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Fifteen - Out in the Open

“You got Ava pregnant?” snarled Fernando as he roughly pushed Miguel up against the wall. His body fumed with anger. He glared hard at the Portuguese male who had begun struggling at the tightness of Fernando’s grip.

“Fernando!” Latoya yelled, pushing herself away from Juan and shot to the side of the other Spaniard. She tried to pull Fernando away from Miguel but his force was too strong for her. Juan spotted her effort and instantly went to help. She sent him a grateful smile as her boyfriend tugged his friend away from the dark haired male once again. Fernando turned to push Juan back, but Juan’s grip was more tighter. Fernando was shocked to say at the least. Especially since Juan wasn't that tall. Fernando and Miguel were only inches apart but from the look on the Spaniard’s face, his fury was far from over.

“Ava’s still young, she has her whole life ahead of her and you go and fucking screw it up by getting her pregnant. For a second, I actually rooted for you. Simply because you make her happy, and if she’s happy then that’s good enough for me. But now, this, this changes everything.” Fernando ripped his arm away that Juan clung on to. He took steps back before looking to the ground sadly. “I hope you both enjoy your life together.”

Fernando turned but just the sound of Latoya’s dejected voice made him stop. He spun back around to face her and his face looked full of confusion. “Que?”

“You've got it all wrong,” she tearfully said. Latoya let out a shaky sigh. “You have the wrong idea Fernando.” The Spaniard cautiously looked between the woman and the Portuguese. Miguel hadn't dared to look back at Fernando after what he did. He overreacted so badly that it actually hurt Miguel’s feelings. Miguel kept quiet as he stood against the wall.

“What are you saying?”

Latoya chewed on her lip, contemplating whether or not to actually tell him. It was up to Ava to tell Fernando the truth, but she needed him to know that Miguel wasn’t the father as well. If she did, Fernando wouldn’t leave. He’d stay for Ava’s sake.

“He’s not the father.” Fernando’s face turned to pure shock and by the way Latoya was beginning to speak up again, she wasn't done. “Fernando, you need to speak with Ava, I can’t say anymore. I honestly wish I could, but it’s not up to me.”

“How far?”

“Excuse me?” Latoya asked astoundingly.

“How far along is she?” Fernando needed to know. If Ava hadn't been with anyone else since she’d left to Italy and obviously the baby was not Miguel’s, it only left one more option. His mouth became dry as he soon figured it out. Latoya’s answer confirmed it all.
“Just over 4 months.”

It all became clear as Fernando did the calculations in his head, working it out rapidly fast. Ava had left in December which meant she’d consumed shortly after. The sickness, her weight gain. It all made perfect sense to him now.

“I need air.” Fernando choked out. He ignored the calls from Juan and Latoya as he walked off the other way, leading towards the cafeteria. Right now, the Spaniard just wanted to be alone, leaving him silently to his thoughts.

Latoya sighed heavily as she frowned once Fernando was out of sight. She turned to glare at the Portuguese. “I hope you’re pleased with yourself. You just couldn't keep your mouth shut.” She spat.


“No Juan, I've had it. Ava doesn't need this. She’s in enough mess as it is.” The brunette cried. Tears began to stain her cheeks as she slowly sat down on one of the chairs. She caught Miguel’s gaze again. “I have nothing else to say to you.”
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Fernando knows, finally!

Sorry it's been a while, I am terrible at updating I know, but I have a triple update for all of you lovely people. I hope you all enjoy :) xx