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Christie exchanges herself for her sister's freedom when they get attacked by vampires, she struggles to survive under the ruling of David until Laddie and Star come along and she no longer feels alone. Everything is finally going well, when the Emerson family move to Santa Carla and everything goes down hill.

Christie has to make a decision; Save the people who have kept her prisoner for four years or allow them to die and free herself. What will she choose?

*Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own the lost boys, I only own Christie, Annie and any other character you don't recognise!*

Fire and Ash.
  1. Prologue
    Christie gives herself up.
  2. Descended into Darkness
    Christie is taken to the Lost Boys cave at Hudsons Bluff.
  3. The bejeweled bottle
    Christie has spent three weeks trapped in the cave.
  4. A Willing Sacrifice
    Christie makes another sacrifice for her sister...and for herself.
  5. Uncharted waters
    Christie allows Dwayne to feed on her and she meets a guy.
  6. This burden came to me
    Christie sneaks out and ends up fighting with her oh-so-fearless leader.
  7. Sister? I think not!
    Christie's punishment end and she meets a girl claiming to be her half-sister.