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Seventeen - Awakening

Soon as the doctor left the room, so did Fernando. By the look Latoya gave him earlier, he knew she wanted to be with Ava alone. It meant a lot to her to be the first one to speak with Ava. Fernando nodded in respect and walked away with no objection. Latoya knew it wouldn’t be long before Miguel returned either. He was staying at a hotel at the moment, but once he’d hear the news of Ava awakening, he wouldn’t miss a chance to get to the hospital.

Latoya didn’t know where to start. She watched Ava as she sat, propped up against the pillows. The doctor who came to check on Ava, was a female. She’d told the brunette that she could leave within the next two days. She just had to stay in for one more night. It was routine to make sure she'd be okay before being let out. Although Ava had not long woken up, she still needed to be told about what occurred whilst she was out. Telling Ava was not going to be pleasant. Ava was sure going to be upset when she’d know about Fernando knowing her being pregnant now, especially with his child.

“So, how are you feeling?” asked Latoya who tried to remain calm but failing. Ava heard the nervousness in her voice. Something was wrong. Ava groaned at her friends question.

“Achy, sore. I feel like vomiting.” She replied. Latoya let out a small laugh which raised concern for the young brunette. Normally Latoya would laugh and then make some kind of silly comment but instead, she was quiet and hardly spoke. “Is something the matter?” Ava questioned worryingly. When Latoya didn’t reply, it only made it worse for her nerves. She immediately began to panic. Latoya’s face was full with seriousness. Ava had never seen her so tense. “Latoya, did something happen?”

Latoya still remained quiet. She hadn't said anything but the pressure built up and she broke. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. Latoya turned to Ava with a serious upsetting look. “Ava, I need to tell you something and you have to promise me you won’t freak,” Latoya said, grabbing Ava’s hand, holding it in her grasp. The brunette swallowed hard.

“I can’t make that promise.”

Latoya sighed, biting her lip. The tiny creases on her forehead exposed. She gave Ava a sad look before frowning. “I’m so sorry,” she began to cry, “he knows Ava.”

“Knows what? Who?”

“Fernando knows you’re pregnant,” Latoya confessed. “It came out. Miguel and Fernando got into this huge argument, it all lost control. I didn’t expect Fernando to ask me how far along you were so I just told him, I hoped he wouldn’t work it out but I guess he’s smarter than I took him for.” She ranted fast but Ava ignored her. Her breathing halted as she froze. “Ava, listen to me, you need to speak with Fernando. I know you just woke up and I understand you aren’t feeling too good right now, but it needs to be done, you have to talk to him.”

“I can’t,” Ava replied. Her breathing gained faster, beginning to panic more. She let out a few tears. Her mind went cloudy. She couldn’t think, she could barely breathe. “He’ll get mad.”

“Perhaps, but you won’t know unless you try. Whatever happens, I stick by my words. I won’t leave you, I’ll help you through this. You aren’t alone Ava.” Latoya comforted. She pressed a kiss to Ava’s head before helping her wipe away the tears from her eyes. “Ready?”

“Not really.” Ava answered, sulking. She fiddled with her thumbs as Latoya shared a comforting hug with her before leaving to fetch Fernando. She could hear Latoya talking to him outside her room and her nerves began to build up again when she sensed movement coming towards her. When her eyes flickered up, they rested on Fernando’s who was looking back at her intently. He had shut the door which meant the most important talk was coming and Ava would dread every minute of it.

“We need to talk.”
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