slower then he would and she only took five minutes.

I froze when he reached me. Not because I was scared, but because I was weary of what he was going to do. Was he going to kiss me like he did in the forest? If that’s the case we are both already naked, I’m more then one hundred percent sure that it would lead to more. Was I ready fro that thought? God damn it! What was it about mates that make your body go crazy. Its like as soon as your wolf knows you have a mate, your brain stops and your body takes over.

He reached for me and placed his cold hands on my hips, pulling me to him. I squeaked a little and shuddered under his touch. A smile spread across his face and he leaned down to kiss the top of my head. The butterflies in my chest fluttered and my body shook once more.

He chuckled a little. “That’s adorable.” He lifted one of his hands off from my hips and stroked his fingers underneath the cut on my face.

“What’s adorable?” I mumbled, trying desperately not to shy away from his touch. I wasn’t use to being cared for yet.

“You.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss my forehead. “Trembling because I’m touching you, blushing like you’ve never seen me like this. Its cute, just like the fact that you thought you had a chance against Carmen. She is my best female fighter and is the first my pack would choose for my wife if I hadn’t found you. Hell, you even got in a few hits.” He lifted his other hand off from my hip and caressed my face, jerking me into a kiss. I whimpered a little and instantly kissed back.

When we broke away from some air I found that my face was beat red. To hide that I found myself tucking my face against his neck. He seemed taken back by this action for a moment and it took me a second to realize why. In my pack a wolf showed affection by nuzzling a person’s neck. Not the kind of affection that a mate would show someone to prove that they wanted sex, but the kind of affection that proved to someone that you truly liked them. In Darren’s pack it meant the same thing, but it also meant that who ever was doing the nuzzling was technically submitting to the other. Allowing them to know that you are putting your life in their hands. For some reason this didn’t stop me, I stayed there until he wrapped his arms around me and tucked his face against my hair.

“You know I will protect you, as long as you trust me everything will get better. You won’t wake up to Carmen, you can run around with Ryder, eventually we will grow closer. Do you feel how strong our bond is? We are right for each other my dear.” Darren whispered against my hair.

I tightened my arms around him, believing every word he said. He was right, our bond was strong and eventually it will blossom into love. I know that it could take a while but for now I was perfectly content with where I was.
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