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Twenty Three - Neglected

Ava sat next to Fernando at the dining table whilst her parents sat across from them both. The table remained silent as the four ate together. Fernando took concerning glances at Ava throughout the meal to check whether the woman was alright. The female hardly touched her food as she moved tiny bits of food around on her plate. Ava could feel her mothers prying eyes on her. She sighed.

“Do you have to make me feel uncomfortable? I feel miserable enough as it is.”

“We’re still in shock Ava, you can’t expect us to take this news so lightly,” Lucia said, shaking her head in disapproval. “I thought you were joking until I saw the bump. I can’t believe it.“ Lucia wiped her mouth on a napkin after taking a large sip from her wine glass. She threw the red cloth on the table and sat high up in her chair. “Now I understand why you were so keen on staying in London.”

“It also explains why you’re glowing.”

“Ava, are you certain Fernando is the father?”

“Excuse me?” The brunette said outraged, clearly offended her mother would even ask such a question to her. “Mother, not that I’m thrilled on having to talk about my sex life with you, but I know for sure and guarantee he is in fact the father. I haven’t slept with another guy since I left Fernando back in December which if you’d like to know is when I conceived."

“I am merely concerned Ava.”

“Really? Because it seems to me you’re insisting something else here.”

“I’m just unsure whether you are reading for parenthood Ava. I am entitled to my own opinion here and I am only looking out for you as you’re my daughter; I want what is best for you. You’re still young, you've barely lived your life yet and not to mention you’re not married Ava. Does this not matter to you either? It gives off a bad reputation to be seen as a single mother. How’re going to cope?”

Ava couldn't help but stumble upon her mother's words. They stung and hit her hard. She’d already had enough negativity in her life, she certainly didn't want more. Ava slammed her fists down on the table and stood up abrupt. She bared her teeth, showing them how hurt she truly was.

“I came here with good intentions and also negative thoughts but that didn't stop me from telling you did it? I expected you to at least show some consideration. I imagined you to be happy with the fact that this is going to be your first grandchild but just as always, I have to put up with this kind of shit where you constantly have to drag me down. I get it, I’m not the daughter you wanted me to be but if you really wanted me to be all designer dresses, to have a fancy job with a big flashy pay rise, then you shouldn't have given me up for adoption when I was young." She snapped, "If I’m not good enough for you then just tell me instead of making me feel neglected. Just like every damn time, you only seem to care about yourselves. I've had it, I’m done. I put my life on the line for the both of you and this is how I get your respect. You can’t even offer a bit of support. Perhaps next time when I have something important to say to you both, I won’t bother.” cried Ava. She looked to them with tears in her eyes. “Thanks for nothing.”

“Ava!” Fernando howled for her but she was already out the room by the time he could reach her. He could hear her sobs coming from down the hallway and it pierced his heart to hear them. Fernando shot up from his own chair and scowled down at Lucia and Vincent.

“I hope you’re both satisfied.” he said before leaving Ava’s parents at the dining table and strolling out the room. Lucia and Vincent both sat in guilt while shame covered their faces.
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Well done to Jayme112234 who guessed right. It seems Ava's parents do care about their image and didn't take the news too kindly. Question is, after Ava's outburst, will they now change their minds on the matter and eventually come round?

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