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Sixteen - I'm Not Okay I Promise

Latoya sat by her friend’s bedside. She held Ava’s hand in a gentle grip, desperately wanting her to open her eyes. Latoya wanted Ava to know she wouldn’t be alone when she’d wake up. It had been 4 hours since the doctor came and told them all about the situation which meant the time was early hours of the morning. Latoya hadn't taken her eyes off of Ava once. She didn't have the guts to look away just in case Ava’s eyes flickered. Now and again, Latoya would utter soothing words or randomly talk about the times they shared together on one of their old adventures back in Spain.

Latoya rubbed her sleepy eyes and held back a yawn as she sat in silence, alone. Juan left her a while ago to go find Fernando. He never returned which meant he must have stayed to calm off Fernando and provide him some comfort. Although mobiles weren't allowed to be used in hospitals, Latoya switched her phone on and went to text Juan until a knocking sound came from the door. The female looked up and saw Fernando through the small window, signalling her to come out. Biting her lip, she took a quick glance to Ava before raising up from her seat.

“Gracias.” She thanked Fernando as he handed her a cup of hot fresh coffee. She needed it more than anything right now. Latoya wished she could be sleeping in a warm, soft bed but when her friend was laying motionless in a hospital bed from being drugged, Latoya was going nowhere.

“How is she?” Fernando asked quietly, sneaking a quick glance to Ava through the side window. It tore his heart to see her in a hospital bed again. The first time was unbearable, this time around was another kick in the gut. When his eyes traveled down towards her stomach, his breathing halted. The light blue hospital bed sheet exposed a medium sized bump. His child. Their baby.

“Same old, no change,” came Latoya’s voice from beside him. Her eyes followed his and she smiled when she saw him looking at Ava’s bump. Perhaps it was not the perfect way for him to find out Ava was having his child but the pure serenity placed on Fernando’s expression, told her it didn't affect him. Whatever Juan had said to Fernando, it must have worked. Fernando’s expression changed though, when he heard the sound of small sniffing coming from next to him. When he glanced down, he saw Latoya biting her lip while trying to contain her shed of tears from falling. He offered his arm around her, “I’m sorry,” she cried, “This is the third time I've seen her in hospital now. You’d think I’d be used to seeing her in a hospital bed but, it never gets easier. You never want to see your best friend lying there, so still and unmoving.”

“Hey, don’t cry,” Fernando hushed, wrapping both of his arms around the brunette. Latoya let out a small whimper into his shirt. “Ava’s strong, if I’ve learnt anything about her, it’s that.” The female nodded in agreement. She believed Fernando when he said Ava’s strong. No matter how many times someone brought her down, Ava would get back up again. She’d hold on and carry on as if nothing had happened. “I know she’s going to be okay, and I know you know that too, alright?” Latoya nodded again. She pulled away from Fernando’s embrace and went to dry her tears. Once she’d finished, she gave Fernando a smile and in return, the Spaniard pressed a small kiss to the side of her head, leaving her in shock. She was confused by the gesture.
Latoya knew that, even though they both had their differences in the past now and again, they both shared a brother-sister kind of relationship. Latoya knew how much Ava meant to Fernando, and he knew himself how much Latoya loved Ava. They were like sisters. Latoya was grateful to have a friend like Fernando to look out for her. He was like a brother she never had.

The two sat in silence until Juan appeared back from the cafeteria. Latoya gleamed as he came nearer to her. Just as she was about to lean in to greet him with a kiss, she froze in her step. Her smile vanished and instead, she became more alert.

“Amor?” Juan asked, sensing his girlfriends discomfort.

“Did you just hear that?”

“What?” Fernando’s voice butted in.

"Someone's calling."

"No one's calling, I think you're tired Latoya-"

"Shh, wait...there it is again," her eyes enlarged, "did you hear it?"

"I didn't hear any-"

"Shh!" She silenced them both with a glare. The three remained quiet, listening and hoping they'd hear the strange voice call out again. Their eyes widened when it did. A small murmur had called out. Realising who the person was, Latoya stood up fast and ran to Ava's door with the two Spaniards hurrying shortly behind her. Once the brunette opened the door to Ava's room, her face brightened and she cried out in delight as she saw Ava beginning to wake up. Her eyes flinched at the light, but once they opened up a bit more, her vision brought her face to face with Latoya.

"Hey, welcome back." Latoya greeted Ava with a cheery grin, holding her hand tight. Ava squeezed it back gently feeling the soothing comfort. Ava felt two more presences nearby and when she looked up, she saw both Fernando and Juan standing there in front of her bed.

"I'll go fetch the doctor." Juan said, patting Fernando's shoulder before rushing out of the room quickly. As soon as Juan was out of sight, Fernando appeared at the other side of Ava’s bed so she could see him better. Her eyes matched his as he came into view. He gave her a shy smile as she grabbed his hand, only for their moment to be interrupted as soon as the doctor came in.
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Yay! Ava's awake. Double the drama :')

I love the banter between Latoya, Juan and Fernando at the end. I just had to put in the bit with Latoya and Fernando too were they were talking to show how much they've changed in their friendship.