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Twelve - Bumps and Kicks

"You're late." Came a male voice from out the shadows. It was dark out which meant the time was pretty late. The moon was set and the temperature had dropped, giving the surroundings a mysterious dark atmosphere. Silence surrounded the whole park as two people met up within the trees. To others, they were oblivious. They wouldn't be seen.

"Fashionably," replied the woman who now approached the male. He stood under a large oak tree, giving her an odd glance as soon as she came into sight. The woman dressed in black all over and her hair was tied up in a bun. "Do you have what I asked for?" She asked. The male passed the small item that he took from his pocket and the woman inspected it carefully. The packet was sealed tight as it held a white powder mixture inside. There were at least 2 spoonfuls of the substance in the packet. "Excellente," she praised before glancing back to him. "I just might need further assistance of you."

"No, no more." He bit back harshly. The woman frowned as she felt his anger. "I agreed to help you get this stuff, I didn't agree to actually help you with your twisted games. You do the deed, and leave me out of it."

"Someone's feeling a little sensitive."

"I'm not sensitive, I just don't want her to get hurt."

The woman had a look of pure hatred on her. She pursed her lips before answering him back. "Her? I told you to not get attached, no feelings." The man silently fumed as she commanded him again. He didn't want to play her tricks anymore. He'd had enough. "You've only gone and got yourself in too deep."

"You told me to keep her close, and I have." He said.

"Si, by asking her to be your girlfriend." The woman hit back. Satisfactory shown on her face knowing that she'd hit his nerve. She smirked at him when he glared back at her.

"I'm not talking about this with you, are we done here?"

"For now," she answered. The brunette stepped closer until she was inches away from the mans face. "There's no doubt she'll be there tomorrow. Do what it takes, keep an eye on her and don't let her leave the room."

The male didn't listen for more as he took steps backwards before turning away and walking off down the path. The woman watched him walk away until he disappeared out of sight. A large smirk landed on her face. She couldn't wait till tomorrow.

- Eight hours earlier -

"I can't believe you didn't tell him." Latoya's voice rang throughout one of the isles of a store. Ava and Latoya were currently shopping at Mamas and Papas for furniture and essentials for the baby. Ava had already placed a blanket, clock, baby bottles, bibs and a soft toy into her basket. While shopping around the store, the soon to be mum had also been writing down a list of furniture she wanted for the baby's nursery. She'd decided it would be best to get the essentials first and then order the furniture separate. It would save a lot of hassle and it would be easier for the female.

"I tried, but I just froze up, I panicked," Ava replied, while grabbing two unisex tops off of a rail before placing them into her basket. Although Ava wanted to know the sex, she rather preferred it to be a surprise. Buying unisex clothes was just simpler for her. "Telling the father is harder than you think Latoya, you don't know how they are going to react."

"Yes, but all I'm saying is that you have to be careful, you can't hide that bump forever," she said. Latoya let out a small giggle, making her friend look at her confused. Before she could ask, the Spaniard continued. "Bump, it sounds so funny."

"Seriously Latoya, how old are you?" Ava teased, joining in on the brunettes fun. She'd missed the old wacky Latoya who always joked about. Ava didn't see enough of it now her friend had turned more serious these days. Latoya definitely changed, but in a good way. She knew it was something to do with her relationship with Juan. The brunette was more settled and grounded. A smile shone on her face. Perhaps Latoya was just in love.

"Why are you smiling at me like that? It's creepy."

"No reason."

Latoya hummed and narrowed her eyes at Ava who simply shrugged back before continuing on down the aisle. Latoya followed on after until she stopped when Ava paused in mid step. She was drawn to something on her left. Latoya's eyes caught what she was staring at and awed at the sight. Ava took the romper off the rack and they both inspected it.

"Oh my gosh!" Latoya squealed. "You have to get this, it's adorable."

"Right? I have to get a few of these, they're perfect."

"Which reminds me," Latoya said, standing up on her toes as she tried to grab the romper off of the rail. Ava was too short to reach so she kindly stepped in and grabbed the clothes for her. "I know you don't want to know the sex, but which would you prefer to have anyway, a boy or a girl?"

Ava stood stumped as Latoya left her speechless. She hadn't been asked that question yet. The female never liked taking sides, choosing one thing to the other so she thought clearly on how'd she answer back. "I'd love a girl but at the moment, I want a boy."

"Well whatever you give birth to, you are going to be one hell of an amazing mother." Ava simply smiled at the brunettes compliment. Even if she wouldn't feel like she was being a good mother, Latoya always had faith in her. She gave Ava confidence when she needed it most. Without her, she'd be lost.

"Thank you."

The two carried on around the store before they headed to the checkout to pay. Ava had given her list to the cashier guy where he noted down her orders where they would be delivered right to her home. She payed for furniture separate before the rest of the items she'd bought were scanned and put into bags. Ava payed and the pair left the store. As Latoya began putting away the bags in the boot, Ava leaned on the cars side as slight dizziness hit her. She rested against the window to catch her breath and steady her standing. Sensing trouble, Latoya looked up in alarm and saw Ava perched over. She approached immediately.

"Ava? Are you okay?" Ava didn't answer as slight hard kicks came from her stomach; she grinned and grimaced in amazement at the movement. Latoya still looked on in concern.

"The baby's kicking."

"You're shitting me?"

"I'm not."

"Let me feel," said the brunette excitingly. She placed her hand on Ava's stomach but frowned when she felt nothing after leaving it there for a few minutes. "Aw drats, I missed it."

"Maybe next time." Ava comforted, knowing how much Latoya was disappointed. She sent Latoya a sad smile before her friend offered to help her into the car. Once seated, Latoya joined her and drove them both back home.
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