Fifteen Ways to Survive Warped Tour

One Way To Be Embarrassed

I wasn't sure how long I'd been slumped against the tour bus, sobbing uncontrollably into my hands. Usually, I was so strong when it came to being dumped. I usually just got angry, then moved on with my life... But this was different, for some reason. Maybe it was the forbidden love aspect. Maybe it was the way he sang songs in my ear as I fell asleep... It could have been anything that made me fall so desperately in love with Kellin Quinn, and sadly, I wasn't sure if I'd ever know what it was.

My sobs eventually slowed into a heavy, shaky breathing. I wiped the tears from my cheeks, inhaling deeply. I willed myself to get off the ground, and get back to work, but I didn't want to run the risk of having another breakdown where people could see me... So, I sat.

"I'm so fucking hungry! I just want ramen noodles!" A vaguely familiar male voice said from what could have been no more than ten feet away. I didn't move, just hoping whoever it was wouldn't notice me. I really wasn't in the mood to be hiding from someone again.

"Jack, you know there's catering, right? You don't need ramen noodles." This voice I definitely recognized, but I couldn't place it.

"I don't even care, I just really want some ramen noodles."

I rested my forehead on my knees, trying to block out the noise. I was started to really regret my decision of staying on the ground, as the voices grew closer. I really didn't want to be seen like this by anyone, stranger or not.

"Well, I guy-... Uhm..."

Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Are you okay...?"

I slowly raised my head, wincing a bit at the brightness of the sun, and focused on the voices interrogating me.

Four guys.

Four guys I'd just seen on stage, by the name of All Time low... The attractive singer being the one asking me if I was okay. I bolted up, the realization that the bus I had been crying against was theirs.

I was more than a little embarrassed. They were all looking at with me confusion and concern, and I was standing there nearly shaking, eyes red and puffy. "Uhm, y-yeah. I'm okay."

The group exchanged looks, and the singer stepped forward, holding out his hand. "I'm Alex. You work at the Vans tent, right?" He smiled, shaking my hand, and I longed to see his eyes behind the sunglasses he was wearing. He was even more attractive close up, not surprisingly... And there I was, looking like an eleven year old girl that got her first period at school and started crying in the hallway.

"Y-Yeah, uh, I do."

He tilted his head slightly, and nodded. "Well, this is Jack, Rian, and Zack," he said, pointing out each one of his bandmates. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Besides being absolutely mortified, yeah... I'm okay." I said quietly, looking up at Alex. "And I'm Tesslyn, by the way."

What a great way to start the tour... First of all, getting broken up with, then being caught by a very, very cute guy mourning over it in front of his tour bus. It was only two weeks in the tour, and I wanted to go home. I couldn't even fathom what they probably thought of me at the moment. They probably thought I was a crazy, over-emotional freak.

"Don't be embarrassed!" Alex assured me, still with a gorgeous smile plastered on his face. "We all have bad days... Do you want to join us on the bus? If you like ramen noodles, I'm sure Jack will share with you." He chuckled. The muscley one, Zack, I believe, was already opening the bus door.


The bus was a bit messy, but nothing I wasn't used to after spending so much time on the Sleeping With Sirens bus. It was homey, none the less... Filled with gaming consoles and old movies. I sank into one of the couches, feeling a bit uncomfortable... And still ridiculously embarrassed. Alex sat down beside me, with Rian on the other side. Jack and Zack found other seats nearby. I chewed on the inside of my lip, seeing Alex from the corner of my eye... It definitely stirred up my nerves for a a few reasons. First of all, he was really good looking, second, he'd just caught me crying and probably was pitying me, and lastly, the only thing really on my mind at the moment was Kellin.

"So, Tesslyn... is this the first year you've worked Warped?" Alex asked, still smiling. He looked at me curiously, examaning my features. He looked intrigued, but I doubted he actually was.

I nodded, playing with the hem of my shirt. "Yeah, it is. I've gone every year, but this is my first year working."

"Oh nice," he said, tilting his head, and peering curiously into my eyes. I shifted a bit, still a bit uncomfortable.

"Alex, get your penis away from that poor girl." Jack called from his seat. "She obviously isn't interested."

"Fuck you, Jack. I'm being friendly." Alex shot back. I could be mistaken, but I thought I saw a slight blush rise in his cheeks... and simutaneously in mine as well.

The time flew quickly, and after what only felt like an hour of banter, it was about time to start driving to the next venue. It was only about four hours away, but the venue we were currently at was kicking us out so they could clean up and whatnot. I got up off the couch, ready to say my goodbyes to my new friends for the night, when I was stopped by Jack opening the mini fridge, and grinning devlishly at me. "Wanna stay?" He asked, pulling out a very large bottle of vodka, followed by a box of 32 beer.

"Uh, I dunno... where would I sleep?" I asked uneasily, looking around at the space I might be occupying that night.

"On the couch. Or with Alex." Jack smirked, putting all the liquor on the table (which was obviously built into the bus).

"I really dunno, you guys... I mean-"

Jack grabbed a beer can, cracked it open, and thrust it into my hand... and I suppose, that was that.
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