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Twenty Seven - Flying to Warsaw

It’d been a busy few last weeks for Ava as she’d spent them with her parents until she said her goodbyes before calling Latoya to tell her she’d be flying to Warsaw. She was leaving for the quarterfinal match between Portugal and the Czech Republic at the Euros. The brunette on the phone was ecstatic to know her friend had been invited by Miguel to join him while she ushered how Juan had done the same for her. Despite how far away the two were, Latoya promised to keep in touch throughout the tournament. And she did.

On the day of her flight, Ava woke early. She grabbed all her things together before Jeffrey drove her to the airport. When she’d arrived, Ava went quickly through security, then checked in after loading in her luggage. Before she knew it, Ava was on her way to Poland. The next 2 hours were short and peaceful but Ava found herself arriving at Warsaw airport in no time. She went to grab her belongings from the belt until someone called out her name.


The brunette looked to her right in confusion to where the voice called but then her expression changed to shock when she realised just who it was standing near to her.



“Gosh, you look so different now from when I last saw you. You’re finally showing.” The model said, gesturing towards Ava’s bump. The young brunette grinned back at the woman.

“It’s so uncomfortable though.”

“I bet,” Irina laughed. Her gaze turned more curious as her eyes flickered over Ava again “I don’t suppose you’re heading to Polonia Palace hotel by any chance?”

“Yes, how’d-”

“I’m heading there myself. In fact, I was told to come meet you by Cristiano. I reckon Miguel let slip,” she smirked, “he’s been going on about it for a while now during the tournament so Cris told me to come here and meet you.”

“Really now?”

“That man seems to like you, or should I say 'head over heels for you' Ava.” Irina air quoted, laughing again. “But yeah, it’s the least I can do. I wouldn’t want you to be in a city you’re not familiar with on your own. Cris would kill me if I hadn't come.”

“Well I appreciate it Irina, really.” Ava thanked the woman kindly. “I don’t suppose you know any good places to eat do you?” she asked just as her stomach rumbled again. She hadn't eaten on the flight and Ava was beginning to feel light headed.

“Come with me,” Irina smiled sweetly, offering her arm out before placing it around Ava’s back. “We’ll find somewhere.” she said, leading Ava out of the terminals.


Irina and Ava managed to find a small cafe shortly after they’d left the airport and called a cab to take them into the city. The cafe they’d found was not far from their hotel, only a small walk away. Irina called Cris whilst they sat at their table during their meal telling him she’d met up with Ava and that the girl was in safe hands. The brunette quickly said her farewells to her boyfriend before hanging up. Irina blushed when she caught the look Ava gave her.

“I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s fine.”

“Cristiano tends to talk a lot, especially when we haven’t spoke in a while, so we like to catch up now and again. He has the day off today along with the rest of the team so it’s just nice you know?” Ava nodded, agreeing with the woman. She did know. “So, enough about me and my relationship.” she grins, “How far are you now?”

“I’m halfway through 6 months so just into 22 weeks.”

"Oh," Irina gasped, startling Ava a bit, “which reminds me,” said the female. She picked up her large designer handbag from the side of her and ferried inside for whatever she was looking for. She grinned when the item came into sight and pulled it out, handing the wrapped present over to Ava. “I got a little something for you both, I hope you like it.”

“What? No, I can’t take this.” Ava objected, handing back the large present to Irina but the woman shook her head and laughed. “You didn't have to.” She groaned.

“I wanted to. Now open it, you’ll love it. I promise.”

Ava smiled before picking at the gift wrapper, opening the edges carefully with her delicate fingers. She pulled on the item from inside and gasped when the item came familiar to her eyes. She held a large while beautiful gift box with a trimmed silver ribbon tied at the front. Ava untied the ribbon and slid open the lid; she beamed with excitement when she peeked at what contained inside the box.

“Oh wow, thank you so much." Ava gushed. "This is honestly...it’s beautiful Irina.” Ava thanked Irina who stood to bend down and give the brunette a gentle hug in return.

“You’re welcome honey! I knew you’d like it!” said Irina, beaming and inspecting like Ava who took out one of the gifts. “This hamper has everything. A large cuddly bear, photo frames, a teddy dinner set and my favorite, the embroidered teddy photo album. You know, so you can store all your cherish able Kodak moments.”

“Thank you again. This is the nicest gift someone has ever bought me.”

“Whoa, really?” The brunette questioned, gaping at Ava in front of her. “Not even the blue diamond necklace you’re wearing now?” she pointed to.

Ava’s smile disappeared when she glanced from Irina to the necklace that hung around her neck. The same necklace Fernando had bought for her birthday last year. She remembered the night he over to her parents house. Their last night together in secret before recalling how he’d left the house the next day. It filled her gut with upset, forming a lump in the back of her throat. Ava never released until now that she’d always worn it and not once took it off.

“I received it for my birthday last year.” Ava said, solemnly looking down towards the ground whilst her hand fiddled with the blue diamond petal of her necklace. “Someone very close to me bought it.”

“Are you ok?” Irina asked concerned, clearly not missing the expression on Ava’s face. Her brows were knitted together as if something was disturbing her.

“I think we should go back to the hotel now,” Dismissing Irina’s question entirely, Ava stood up and prepared to leave. “time’s getting on.”

Only Irina could look on concern as she guessed something clearly was bugging Ava from within. It worried her deeply how Ava had pushed her out so fast and turned so quiet on her after asking a simple question. Irina wouldn’t risk asking Ava about it until another time. For now though, she followed Ava’s steps and they both headed back to the hotel.
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