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Thirteen - Bend and Break

"Why are we here again?" asked Ava for the third time as Miguel helped her out the car. She stumbled a bit but with Miguel's arm around her waist, she was soon fine. Latoya rolled her eyes while Juan laughed beside her. Her friends had taken Ava to Spain, Madrid, where they were all invited to a dinner party. The four walked together as they soon approached the Alonso household. Juan knocked first and they all waited for whoever was going to answer.

"Because Nagore invited you," Latoya replied, interlocking her hand with Juan's. He smiled down at her. "And will you stop worrying? Nagore and Xabi wouldn't have invited you if they weren't sure, so stop fussing."

"It's not that that's bothering me, there will be people in there who aren't going to like me so much and don't give me that look Latoya, you know why."

"Why won't they like you?" Miguel questioned, intervening between the two brunettes. Latoya bit her lip and looked to Ava who stayed silent. She wouldn't know what to tell Miguel. He'd either flip or freak out. The Portuguese waited for her to answer, but he wasn't going to get one as the door opened, dismissing his question entirely. Nagore beamed at the four and she welcomed them all inside. She greeted everyone kindly as they passed by and she placed kisses on their cheeks. Nagore gestured them to follow her as they stepped deeper into the house.

"Xabi!" She called. Más personas han llegado." Her thick Spanish accent rang throughout the house as she shouted for her husband. Seconds later, Xabi appeared with drinks. He grinned when he saw his friend and Spanish team mate Juan. They weren't close but he was a genuine good person to Fernando and any friend of Fernando's, was a friend to him. He grabbed a drink off the tray he was carrying and passed it to Juan before handing one to Latoya then pressed a kiss to her cheek. His gaze turned to Ava who accepted her sparkling water. Nagore's eyes were on Miguel as she watched him shake Xabi's hand before leading the four guests into the room where they were met with more people.

From what Ava could see, she noticed a few familiar faces around the room and some she hadn't seen before. On her left stood Pepe with his wife Yolanda, Steven with Alex, Fernando with Olalla, Iker with Sara, David with Patricia, and Cristiano with Irina. On her right stood two more pairs of couples but she didn't recognise them. She knew they were footballers though. Her eyes landed back on Olalla. She watched how she stood proudly next to Fernando with a glass of wine in her hand. She faked smiled as she waved to Latoya and Juan but when her own gaze caught the sight of Ava with Miguel, she began to fume.

"Well look who it is," spat Olalla. She slowly approached the brunette with a smirk on her features. She gave a quick glance to Miguel before they rested back on Ava. "If it isn't the husband stealer."

"Hey lady, you might wanna shut your mouth-" Latoya stepped forward, breaking it up between the two until Juan pulled her back. She slapped his hand away and glared at the woman in front of her friend. By the look on Ava's face, she clearly wasn't impressed either. Everyone kept quiet as their prying eyes lingered on the two women. Fernando slowly approached Olalla from behind and kept his distance from Ava. Instead, he tried to retain his wife but she pushed him away from her.

"You have no right to be here," she said angrily. Ava crossed her arms. "I warned you." She spoke under her breath for only Ava to hear.

"Ava, what is she talking about?" Miguel asked from beside her but she ignored him as she continued to glare down Olalla. What was she thinking? Trying to shame and embarrass Ava in front of all Nagore and Xabi's guests. If Olalla was going to give her a snap fest, boy was she going to give one back. Ava wasn't going to let anyone speak to her so unkindly.

"For your information Olalla, I was invited." Ava snapped back. She felt a sudden relief flow through her knowing that Olalla wouldn't like it one bit. The Spaniard just couldn't accept the fact that she happened to be invited by one of her friends. Deciding to intervene, Nagore shot a sorry look to the rest of the guests before turning to face Olalla.

"Ola, this isn't the time or place. If you would like to speak with me about either one of our guests, I suggest you do it in private," she quietly fumed. Nagore wasn't clearly impressed by Olalla's behavior. Especially for embarrassing young Ava. She happened to know about Fernando's romance with the woman when he had informed Xabi. In times of desperate help, Fernando often turned to Xabi for advice. She learned from what her husband had told her that his friend was in a dark place and he desperately needed someone to talk to. When it came to Ava, Fernando confessed everything to Xabi. Even what she'd told him about his wife. Xabi couldn't believe it. When the truth finally came out about Olalla, Xabi was left speechless. "I won't accept rudeness under my home, not while we have guests in the same room." Nagore finished, leaving Olalla quiet. Nagore turned to the remaining couples and gave them an awkward smile. They all waited patiently. "Come," she said to everyone. "Let's eat."

"Great," Pepe mumbled. Ava looked over to him and smiled. "I'm starving." He said under his breath. Yolanda slapped him and rolled her eyes at her husband for his silly jokes at an inappropriate time. Ava let out a silent giggle which Pepe caught. He grinned largely and winked at her before leaving the room. Ava followed suit where Latoya, Juan and Miguel all marched on after.


