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Fourteen - Hopeless

"Pregnant," he repeated over and over. "And I suppose he's the father too right?" When Miguel got no reply, he just thought it was her being quiet again until he turned and saw that she wasn't in sight. But when he flicked his eyes to the ground, he found Ava lying there with her eyes closed. The sight was overbearing. Miguel rushed over to her. Panic swept through him as he called for her, pleading to open her eyes. "Oh my god!" He yelled loudly, hoping for someone to hear. He panicked widely as he took his jack off and swung it around Ava's shoulders. He placed her head in his lap and held her to his body. "Ava? No, no, please, answer me." He begged. Miguel reached for the phone in his pocket and went to call an ambulance until he found his phone had died. Someone appeared in front of him and when he looked up, Cristiano stood with Irina by his side. She raised a hand to her mouth in shock while Cris ran fast to Miguel’s side.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, we were talking, I had my back turned and I found her like this," Miguel's words rushed. "She looked to be feeling a little off but she hadn't said anything."

"Irina, go call the paramedics." Cris ordered. The female nodded, shooting back inside, calling for Nagore and yelling something about a phone. Cristiano looked Ava over and his hand grabbed her wrist. He felt for a pulse and when he finally found it, it was weak. "She's going cold, her pulse has slowed," he said worryingly. "We have to get her inside Miguel."

Miguel grabbed Ava's arms while Cris grabbed her legs. Together they carefully brought her inside where it was warm. Cris swung off his jacket and placed it over Ava's legs, wrapping it around them so it covered mainly her knees. He glanced to his friend, seeing the hurt expression placed on his face. Cris gave him a slight nudge. "She's going to be alright Miguel, I'm sure she's strong."

"She's pregnant," Miguel mumbled. Cris's eyes enlarged.

"Puta, are you serious?"

Miguel didn't reply as a large crowd formed around them as they all followed Irina back onto the balcony. A commotion began when women gasped and men looked on in horror. One person out of them all, stood out of the crowd. The Spaniard spoke of nothing as he glared right at Miguel until his eyes softened when they landed on the unconscious woman lying between the two Portuguese men. His breathing increased as Ava lay motionless. She looked so fragile. It felt like the whole world moved in slow motion. Fernando's heart raced faster as he joined Miguel and Cris on the floor and took one of Ava’s hands. Small and delicate little fingers brushed against his large ones. He didn't care whether his friends were staring, he didn't care the look Olalla was giving him. He just simply cared for the girl in front of him. He’d already seen her like this before and it about killed him seeing her again in the same position. Whatever had happened to her, Fernando believed she would be strong to pull herself back.

Sirens in the distance echoed the city as they came closer to the Alonso household. Everyone looked on in worry. The whole dinner had turned into a disaster. For now, everybody could only hope for young Ava.


At the hospital, Juan, Latoya and Fernando, all sat together in the waiting room while Miguel stood up perched against the wall across from them. One of the Spaniard’s in particular had continued with his glares at the Portuguese. By the look on Latoya’s face, it seemed she was rather pissed off with the two of them. They couldn't keep their feelings at bay for Ava’s sake. She didn't understand Fernando out of the two. Just before Ava left to Italy, Fernando hadn't been on good terms with Ava since the night she told him about Olalla, but now the truth was out for real, he acted as if none of it happened. Fernando hardly mentioned or spoke of Ava while she was gone but now he was suddenly in love with her all over again.

It felt like hours waiting for news. Waiting for any kind of sign. Ava had been rushed into hospital so quick, no one heard or saw a doctor in sight who could tell them what’s wrong. All they could do, was wait. “Dios, this is taking forever,” moaned Latoya. She sighed and stretched her arms out before resting her head back on Juan’s shoulder. “It looks as if we’ll be here all night.”

“Fine by me, I’m staying.” came Fernando.

