When Maggie's best friend - who also happens to be the love of her life - leaves her for a year to go on an adventure, she feels all alone. She takes the opportunity to go on an adventure of her own, all the while putting as much distance as possible between herself and the boy that broke her heart.

While she is studying for a year in Ireland, she finds companionship and a great distraction in Robert. He proves to be too good of a distraction, however, and Maggie forgets just how quickly her student Visa is nearing its expiration. She has to make some quick and difficult choices before returning to her so-called best friend and leaving her new romance behind.

This time, she fears that the distance might just be enough to break her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Robert Sheehan or any other real people that may appear in this story. Any original characters and the plot are my own, and are entirely fictional.