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Her fingernails grasped the walls beside her, sinking into the warm, moist cocoon, the material splinting and bleeding out onto her chalky hands. She could feel it unwrapping, ready to release her from its hold. She continued to sink her nails in, determined to stay sheltered, safe. She screamed out just as soon as she began to fall. The wind whistled around her, bright colours swirled into her vision; the poisonous liquid from the cocoon covered her arms and seeped into her pores.

She reached up to nothing as her dress flapped around her needlessly, unable to protect her from the inevitable fall. Warmth spread from her fingertips, up her arm and spread throughout her entire body, enveloping her in a sizzling radiance. Her eyes shut slowly, the wind around quieted down and she began to float down peacefully, as if she was weightless.

The air around her split and shuddered; her skin glowing, bright and fierce as cracks split down her fingers and branched out onto and down her arms. The weightlessness feeling disappeared; her skin mending itself, a new layer of flesh covered her lacerations. Her body slammed to a stop, her head dangling down, and eyes drooping.

Her skin felt raw, burned, and dirty; her flesh crawled as if a thousand ants were on her. They whispered her name, hoarse and hissing. Rain splattered on her broken skin, pushing down on her, her head slipping back, followed by her body; she tumbled deeper and deeper into the nothing.

The world around her spun round and round, a scream, a shout, a whisper ran through her ears and then the world turned bright, kaleidoscope of mystical wonder. If anything was new to her, it was this; and then she couldn’t breathe.

She slips deeper into her mind, spider webs of distain tearing past her fingers, the gooey substance creating life forms on her body.

Little legs turned into bigger ones; a spider’s body forming, clamping down, biting her. She screamed and thrashed violently. Suddenly her body hit the mushy ground, the spiders scuttling off onto the bleak grass under her. Back covered in mud; she stood up, the blades of grass brushing against the rough skin of her feet, mud seeping through her toes as she walked on; wondering where she was.
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