“Yeah, well you aren't alone,” Miguel bit back, glaring hard at Fernando. “Don’t think you aren’t the only one who cares deeply for Ava.” Fernando looked to him with confusion as soon as Miguel smirked. “That’s right, I know about your tiny affair with her.”

Latoya hastily stood up, sensing trouble about to erupt between the two men. This wasn’t the right place to be fighting. “Guys-” she interrupted, trying to break them both apart as she stepped between them.

“How?, When?”

“Actually, your wife made it perfectly clear earlier, well not just to me, but to everyone in the room.”

“There’s a time and a place.” Latoya’s voice came again; both men ignored her. They were clearly in their own element.

“What are you trying to say? That I can no longer have feelings for a woman I used to care about? I loved Ava, but she left.”

“I’m saying you need to let her go, Ava said herself it’s in the past. After all, she’s with me now and that’s what matters,” said Miguel. Fernando’s face turned into pure rage. The Spaniard was about to take a swing right at the male until Juan stepped in and stopped him. He pulled Fernando back and placed a hard shove on his shoulder.

“Both of you need to stop this, this is highly appropriate,” snapped Juan. Latoya shook her head in disapproval. Silence escalated throughout the corridor as Fernando backed away and headed back to his seat. Miguel stood where he was, clearly unhappy about not finishing the argument with Fernando. Deciding he had had enough, Miguel began to leave until a male doctor appeared through the door he was about to exit through.

“Are you friends of Miss Garcia?” asked the doctor. The four nodded as they all stepped closer and formed a line in front of the man. The doctor smiled. Whatever he was about to say about Ava seemed positive and hopeful. “My name is Dr.Carey and Miss Garcia has been under my supervision.”

“How is she? Can we see her?” Latoya quizzed desperately. She wanted answers. Latoya needed to know Ava was alright. She was like a sister to her. If Latoya ever lost Ava, she’d never cope without her.

“Miss Garcia is still unconscious-” All four of them began to frown when they’d heard the doctor’s discomfort in his words. “But we managed to get her on the machine as soon as she was admitted to hospital. We found ketamine in her system, commonly known as a drink spiking, rape drug which explains why Ava fell unconscious. She must have been experiencing some kind of nausea, headache or slight dizziness.”

“Her drink was spiked? Why would anyone wanna do that?” fumed Latoya. Juan sensed her anger and provided a bit of comfort as he placed his arm round her. He’d like to have known that too. Ava was like a sister to him in a way. He knew how much Ava meant to Latoya and his concern only grew deeper. He wanted to protect both girls.

“We pumped her stomach immediately before the drugs could absorb, we managed to get the drug out which is why it took so long. I apologise for the long wait. Miss Garcia is stable, but she’ll be resting now as it was a long process to carry out. When she does eventually wake up, you may see her; though, please one at a time.” said Dr.Carey as he looked between all four. He sent a sincere smile to Latoya after seeing the distress look on her face. She sent a small one back.

“What about the baby?” Miguel spoke up. His question took Latoya and Juan off guard the most but Fernando, he couldn't believe what he’d just heard come out from the males mouth. The doctor’s gaze turned on him and so did the other three next to him. Latoya couldn't help but feel slight rage run through her. The footballer hadn't realised what he’d just done. He confirmed Ava’s pregnancy, right in front of Fernando.

“Baby?” Fernando was next to speak up. His voice laced with shock. “Ava’s pregnant?” The look Fernando gave Miguel said it all. The Spaniard was appalled. But for the wrong reason. Dr.Carey glanced between the two before breaking the tension.

“There was no damage to the womb or the fetus. If her dosage was double the amount of what she had already in her stomach, then she might have miscarried. However, as I said before, we were successful with the removal of the drug and Miss Garcia is now stable. The baby was not harmed in any way.” Latoya let out a sigh of relief and Juan kindly thanked the doctor as he began to walk away. Dr Carey gave one last smile to them all before disappearing, leaving the four in silence. In one swift moment, Fernando grabbed Miguel by the front of his jacket and pressed the male up against the wall.
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