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“I know why!” Darren’s voice boomed, the bedroom door slamming wide open. Groaning I forced myself to wake up, my naked body still tangled in fur blankets and bliss. Last night had been a night of extreme pleasure, non stop pleasure. We had been at it for hours, it had felt like I had just fallen asleep. The clock read noon, damn I had slept late.

Darren stood in the doorway, holding a giant old looking book. Shame filled his eyes, I dare say he believed I was awake and that he was going to bust in here to find me watching television. Slowly I stretched my arm out from under the blanket and patted the mattress. It he was going to have some long speech about something I wasn’t getting out of bed for him to do it.

My mate approached me then. His shirtless chest toned and bare, sending longing into my heart. I didn’t think he realized what effect he had on me. His brilliant hazel eyes were the ones that had drawn a once innocent girl into his sheets, his clever tongue had me bending to every word he said, and his marvelous sent had me attached to him for eternity. Darren sat neck to me, allowing me to lay my head on his lap. He was warm, like a summer’s day.

“What do you know?” I purred, closing my heavy eye lids and listening to his intake of deep breath. I could stay here forever.

“I know why I can’t get you pregnant.” He announced boldly.

I shot up in bed, clutching the blanket to my chest. If he truly knew an answer to this that meant that I could stop worrying. The council would finally stop riding on us, and I would be able to spend forever with Darren. This could be the answers to my prayers. Darren looked at me with such promise, such hope. His soft lips stretched over his teeth and a child like grin.

I smiled back and him and leaned into kiss his forehead. “Do tell.” I whispered against his skin.

He chuckled and almost seemed to blush. Our ignorance on the mating process had cost us a lot of time as it was, maybe that was what had pushed him to research this further. “I feel so stupid for not knowing, but its because I haven’t claimed you.”

I pulled back, narrowing my baby blue eyes. What in the hell is that supposed to mean? Claimed me? For heavens sake he has been my first at everything I could possibly give him, what is there left to claim? His cheeks twitched, trying not to laugh at my dumbfounded gaze. “Excuse me?”

Pushing the book to the side of the bed he pulled me to him, forced me to wrap my legs around his waist and tuck my body close to his. “You are mine, yes. The only road block is that I have not made that public to the world. As of right now darling you are just my mate, you are not my luna.”

I was still totally dumb founded, and having my legs wrapped around him was not allowing me to clear my head at all. Did he want me to be drawn back into bed with him, or did he want me to listen?! “What in the hell is a luna?” I growled lowly, my wolf was certainly annoyed. He was being unclear, and having his lower half press against me-while I was stark naked- was driving her insane.

He smiled, and lowered his lips to my neck. “I am alpha, meaning that once I claim you, you will become luna of this pack. A luna is like queen, and I am like king. Under normal circumstances a claiming is forced to happen when you have sex with your true mate. I would burry my fangs into you,” His lips trailed along my skin, kissing over and over until he reached my collar bone. Darren had never touched their before, but when he did I felt my body shudder. My wolf came alive, fighting to take over. She wanted contact, she wanted me to take charge. If I didn’t give it to her she was going to take it from me, and she was going to win. “I would bite you right there. If we were normal wolves I would’ve done it without thinking, but because I’m an alpha my wolf holds back until he knows you will be able to protect his pack at his side. When you saved me from that bear it awoke something inside of me, do you feel it in you?”

Darren was right. Ever since I killed that bear to save him my wolf has been restless. During our night last night I could bearly hold her down, and Darren had lost grip a few times. I faintly recall his wolf screaming at me to let mine loose, thankfully we had been under control. His wolf scared me when I was in human form, he was so powerful and so demanding. It wasn’t a secret why mine wanted his, she only listen to him and he certainly took what he wanted.

“Yes, she wants you.” I purred. Nuzzling my face against his warm shoulder. I heard him groan quietly. His fingers tightened against my back, digging his nails into my skin.

He shuddered when he spoke. “Its because he was testing her, knowing that you are worthy of running his pack now he is desperate to claim you. When I seen you with Ryder the other day he had just about ripped out of me and attacked. I’m so possive right now that it kills me, I had locked you in here Rose. The urge to claim you had been getting stronger, I just didn’t know what it was until now.”

I lifted my head from his skin, looking into those hazel eyes. Inside them I could see the struggle, it pained me. I knew that his wolf was clawing at him to take over. “Let him out, we will do this.”

Darren paused, looking at me with the look that said ‘are you serious?’. I got confused and leaned back from him. Supporting myself on his arms and blushing. “No.” He chuckled.

I forced a smirk onto my face and crawled off from him then, tightening a blanket around myself. Concealing my naked body. “Darren is refusing sex now, the world is coming to an end.”

Smiling to myself I crawled out of the bed, almost hearing his annoyance at me leaving him, but I certainly had a plan. Seductively I walked over to the closet, dragging the throw blanket behind me. Feeling his eyes bore into my back I dropped the blanket, just to step into the closet. A low growl came from the bed, I knew it was working. Darren was not the type of man who let his wolf be caged up. Not to mention he was the alpha, meaning that his wolf had more control then his man…In both departments.

