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The Help

Later that night Darren took me out of the bedroom. Granted it wasn't out into the town, but he took me around his mansion. He showed me things that Ryder hadn't; some of these places fascinated me. 

He showed me the library's secret room which was filled with supplies if there was ever a time where they had to hide out for days. I discovered his stash of comic books which I'll admit I joked around about for a while. To be honest I never expected him to be the type of person that would read a comic book, but then again for some reason it made him all the more attractive. Maybe it was because it help prove to me that he has just as big of an imagination that I did. Or maybe it helped prove to me that he was the alpha he was still a normal person. 

After the library we ended up wandering into the kitchen where I met his cook.  Actually I don't think this person was just the cook, I believe he was taking care of Darren and Ryder. Almost like everything in one. A butler, a cook, a maid. This person's name was Max. He was old, really old. I would say he was around the age of seventy, but he was in shape. He wasn't hunched over, or wheezing with every breath he took. He was like a young seventy year old, if that makes any sense. I would say that he was a past alpha in some pack, at least that was what his body build suggested to me. 

Darren introduced us with plenty of confidence, "Max, this is my mate Rose." 

Max had looked up from whatever meal he was working on and stared straight at me. I felt like his old worn eyes were boring a hole straight through me. He didn't look happy about m being there. His yellow patchy skin pulled over his cheeks in a small growl. 

"She's a mutt." He growled in an old crackly voice. Almost lightning fast he reached out his hands and grabbed both of my shoulders, yanking me towards him. I was surprised my the strength he had. My skin ached underneath his hold as he applied pressure against my bony arms and when I jerked back to get away from him it was almost like I wasn't trying at all. 

The next thing I knew Darren had his hand around Max's throat and he squeezed hard enough to cut off his air ways. Max instantly dropped my arms and shoved me away from him. I think the shoving part was meant to make a point but it just gave him more punishment. When I was shoved I was thrown into the kitchen floor and bounced off from a cabinet. Because of this I had a giant cry of shock escape my lips and out of Darren's lips shot a large growl. My eyes shot up to look at Darren and I seen his body starting to shift. His eyes turning deep blue and his claws sprouting from his fingertips. 

I did the only thing I could think of then, I shot up and hugged my large mate from behind. His body was hot with anger and trembling. "Darren! No!" I begged. It wasn't because I was scared, but I didn't want to kill someone who I knew was close to him. "Let him go."

Slowly he released Max's neck and !ax scrambled away, gasping for breath. I now know that I never want to be in the path of Darren's wrath. He is freaking scary. 

"If you ever touch her again I will personally behead you." Darren growled in a voice that I have never heard come out of him. It was commanding and frightening. When he turned to me I found myself backing away at the look he was giving me. Even though I could see the concern behind it I knew that he was pissed. How do I deal with an angry Darren? 
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This was written on my iPad so please me nice on the grammar lol