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Twenty Four - The Three of Us

The Garcia household remained quiet for the rest of the night. Lucia and Vincent had retreated back to their room for the evening after a long busy day of travelling. Fernando had also left for his room but his concern grew much larger when he noticed Ava hadn't gone up to her room either. He knew she were in the household somewhere; he just needed to find her. Climbing out of bed and pulling a woolly jumper out his duffel bag, Fernando dressed and left his room, silently strolling down the stairs.

He first checked the kitchen and then the library. Ava was in neither. He made his way to the dining room and lastly the lounge but still, no sign of the brunette. A small creak from a floorboard caught his attention and his eyes landed on the room to his left, the conservatory. He could see the room lit. The glass windows gleamed of a fiery orange. He could smell the heavy odor of smoke from burnt wood. As Fernando neared closer, he could just make out Ava sitting in one of the cream sofa chairs. Her knees were pulled up to her chest by her arms and her head lay rested on them. She'd looked to have been crying. Fernando entered soundly, creeping up behind but as he stepped on a wobbly floorboard, it creaked earning Ava to jump in her seat. She gave the Spaniard an unfriendly glare.

“Lo siento.”

“It’s fine,” she says, turning her attention back to the fireplace in front of her. “just don’t sneak up on me next time.”

Fernando chuckled as he continued to watch her. She signaled for him to join her in the chair across from her, he obliged.

“I’m uncertain whether to ask if you’re okay or not, but my best guess tells me you're not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be down here.”

“Your guess is correct but I haven’t been okay in a while Fernando. One thing happens after another and it keeps getting worse for me. I mean, what did I do so wrong to deserve this? Where did I go wrong?”

“Ava, you haven’t done anything wrong, trust me.” The Spaniard answered. He could see her eyes were filling with tears again. She looked so broken and torn up.

“You might think that, but I don’t. I’ve screwed so many people over. I just keep making mistakes and all I want is to be happy, just this once and-I...”

“Calm down Ava, you’re getting yourself worked up again,” Fernando said calmly. He’d moved, bending down to her height so her eyes could stare right into his. His hand placed gently on her right shoulder. “Stress isn't good for you or the baby.”

“Since when do you care?”

“You’re carrying my child.”

“You walked out on us.” She hissed. Ava gripped the armrests tensely but once she saw the pain on Fernando’s face, her hands soon relaxed instantly. Strands of hair fell in front of her eyes as she looked down with a frown. Fernando sighed and looked away from her.

“You don’t know how much I regretted doing that,” she heard him mutter. She glanced up and found him gazing at her again, but his expression was different this time. He spoke so softly. “You reminded me of Ola when she first told me she was pregnant. Though she was older than you are now, I panicked and rushed off. I left, my emotions got the better of me. We were still young and I didn't think I’d be ready. My career had just improved a lot. It became more challenging and difficult. That’s why I got angry. I’d never felt so ashamed. I acted inappropriately and I am sorry.”

Ava kept quiet as she processed his words. She thought back to the times where they were once close. The moments they’d shared with one another. Flashbacks of scenes on how they met, how their love began. Her birthday, their intimate moments, then the pain on his face when she told him she was leaving. The scenes flashed through her mind so quick she didn't realise how close they were now when she came back to the present. He really had loved her but something nagged at her. An odd feeling. The way he was staring at her now told her that his feelings never changed. There would be no denying it. The look confirmed it. He was still in love with her. After everything they’d been through. No matter how far she tried to stay away, something would always pull them back together. Just the thought of the word ‘love’ sent a large thump from her stomach, earning her to sit up in alarm. The baby kicked again, but harder this time around.

“Ow!” Ava winced, holding her stomach in pain. Fernando grew alarmed as he kneeled in front of her. His expression full of worry, his hand reaching for her stomach.

“¿Estás bien?(Are you alright?)”

“The baby’s kicking," she breathed, "harder than ever.”

“Really?" Fernando’s eyes lit up. Ava smiled, nodding. “Let me feel.” Fernando placed his hand on her belly and Ava giggled from the sensitivity of his touch. It tickled her stomach. Ava grabbed his hand and placed it in position from where the baby last kicked. She firmly put her hands over his. The two waited for a minute until a large thump finally came. The Spaniard grinned as he moved closer “Asombrosa(amazing),” he purred, “I’ve never felt this before, it’s different.” Ava concentrated on Fernando as she watched him in awe as his face lit up in excitement when the baby kicked two more times. The pair laughed when the baby went back to being quiet, obviously tired from showing off. “Hermosa.”

“Well, we know one thing for sure," Ava said amused, "they'll definitely have your kicks if they ever grow out to be a footballer.” She teased, Fernando grinned, gazing up at her. “I think they know it’s you.”

Fernando’s smile vanished as he stared intently at Ava in front of him. She mirrored his actions as her eyes remained on his until they slipped down onto his lips. She could feel his breath on her face. A sudden sadness swept through her as he pushed away the strands of her hair from her eyes. “I’m sorry. It was wrong of me to lash out at you back at the hospital.” Ava didn't know where these words were coming from. She realised she was letting out her heart. “Truth is, I do need your help. No more than ever, and I can’t see myself doing this on my own.”

“And you won’t have to Ava. It’s just the three of us now.” He muttered. Ava’s mouth turned dry as Fernando caressed her cheek. She sucked in her breathe.

“What you said earlier about fixing things, did you mean it?”

“Every word.”

“You were being serious about fighting for me?” Ava’s face leaned in close, meeting inches away from Fernando’s lips. He let slip a small smirk.

“Damn right I was.”

“Well, perhaps you won’t need to.”

They both remained silent for a few seconds. Fernando held himself back as he kept his distance, his smirk growing bigger. “I've waited for this moment, far too much.”

“So what are you waiting for?” Ava whispered, hardly hesitating as her eyes fluttered closed when the Spaniard captured his lips with her own. Both of them finally giving into their feelings at last. Ava smiled in the kiss as she wrapped her arms around Fernando’s neck, pulling him closer to her. He groaned in satisfaction from the strong feeling of affection she was giving him. Ava continued to smile when one thing suddenly crossed her mind that she hadn't realised up until now. Fernando’s hand still remained on her bump.
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I absolutely loved writing this one. I hope you all enjoyed reading it :)

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