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Eleven - Knowing the Worst

Ava remained still as she studied the man standing in front of her. She hadn't expected to find the Spaniard at the front of her house. Fernando of all people. Ava glanced him over while he continued to be quiet. Something about him was off. She couldn't quite tell but he didn't appear angry or unsettled. He seemed to feel much lighter and happier. Fernando looked tired though as if he'd not been sleeping properly. His clothes looked shriveled. This was unusual, even for her. Many times she'd seen him, she knew Fernando always dressed smart and neat. He wasn't a lazy person so why did he look out of place? Why now?

Shaking away the bad ideas from her head before they formed some sort of bad conclusion, Ava cleared her throat. "Well, this is a surprise," she said. "Hello Fernando." Ava greeted him firmly.


Glancing behind him to see if she were being played or spied on, she frowned when she saw no one there. This wasn't a trick. He generally was here for something.

"Not to sound rude, but how did you find out where I live? Latoya and Juan are the only people that know my location."

"Apparently Latoya isn't very good at keeping things, she let slip," he said amused which clearly Ava didn't find funny. "She does that a lot."

"I can't say I'm thrilled to see you Fernando, why are you here?"

"I had to see you, we need to talk."

"I have nothing to say to you," she said before returning back inside. She began to shut the door on him, only Fernando went to block it instead.

"Just hear me out, por favor?" he pleaded softly. Ava's emotions turned to panic as she heard the worry in his voice. "I have to show you something."

Fernando edged closer to her until they were inches apart. Ava fought hard not to give in. She knew Fernando was trying to make her weak as she watched him glance down to her lips and then back up to her eyes. Biting her lip, she sighed.

"You better come in."

"Wait!" he said. He responded so fast, it made Ava turn round quicker tohis frantic voice.

"What is it?" she questioned, making Fernando smile. He heard the concern attitude she was showing. He knew deep within her, she still cared. That gave him some kind of hope.

"I know some people who have missed you," he said. Ava's eyebrows knitted, asking silently who he might be talking about. "They'd like to see you." Fernando smiled again before he disappeared out of sight, leaving Ava alone by the door to ponder. She could hear the fainest voices coming from nearby. They were edging closer and from out behind the trees on her front yard, Leo and Nora appeared on the path. Ava held her breath as her eyes enlarged. The two gave her the sweetest smile before sprinting off into a run towards her. Ava walked forward, widening her arms and the two little children went rushing into them. Ava hugged them both gently to her chest as they clung to her. Fernando approached soon after and swooned at the sight of them. His stomach warmed as he watched his two children interact once again with his former love.

The brunette flicked her eyes to Fernando's who silently watched her with a grin. She sent him a small smile as tears gleamed in her eyes. This moment meant a lot to her knowing she made an impact on Leo and Nora's life. She loved them as if they were her own. It felt good to see them again. Ava stood after the two kids had let go. She picked Leo up and placed him on her hip before smiling down at Nora. She bent and pressed a small kiss to Nora's cheek who squealed in return. Ava laughed at her cuteness.

"Thank you." Ava said, kindly appreciating Fernando for bringing his kids to see her. It made her forget about all the troubles that were bothering her. Seeing Leo and Nora again soothed her, knowing that from now on, things were going to be okay. She was going to be okay. Fernando smiled back and offered her a simple nod. "I'll go fetch my coat," she announced. Ava placed Leo back onto his feet and he ran back to his father who bent down to his height. Ava gave one last cuddle to Nora before striding back into the house to fetch her coat.


"Why here?" Ava asked as they sat outside the Garden Cafe in Regent's Park. They had arrived about half hour ago and there were hardly any people in sight. A few tourists and an elder couple but that was it. The lady that served them greeted Fernando cautiously knowing the footballer well. She then greeted his two children and showed them to a seat outside where they could dine without interruptions.

"I like this place, it's quiet on the weekdays."

"Do you come here often?"

"When I can, I bring these two because they love it here," Fernando said as he smiled down at Leo next to him. He was munching on a chocolate chip muffin and was rather making a large mess, pulling pieces off bit by bit. Nora was next to him sipping on her juice drink which Ava had offered to buy her. Fernando had complained as usual but Ava got her way. The two kids had been given a coloring sheet and some crayons by the same woman that greeted them. While they were busy, Ava and Fernando talked quietly and engaged in serious conversations. The Spaniard kept on asking about Ava's birth parents which she reluctantly answered but Fernando knew his questions were beginning to upset her so he stopped and changed the subject.

