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The Sun Always Sets in Paradise

"I will always love you," she whispered.
  1. Prologue::
  2. Chapter One::
  3. Chapter Two:: He's So Predictable That It Hurts
    Slightly NC-17ish
  4. Chapter Three:: ...Don’t give up on a war that you believe is already lost."
  5. Chapter Four::
  6. Chapter Five:: "You. Are. Okay"
  7. Chapter Six:: *** Her
  8. Chapter Seven::
    Maxim's P.o.V. (FYI: Short)
  9. Chapter Eight:: Fueling The Hate For Max
  10. Chapter Nine:: You Seem To Be My Saving Grace...
  11. Chapter Ten::
  12. Chapter Eleven::
  13. Chapter Twelve:: Forgiven
  14. Chapter Thirteen:: Jealousy
  15. Chapter Fourteen:: So Close...
  16. Chapter Fifteen::
  17. Chapter Sixteen:: Cocooned in Warmth and Safety
  18. Chapter Seventeen::
  19. Chapter Eighteen:: Silence (pt. 1)
  20. Chapter Nineteen:: Silence (pt. 2)
  21. Chapter Twenty:: Mr. Williams
  22. Chapter Twenty-One::
  23. Chapter Twenty-Two:: Liquid Courage with a Dash of an Unexpected Guest and Questions
  24. Chapter Twenty-Three::
  25. Chapter Twenty-Four::
  26. Chapter Twenty-Five:: I Need To Know
  27. Chapter Twenty-Six:: Revealed
  28. Chapter Twenty-Seven:: Beautiful, Electrical Entrapment
  29. Chapter Twenty-Eight:: Southern Drawl
  30. Chapter Twenty-Nine::
  31. Chapter Thirty::
  32. Chapter Thirty-One:: Ignorance is Bliss
  33. Chapter Thirty-Two:: What. The. ***.
  34. Chapter Thirty-Three::
  35. Chapter Thirty-Four::
  36. Chapter Thirty-Five:: ***ing, Really?
  37. Chapter Thirty-Six::
  38. Chapter Thirty-Seven: We Need to Talk.
  39. Chapter Thirty-Eight:: Tell Me to Stop
    Slightly Explicit
  40. Chapter Thirty-Nine::
  41. Chapter Forty:: Fall Apart
    Read A/N
  42. Chapter Forty-One:: Fate is Against Me
  43. Chapter Forty-Two::
  44. Chapter Forty-Three: Party
  45. Chapter Forty-Four::
  46. Chapter Forty-Five:: Take Me
  47. Chapter Forty-Six:: Content.
  48. Chapter Forty-Seven::
  49. Chapter Forty-Eight::
  50. Chapter Forty-Nine: Thoughts.
  51. Chapter Fifty::
  52. Chapter Fifty-One:: And It Begins
    Please read Author note
  53. Chapter Fifty-Two:: 'Are you ready?'
  54. Chapter Fifty-Three::
    Preview of the sequel in A/N
  55. Chapter Fifty-Four:: Ellie's P.o.V.
  56. Chapter Fifty-Five::
  57. Chapter Fifty-Six:: Chaos
  58. Sneak Peak: You'll Find Me Under The Stars