Writing Clash

Lotte Dennings
Alder Rd.
Bloomington, Indiana

Mrs. Rowland,

I am interested in joining your publishing practice for the Earthbound Magazine, as I noticed that you had requested new photo-journalists in an advertisement. For the past few years I have worked at a large magazine firm and have a wide experience in professional writing and photography. I resigned from my previous practice due to a disagreement with my employer, and unfortunately do not have any references.

I am willing to move into the state at any time. My article samplings along with a few examples from my graphics are enclosed.

Ms. Lotte Dennings

Michael Alex Kane
Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Mrs. Valentine Rowland,

I would be honored to work for Earthbound Magazine starting this autumn. My interest comes from a deep love for writing and researching. My skills include, but are not limited to: working well under pressure, very sociable, and a steadfast determination. I included a letter of recommendation from Mr. Kane. I hope to schedule an interview with you very soon.

Alex Kane