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Nineteen - Champions

Ava interlocked her hand with Latoya’s whilst her friend guided her through Allianz stadium, Munich. She smiled at the blues supporters as she passed them. Her stomach filled with nerves when she and Latoya neared the seating gates. Not only was she nervous for the champions league final, but because somewhere on the grounds, he was here. And Ava wasn't ready to see him yet.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” whined Ava, Latoya helping her down the steps towards their row. A few odd glances, mostly worried looks from some Chelsea fans came her way. The brunette waved them off and gave them all a reassuring smile. A football final was not a place for a young pregnant woman. Ava had told Latoya that but the woman had ignored her.

“Juan invited you. We were lucky to even get tickets and not to mention they are great seats as well, so quit moaning.” the tall redhead replied, giving Ava a glare. Latoya had dyed her hair a darker brown colour within the week for the match. It still remained long length but slightly more curled. Ava hardly recognised her when she came to pick her up. For one thing though, it definitely suited her.

“I shouldn't have come,” huffed the brunette as she trotted off to her seat, following Latoya down the row. Ava wore a navy blue shirt dress with black leggings and beige pointed flats. She'd never felt so relieved to sit down so much. Now that her bump was growing ever more, Ava felt the pressure to stay on her feet. The feeling wasn't thrilling. It made her uncomfortable.

“This means a lot to Juan and the rest of the team that we’re here. I understand you didn’t want to come but I had no other choice. I don’t have any other friends and Juan would have had my neck if I came on my own.”

“I appreciate the offer and I am sort of glad to be here but in all honesty, I just feel like I don’t belong here. I leave tomorrow to fly back home and being here is making it more stressful. You know how I’ve been feeling these last few days Latoya. I don’t want to see him because I’ll break. Trust me,” she said, frowning at her friend, “mood swings and Fernando don’t mix well.”

“I gathered.” Latoya muttered under her breath, earning her a glare off Ava. Latoya sent her an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” Ava simply nodded in reply. “He doesn’t deserve you after what he did. I can see it still upsets you so if we do indeed end up walking into him, I won’t let him anywhere near you.”

“Thanks.” Ava replied before turning quiet as cheers developed from all around her. They had certainly got good seats if the atmosphere was to be insane throughout the whole evening. Ava and Latoya both raised from their seats and clapped along with the rest of the blue supporters when they saw the two teams walking out onto the pitch. It hadn't take long before the anthem was played and the coin toss made. The teams spread out over the pitch, filling into their positions. When all players were ready, the referee blew his whistle and the match was on. Latoya and Ava could only look on in faith like the rest of the fans around them. By the end of tonight, one team were going to be champions.


Most of the Chelsea fans were growing impatient throughout the first half of the match and it was only getting worse as it passed on through the second half. The fans wanted a goal but by how Chelsea were playing, it seemed rather impossible as Bayern were the better team. They took control for most of the match. Ava bit her lip when in the 83rd minute, Toni Kroos of Bayern crossed in, passing the ball to his teammate, Thomas Müller. Latoya stood up in rage when the ball hit the back of the net after bouncing over goalkeeper, Petr Čech. Ava frowned whilst the blues fans around her groaned in despair.

For them, they thought their moment was almost over until in the 88th minute, a free kick for Chelsea turned into a lucky chance for Didier Drogba who headed the ball into the goal. Screams, shouts and cheers erupted around the whole stadium as Chelsea equalized to make it 1-1. Ava stood in shock while Latoya hugged her from the side, grinning widely. The two girls laughed together as they couldn’t quite believe what just happened.

The next few minutes were a blur. Every person in the whole stadium were on their feet, breaths held, waiting for another chance from either side. When the added time had finished, the referee blew his whistle. The score remained the same and by the looks of it, the two teams were going into extra time.

“I don’t think I can take much more of this,” commented Latoya who sat down in distress. She looked as if she was going to faint. The tall brunette grimaced when the players settled back into their positions. “My stomach hurts.”

“At least you don’t have a baby inside of you that likes to kick every damn second.”

Latoya giggled. She placed her hand on Ava’s stomach, feeling the slight bounces against her palm from the baby’s kick. “It must be a sign but fair point”

It didn’t take long until the extra time began. It still looked to prove rather difficult for both teams as they struggled to find the net. The minutes were counting but nothing changed. Bayern had a hopeful chance when Drogba fouled Franck Ribéry early on, but with a penalty miss their luck ran dry. Soon, extra time ended with neither side able to find a winner. It came down to only one last option.

“I hate penalties.” mumbled Ava. Latoya nodded her head, agreeing.

“This is awful.”

Ava felt herself growing tired. Her gaze remained fixed on Philipp Lahm from Bayern who was first up to take a penalty. Ava bit her lip as Latoya grabbed her hand in panic. She could feel her friends fright as the Bayern player became successful when the ball hit the back of the net. Juan Mata took his place for Chelsea's first. Ava turned to Latoya who was eyeing Juan with so much hope. It would sure affect her if he was to miss. He did.

“Oh god.” Latoya said faintly just so Ava could hear. Ava offered her arm around the brunettes shoulders. Next up was Mario Gomez. He scored making it 2-0. Still hanging on, blues fans cheered as David Luiz stepped up. Score! Erupts of cheers developed from all around. The next few moments were uncomfortable as Bayern made it 3-1 until Frank Lampard scored and changed it to 3-2. When Ivica Olić took his place to take the next penalty for Bayern, no one expected him to miss. A cry of delight from Chelsea supporters came from nowhere as it hit them hard in the face. To level it up, Ashley Cole stepped up and scored making the cries turn into yells as he leveled up the score to make it 3-3.

“Did that just happen?” Latoya questioned in shock, her face had turned white before she yelled out in satisfaction. Her yells became screams when Bastian Schweinsteiger missed for Bayern meaning Chelsea had a chance to win. Everyone looked on with hopeful eyes as Didier Drogba was the last to take the penalty spot. Ava interlocked her hand with Latoya’s to which the female returned the gesture with a hard squeeze. Drogba ran and kicked the ball hard, sending it into the back of the net. Screams came from both girls as they jumped up and down along with the Chelsea fans in celebration.

Chelsea FC had just won the champions league.


Ava received chills down her spine as she watched her team receive their medals before John Terry took the honor of lifting the trophy. The female was buzzing on the inside but on the outside, she was glowing with pure happiness. She and both Latoya cheered and the men who were going crazy on the balcony. The celebrations lasted quite a while before they exited the pitch and returned inside.

The two girls took time leaving the seating area before they made their way to the hospitality suites were the players would be with their loved ones. Ava smiled when she entered the large room and recognised a few known faces greeting their husbands, boyfriends. Latoya giggled when she saw Juan wave to her. The woman ran to him and practically pounced on him, taking him by surprise. Ava had to stiffen a laugh with her hand, shaking her head in disbelief.


A voice called her out of her gaze. She knew that voice. It sounded so familiar to her when the males voice rang through her ears. Ava turned and her eyes widened when she saw someone she wasn't expecting to see. Someone she hadn't seen in so long.

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I apologise for the last chapter. I know it wasn't what readers must have wanted but brief warning, it's not all over yet. There's still plenty more to come and things will improve shortly! xx

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