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Twenty - Israel's Confession

“I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Ava frowned at the tone in Israel’s voice. It was dark and unpleasant. He spoke as if he wasn’t thrilled to see her which came as a surprise for the female. Her mind couldn’t process why he was acting so cross with her.

“I came with Latoya, we watched the final together.” Israel said nothing to her reply. “I haven’t spoken to you in so long, how’ve you been?”

“Busy.” Israel answered, shrugging and looking uninterested. His eyes focused on the people around the room instead of her. Ava felt her stomach tighten as worry set in but also irritation. She didn't like it when people were off with her. Especially when she had no clue as to why they were.

“Busy enough to not send a small text or make a quick phone call?”

“I had nothing to say.”

Ava gave the Spaniard a cautious look before asking, “Are you okay? You seem-”

“Angry? I have every right to be Ava.”

Ava remained quiet as she looked back at Israel with shock but she sucked up her nerve to ask him another question. “Did I say something wrong?”

“It’s not what you said Ava, it’s what you did.” Israel finally turned his attention on her and Ava noticed the sudden fury in his eyes. She stepped back. This was not the Israel she knew. “After everything we did for you, what I did for you, this is how you repay us. By sleeping with my brother.”

Ava’s expression turned to pure horror. She took a small intake before letting out a shaky breath; her body trembled with fear. “H-how d-did you..-” Israel ignored her again. He stepped closer till they were inches apart, looking down at her with so much disappointment.

“You were special Ava. not just to us all, but to me.” Israel spoke sadly. “I was there for you when you needed me the most. We were so close you and I that at some point, I actually thought we could’ve...” he paused before sighing, “you were different from the other girls, and that’s why I fell in love with you.” Israel’s confession left Ava breathless. Her lips trembled and her eyes began to fill with tears. She knew that herself and Israel were always close. He had helped her through everything. Her school, money problems, health issues and even when she struggled with depression. He was right there by her side through her therapy and now knowing the truth that Israel loved her once, made her feel bad inside. Guilty mostly for not returning her feelings for him. “I argued with my parents for you not to go the day you left because I knew I’d possibly never see you again. I was afraid I’d lose contact and yet my biggest fear, losing you to someone else.”

“Israel, if you had told me before I’d left-”

“It wouldn’t have mattered anyway Ava, you left and there was nothing I could have done. My feelings for you remained the same until the day I found out you were seeing my brother. He’s married and you two were...it made me feel sick.” the male spat. Ava glanced down to the floor, ashamed. “You’re no longer the same girl I once knew. Whatever we had, is now gone.” Israel finished, giving her a stern look before turning away to walk away.

“Israel!” Ava called out to him but a hand from behind grabbed her wrist tight, stopping her from rushing after the Spaniard.

"Let him go." The brunette knew whose grip lingered on her skin and it made her heartbeat increase when she'd heard his voice. Ava ripped her arm free from the man’s grip and spun fast on her heel to face him.

“You told him!” Ava said, appalled.

“Actually my wife-”

“Ex-wife.” Ava growled, correcting Fernando who looked unimpressed by her cut off.

“Ex-wife,” Fernando repeated before sighing, “Technically she’s still my wife, but I’m still waiting for the paperwork to come through about the divorce.”

“Good to know.”

“I didn’t know you were here.” Fernando said, changing the subject earning Ava to roll her eyes at his sudden uneasiness. “You watched the final?”

Ava nodded. She checked the Spaniard over whilst he inspected the gold medal he wore around his neck. She softly smiled when she saw how happy Fernando was. “You look really happy.”

Fernando looked up and grinned at her before a slight blush appeared on his cheeks. “I feel like a small niño who just won 1st prize at a carnival game.”

“Well I know how much this game meant to you despite whether you had a small part in it or not Fernando. You've waited so long for this, so you deserve every second to cherish this moment. I am happy for you. Felicidades.”

“Gracias Ava.” The smile he sent her was pure genuine. She smiled back before it vanished when her gaze followed to someone standing nearby. Latoya.

“Is everything ok?” She asked her friend with an expression of concern.

“Your taxi’s here, he’s waiting outside the stadium.” Latoya said, pulling Ava into a gentle hug. Ava wrapped her arms around Latoya in return, savouring the minute she had left before she’d leave. It would be a couple of weeks until she would see her friend again. “Have a safe flight.” the brunette murmured, letting go slowly. Latoya sent Ava one last smile then returned back to Juan across the room.

“You’re leaving?”

Ava faced Fernando. He looked hurt. Ava had seen that expression before. “I’m returning back to the hotel for tonight, but yes I’m leaving. I have a flight booked for Italy tomorrow morning.”

“He misses you that much.” Fernando snarled, looking away. Ava frowned at his anger.

“I’m not returning to Italy to see Miguel, I’m returning to visit my parents Fernando. Somehow, I have to explain to them that they’re becoming grandparents.”

Fernando’s anger vanished in an instant. He weren't expecting Ava’s answer to be so truthful. Inside, a part of him was glad to know Ava was leaving to see her parents instead of Miguel. Even just hearing his name filled his gut with envy.

“On your own?”

“It’s not like I have a choice.”

“Ava,” he spoke tenderly with a trace of sorrow, “they aren't going to take it kindly. They’ll be unhappy about it.”

He watched Ava gulp awkwardly. She looked so upset and he knew why; Ava shook it off and sent him a fake smile.

“That’s something I’m willing to take.” she told him. Ava took something from her bag and handed it to Fernando who took it without questioning. “You enjoy your win Fernando, but some of us have important issues to deal with.” And on that, Ava left the room leaving the Spaniard to finally glance down to see a sonogram photo in his hand. Fernando held his breathe.