“Rose…” The husky voice growled from the bedroom. “Get back here.”

I smiled, feeling my wolf grow to excitement. “What ever for?” I purred, beginning to dig through the closet rack loudly until I found the one thing that I knew would help push him into mating me. Although I was unsure what made me want to push this mating along, it was probably the fact that I knew this would help us with the whole issue of pregnancy. I liked the fact that I would be allowed to be with him forever, as luna of his pack and mother to his children. Of course now that I saved him that bear I have half a mind to tell them to accept me without the issue of pregnancy. I wonder if I could talk them into that…at least then I knew I will be ready for a child when I get one. Smiling to myself yet again I grabbed one of his long dress shirts, slipping it on and buttoning it up half way.

“Rose!” He snapped, the creaking of the bed indicating that he was beginning to climb off the bed to come and get me. If there was one thing you needed to know about Darren’s wolf, he was extremely impatient. One thing you need to know about mine, she got enjoyment out of making him wait. Smiling to myself yet again I allowed her to take over. Slinking to the back of my mind and allowing her to take over. Let me tell you, she was such a tease.

“I’m coming!” She called, walking out of the closet with a little swing in her hips. My mate was half out of the bed, his pure eyes staring back at me with longing. Slowly running his eyes down my body, his jaw dropping. “Hello, love.”

He stood up, stomping his feet over to me and gripping the front of the shirt. Yanking me to him, our chests collided. “Hm, we haven’t been in contact in awhile.” His hand lifted to my neck, drawing a line down my nape. My wolf purred out loud. He was touching the same spot that he had kissed earlier. “Do you like that?” He did it again, making my body shudder.


After that my wolf locked me out of what was happening. It was like I was in a deep calming sleep. Sometimes I could feel a pleasure, but my wolf was shielding me. I was a prisoner of my own mine, stuck as just a body being controlled by an alternate personality. She was making me miss my own mating! Selfish! Of course, there must be a reason why she is doing this.

It felt like ages when I was finally in control of my own body again. Groaning a little I opened my eyes, finding a pounding headache and a horrific scene. The right half of my body was caked in blood, and my neck was so stiff it hurt to even attempt to move it. Slowly I lifted my hand up to hold the side of it, terrified that I was spewing blood. Thankfully I found it all dry, but there were deep gashes. Bite marks. I pressed down a little on them, whimpering and closing my eyes out of searing pain that shot up my neck.

Someone dropped something in the direction of the bathroom, then I heard them dart forward into the bedroom. I knew right away it was Darren, my mate was here to save me…explain to me what our wolves did maybe. I was so uneducated in all of this wolf shit.

Darren’s head was suddenly hovering over mine, but his eyes proved to me it wasn’t my Darren it was his over protective wolf. I still loved him all the same, in fact I felt a strong desire to bug him to pull me into his strong arms and comfort me. Why was my human still locked away though?

“Don’t move.” He demanded, gently taking my hand off from my neck and pulling it away from it. Laying it against my stomach. “You should still be unconscious.” Climbing into bed with me he pulled me into his strong arms, cuddling me into his warm side and carefully petting the back of my head. Does he honestly think I am that breakable? “Darren is still unconscious, you are quite the strong little wolf aren’t you.”

A wave of pain rocked me again, my fingers gripped his shirt tightly, tears beginning to drip out of my eyes. “Why does it hurt?” I whimpered.

“I have claimed you, darling. You should be unconscious for at least two more days…” He sighed deeply, clearly thinking he was going to be able to spend that time with my wolf who would be able to reject this pain like it wasn’t even there. “I won’t leave you Rose, no matter what.” He buried his nose into my soft hair, inhaling deeply. Staying like that until my tears began to slow, and my hold on his t-shirt loosened. Even then he waited, my breathing eventually slowed and my eyes grew heavy. “My pack will accept you now, darling. We can take this at your pace again, no more trying for children. I just want you to be happy.”

He clearly thought I was sleeping, but I didn’t want to upset him if he didn’t want me to hear that. Did he think I wasn’t happy? Honestly I would’ve care if he wanted children right now, I just wanted to be able to stay with him forever. I didn’t honestly want children at the moment but I would do whatever it took. Hopefully he was right though, it would be nice for his pack to accept me. To be able to trust me enough to run them until they could find a replacement if something were to go wrong. Of course this was a new experience to me as well, Darren never allowed his wolf to take complete control of his body. Normally I didn’t allow that either. There must be something going on with this claiming. Did our wolves really take over to protect us from this pain? If that were the case then why did mine allow me to surface?

“This mating is ridiculous. I feel as though if something happened to you I would die. I love you, Rose.”
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Okay if this is confusing (Which i hope its not cause i worked really heard to make it semi understandable), a werewolf has two personilities. One wolf, and one human.

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