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Twenty Two - Telling the Parents

Later that afternoon, Ava had shown Fernando the guest suite he’d be staying in after their surprising conversation. Jeffrey prepared a welcoming dinner for when Ava’s parents finally arrived which meant both Ava and Fernando would be joining them. Ava left for her room shortly after she’d settled everything with the Spaniard. She informed him she wanted to be alone but to Fernando, he knew full well that she was avoiding him. He didn't want to make things more awkward between them so he retreated back to his room after investigating the household. On the way there, he’d called Juan asking if everything was well back home. Nora and Leo were being looked after by his friend and Latoya. Fernando couldn't be happier to have them with the couple while he was away.

By late evening, Ava’s parents were close to returning back from their journey after Jeffrey clarified how far along they were from arriving. As each minute passed, Ava grew more nervous. Jeffrey sensed something was wrong when he walked in on the young woman crying in the library. She sat in front of the large framed windows.

“Something troubling you Miss Ava?”

Ava quickly turned around in her chair to wipe her eyes before facing Jeffrey.

“No, of course not.” She lied, shooting him a reassuring smile only for the old man to shake his head as he made his way to the chair across from Ava. He took a seat in the leather sofa chair.

“Dear girl, I can see right through that fib of yours. You can lie to others but you certainly cannot lie to me. Not that lying is good for you or anything.”

Ava sighed, “I’m in such a mess,” she confessed, “I don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t suppose it has anything to do with this big news of yours?”

Ava frowned, nodding her head in clarification. “I don’t know how I’m going to tell my parents Jeffrey. They’re going to hate me.”

“Now, now. Don’t speak like that way Ava, you’re a strong independent woman. Trust your heart my dear. Clear your mind from the negative thoughts. Believe in yourself.” he told her, placing a hand on her stomach. “Believe in the both of you.”

Ava smiled before leaning over to Jeffrey who kindly accepted her comforting hug. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze. “Thank you.” She let go and stood up, dried her tears and took a deep breath. A knock on the door interrupted them and Ava saw Fernando standing at the doorway.

“Ava, your parents are here.” He announced. The woman looked between the two men nervously then cautiously headed to the hallway where she heard the front door open and watched as her cheery parents entered through the building.


“Ava sweetheart, it’s so good to have you back again.” said Lucia who hugged her daughter close. She let go and looked her daughter over from head to toe. “You look different, as if you’re glowing.”

“Um-” Ava was at a loss for words. She hadn't known where to begin. Her mother seemed to expect a reply but Ava ignored her and focused her attention on her father instead. “Dad!” Vincent reluctantly hugged his daughter and placed a firm kiss to the side of her head. When he finally let go, he didn't seem too happy, and Ava knew why.

“What is he doing here? spoke Vincent, staring crossly at Fernando who stood only a few meters away. “Ava?”

“He’s h-here because we-um...he’s-”

“We have something to tell you both.” Fernando answered, finally approaching the three. Ava shot him a grateful smile look as he neared before her attention focused back on her parents. Her mother didn't appear too impressed now either as her hands were firmly placed on her hips.

“No offence to you, but we are not exactly thrilled to see you here.”

“I gathered.” Ava heard Fernando mumble which she could not help but smile at. Vincent glared the Spaniard down from his unpleasant reply.

“I think what my husband is trying to say Fernando, is the last time we saw you, you hadn't left on good terms with our daughter, so what makes you think you’re welcome in our home?”

“Mother!” Ava said gently through her gritted teeth, “he isn't here to talk about what happened between us then, he’s here because I need his support.”

“Support? What support? What's going on?”

Fernando stepped closer to Ava and wrapped his arm around her stomach. Ava flattered at the comforting gesture. “I’m pregnant.” they heard her daughter say. Lucia’s eyes widened.

“And I'm the father.”
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Her parents finally know. Will they take it kindly, or will they look down on their daughter? Find out in the next chapter.

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