Ava sat at the table with Latoya on her right with Juan next to her while Miguel sat on her left. Miguel was joined by his friend Cristiano while Irina sat next to him. Fernando was forced to sit across from Ava by Olalla. The female hadn't stopped with her snide comments which made the atmosphere feel quite uncomfortable. There were multiple types of dishes piled up and down the middle of the large dining table. Nagore and Xabi had really outdone themselves. Everyone helped themselves to food and kept busy in conversations while they ate.

"So, how did you and Ava meet, Miguel?" Olalla asked, giving him a stern look. Ava smiled and glanced down at her plate, blushing slightly as she thought back to the time they first met. All over a cup of coffee and here they both were, three months later. Fernando sat stiff in his seat. He could only look on.

"We met at a coffee shop, funnily enough. I walked right into Ava, I spilled my drink all down her white blouse and the next I know, I'm buying her more coffee and getting her number."

"Aww!" All the women in the room cooed at them both. Ava blushed harder.

"It seems Ava always falls for a man with charm," Olalla smugly said, wiping Ava's smile off her face. She knew what was coming. "Isn't that right Fernando?" Her husband shot her a glare as he placed his drink down on the table, clearly not happy. Miguel coughed on his food and gaped at Ava next to him. The table fell silent. To hide away her nervousness, Ava took a large swig of her water and downed it all in one go. It tasted funny in her mouth but Ava shrugged off the vile taste.

"What is she implying Ava?" Miguel asked Ava who still hadn't looked up to him. The table went quiet. She had to get away, and fast. The more times the Portuguese asked, the more her stomach filled with nerves. Ava tried to ignore his pleas but it was no use. No matter how many times she tried, the hole just dug deeper. She was burying herself too deep.

"You mean you haven't told him Ava? That's very untrustworthy of you. I mean, I thought couples told each other everything, but clearly not." Olalla snidely replied. She wiped her mouth with a napkin after taking a sip from her wine. Ava stormed up from her seat, fuming. She sensed all eyes on her but she didn't care. Ava glanced to Fernando quick, shaking her head in disappointment as she hoped he would've said something to stop Olalla's remarks but just as always, he kept back quiet. Afraid to stick up for himself. Why did he have to hide? They weren't together anymore but none of the guests new except Xabi and Nagore.

"Here Olalla, you missed a bit." Ava snarled, grabbing Latoya's wine glass and launched the red liquid right at the Spaniard. The female gasped in horror as it spilled right down the front of her black dress. A few grins appeared on some of the men’s faces while their other halves stifled their own laughs. Ava sauntered off towards the balcony where Miguel immediately ran after her. Latoya sat still in her seat, stunned while Juan tried not to grin next to her. He failed miserably.


Ava stormed right on the balcony where she hoped to be alone but the movements from behind told her otherwise. She knew Miguel stood there, waiting for answers. "I know you're keeping something from me Ava, I kinda got the impression when Olalla implied you were." He said. "And I want to know what she was implying exactly."

"It doesn't matter, leave it"

"Well it does to me alright," Miguel snapped, turning Ava around so she was face to face with him. Her cheeks were stained with tears. Miguel softened a bit at the sight of them. "I need to know, did you or did you not engage in a relationship with Fernando?" Ava struggled to answer him back as the tears poured harder. Her head began to throb which made it even more difficult for her to think, but she didn't have to reply. Just by glancing up at Miguel, she knew he'd figured it out already. When he walked away from her, she reached out for him. He ignored her. Miguel stood against the railing, his back was to Ava. "You chose not to tell me."

"I wanted to but it has nothing to do with us, or what we have," she cried out between her intakes. Ava steadied her breathing. "Miguel, no offence, but it's none of your business okay, it's in the past." Ava placed her hand on her forehead. Her head was thumping now. The pain unbearable to handle. The dizziness she experienced days ago came back. It felt as if she was going to faint at any minute.

"Is there anything else you haven't told me though?" He quizzed. He looked furious from the back. She didn't need to see his face to confirm it. "It seems you're quite a fan of hiding things Ava." Her shoulders slumped as she faced the ground. The brunette heard him turn and approach her but she didn't glance up. The male stepped closer and she sighed. 'What the hell' she thought. One secrets out, may as well confess the other. "Ava?"

"I-I'm," she stuttered. "I'm pregnant."

Miguel stepped back in shock and Ava took large intakes as she watched him turn his back on her yet again. Her breathing quickened no matter hard she tried to slow it down. It was no use. Her throat choked up and before she knew it, her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. Miguel was the last thing she saw before darkness overtook her.
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Ava's fainted and now Miguel knows she's pregnant, thoughts? :) xx