"Ava, I want you to know, what I said to you back at the courts last month, I said some harsh things to you and I know I upset you," he said while eating between his food.

"Forget it, I deserved it."

"No! I won't forget it, I can't," he spoke sternly, leaning in close placing his hand on top of Ava's. She tried to slide hers away but he grabbed her wrist, holding it tight. Ava swallowed hard as she felt the touch of his warm skin on hers. It send shivers up her spine. "I am sorry, I take it back." He sighed and removed his hand away from Ava's and reached out for something in his pocket. Ava caught the look of hurt that now appeared in his eyes as they were downcast. "You were right, about everything."

"What are you talking about Fernando?"

Taking one last cautious glance to Leo and Nora, Fernando threw something onto the surface of the table what seemed to be a photo. "Recognize him?" he asked. Ava took a closer look and moved the photo so it was in front of her. She gasped under her breath and looked up to the male Spaniard. He moved his head to the side, ignoring the expression on her face. He didn't need to see it. She shouldn't even be feeling sorry for him. He was a fool for not believing her. He was a fool to not see it sooner. Ava looked down at the photo again and this time, the sight of it made her frown hard. She growled just a little so only Fernando could hear. A pure look of disgust took over her face as she stared down Olalla who was in the arms of a familiar man. William to be exact. They looked happy.

"I found it," Fernando noted. "The photo must have slipped out from her jacket or something, but..." He paused, swallowing hard. Ava frowned again.

"I'm so sorry."

Fernando lifted his head. He looked confused. "¿Por qué? You did nothing wrong, you told the truth and I chose not to believe you, so I should be the one apologizing Ava, not you." He rubbed his tired eyes and glanced to his two children who still hadn't lifted their eyes from their coloring sheet. Fernando was thankful for them not coming into this mess. He didn't need to worry them. "We've known one another since we were kids, growing up together, falling in love. She's always been the love of my life but now, now I know feelings don't always stay the same, they change, they can wither and before you know it, you're falling for someone else."

Ava gulped as Fernando stared right into her as he finished his last words. She knew he was talking about her. It hadn't taken them long to fall in love but it slowly withered as soon as she moved away to Italy, leaving him to fend for himself. Ava had never felt guiltier, understanding now how he felt. The reason he'd become so lost, his lack of sleep and harsh attitude. It was because of her.

"It hurts, but in a way, finding out the truth isn't so bad after all; at least I know now, I wasn't the only one being untruthful," he said, smiling. Ava's face softened as she smiled back, letting Fernando grab her hand again from across the table. His brown eyes never left hers, and neither did hers.


Walking back down the path to her front door, Fernando walked along side of her. He stood tall and Ava couldn't help but let a small chuckle out as she realised how small she was compared to him. Fernando looked to her confused but she shook her head not wanting to reveal what amused her. He'd only make fun. The soft warm breeze from earlier had turned into a mild chill. Ava pulled her coat tighter to her body. Her front door came nearer and once she was in front of the building, she turned to face Fernando.

"Thank you for today, I had fun," she said.

Fernando grinned. "I did too, and it was great to catch up with you. We should probably do it again sometime."

"Perhaps." Ava replied. For a moment, Fernando inspected his wedding ring and Ava watched him sadly. She noticed the pure look of pain that came back to his eyes. It almost brought her to tears. Ava placed her hand on his shoulder, making him look up and stare down into her eyes. "Hey, listen," she said softly. "If you need anything, you know where I am."

Fernando offered her a sad but kind smile. "Gracias," he whispered. He pressed a small kiss to her cheek. Ava tried to hide the blush on her cheeks as he leaned away. The male gave her one last smile before retreating back to his car. Ava watched him go but she couldn't compress the sudden urge she had which bolted her to shout his name, making him turn round. 'Tell him now! Make him stay' her thoughts screamed. Ava braced herself.

"Fernando, I...," she stuttered. The heavy nerves that shot through her stomach began to change her mind. She couldn't. Not when they just got back on good terms. Ava sighed to herself and shook away what she was about to say. "Never mind," she mumbled. He looked concerned but Ava sent him a reassuring smile, "Thanks again." Ava told him. "It's good to see you again."

Fernando grinned before waving and left her without another word. Ava closed her eyes in annoyance and slumped against her front door. This was probably her only chance and she let it slip through her fingers. All thanks to her nerves.

Latoya was going to kill her.
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