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Twenty One - You're Not Alone

Ava shortly arrived at Venice airport after a 3 hour flight from Munich. She collected her belongings from baggage before checking out and heading to the front of the airport where someone would be waiting to pick her up. Whilst on the flight, Ava received small flight sickness just before the landing. After a few sips of fresh water, the brunette was back on her feet. It hadn't taken long until Ava spotted the man who’d shortly arrived as she’d come out the front doors. The older man who appeared to be in his late 40’s greeted Ava with an honest smile, offering his arm around her.

“Miss Garcia, it is wonderful to see you again my dear.”

“Likewise Jeffrey.” She replied before taking a seat inside the black Rolls Royce. Jeffrey soon joined her and began driving towards her parents home.

“I assume you are visiting your parents and not staying?”

“How’d you know?”

“You've not brought much luggage with you my sweet. So may I ask, what is the occasion?”

“I’d rather not say. Don’t take it the wrong way Jeffrey, it’s just, I’d rather keep quiet on this one. It’s a little private.”

“I’m sorry to pry, Miss Ava,” Jeffrey apologised, “I shall not intrude anymore.”

“You didn't anyway. There’s nothing wrong with feeling concerned.” The man chuckled, leaving the brunette stunned. “Did I say something funny?”

“No my dear, you just remind me a lot of your mother.” He replied. Ava smiled at his small compliment.


Ava finally arrived home from the 20 minute ride. She’d learnt a lot more from Jeffrey who’d spoken about different topics during the journey. She collected her things from the boot before walking up the stone path. Entering the large building, Ava was stunned to find it quiet and empty. The female bit her lip as she called out hoping for someone to answer her but instead she received no reply. Ava turned when she heard the front door open; she saw Jeffrey appear.

“Jeffrey, I don’t suppose you know where everyone is do you?”

“Ah, my dear. I should have informed you earlier. Your parents left together for a conference last night. They've been quite busy these past few weeks. Your mother told me she’d be arriving back late tonight along with your father so the house staff have taken the day off.”

“What about you?” Ava smirked.

“Well someone had to keep you company.”

Ava giggled. “I appreciate that Jeffrey. If you don’t mind, I’d like to go unpack my things now.”

The elder man smiled. “Not at all! In the meantime though, shall I prepare you anything? You look famished my dear.”

“That would be great thank you.”

Ava left, heading for the stairs once Jeffrey disappeared from her sight. She smiled to herself when she realised that Jeffrey reminded her a lot of Alfred from the Batman movies. He was extremely kind and had a lot of honor working for her family. When Ava arrived at her door, she paused for a minute. It had been a while since she’d last been in her room. She wanted to be by herself for now.


After spending several hours in her room unpacking and eating her light meal Jeffrey had prepared, Ava decided to leave her room to roam the house. She showered first then changed into fresh clothes before heading downstairs. Just as she was about to head into the library, Jeffrey had called out for her.

“Yes Jeffrey?” She asked, concern written all over her face.

“My dear, someone is asking for you at the door.”

“Do you know who?”

“He didn't say.”


Jeffrey nodded, remaining silent as confusion set on both of their faces. She hadn't been in Italy a day and someone was already here to see her? It sounded a bit off. The brunette sent the man a reassuring glance before walking to the front door. Jeffrey followed behind Ava to make sure that whoever was at the door wasn't going to attack the young lady. He may look old to a few people, but deep down, Jeffrey had a few tricks up his sleeve. Ava saw the outline of the person behind the glass door and when she finally opened to come face to face with the male, she wasn't expecting to see a tall blonde Spaniard standing in front of her.



“Should I escort him off the premises Miss Ava?” asked Jeffrey, who didn't sound too thrilled having Fernando inside the mansion. They two spoke in private whilst they kept eyes on the Spaniard who walked around the living room, inspecting the large canvas frames hanging off the walls.

“No, that’s quite alright. He’s a friend of mine.”

“Very well. I shall leave you to handle this on your own.”

“Thank you.”

Ava watched the man leave outside towards the gardens before her attention turned back on Fernando. He carried a black duffel bag with him which turned her thoughts into suspicion. Was he planning to stay?

“Why are you here?” Ava questioned loudly, crossing her harms. Her voice echoed down the walls of the hallway. Fernando faced her with a smile.

Fernando stepped closer. “Do I need to answer that?”

“Yes.” The female said sternly, not taking her eyes away from his. She heard him sigh. He looked down to the ground for a few seconds before his gaze turned back on her.

“Because I made a mistake,” he responded truthfully. “And I plan on making it right.”

“And what mistake is that?”

“Oh, I think you know.”

“I don’t, so you might have to inform me instead.”

Fernando pushed Ava up against the wall, taking her by surprise. Their bodies touched, eyes boring into each others. They were so close. “I let you go once, I’m not gonna let it happen again,” he whispered, “we both know that things between us never will remain the same. Despite how you feel for me, I've reached the point where I don’t care anymore Ava. I’m going to fix things between us because I'm not ashamed anymore.”

“And how exactly do you plan on fixing things?” Ava questioned intently, gazing into Fernando’s loving brown orbs. They turned serious as he pressed his body more tightly against hers.

“I’m going to fight for you Ava.”