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Twenty Nine - Suspicious Behaviour

It had been 2 days since Ava left Warsaw. She’d flown over to Ukraine for the quarter final match between Spain and Portugal as the Euro tournament drew much closer towards the final. She, along with Irina spent most of their free time either exploring the city of Donetsk, dining in the exquisite restaurants or shopping whilst their other halves were busy training. But now the portuguese players had a free day off for rest, Ava bubbled with excitement as she couldn’t wait to spend some time with Miguel, especially after he blew her off back in Ukraine. Ava hadn’t seen him for a few days and as much as she loved hanging around with Irina, she required the company of someone else for a change. Even so, Irina had already made plans with Cris again, which meant Ava would most likely be a third wheel.

After a small lunch, Ava headed up to her room for a warm relaxing bath. She prepared herself and chose a new dress to go out in. Ava curled her hair before spraying herself with perfume then headed down to the hotel lobby where she instantly found Miguel waiting near the reception doors. He dressed smartly in his black buttoned shirt and blue wash denim jeans. His eyes found hers and they lit up immediately. A smile tugged at the end of his lips as he approached her slowly before placing a kiss on her cheek.

“You look beautiful.”

“Merci.” She thanked him, interlocking her hand with his and making way through the exit doors.

“I never knew you could speak french.” Miguel said, astounded as a look of shock casted over his features while an impressed smirk replaced his smile he wore from seconds ago.

“I have many hidden talents and speaking different languages is one of them.” Ava replied, smiling and pulling Miguel much closer to her as they both headed out the doors and off into the city.


Both Ava and Miguel sat outside on a balcony beside the beach, eating and discussing several topics between one another. They’d chatted about everything from the baby to football. Ava enjoyed his company to say the least. Though, the female couldn’t have helped but notice how awkward most of their time was together. She realised that despite dating him for several months, she’d shared nothing in common with the Portuguese man. It brought a frown to her face and soon Ava kept herself away in her thoughts for far too long that she hadn’t spotted Miguel staring at her with concern.

“Everything ok?” He asked. Ava stared blankly at him before offering him a simple reassuring smile.

“Yes, fine.”

But Ava’s smile hadn’t stayed for long when Miguel’s phone buzzed again for the fifth time they’d been together outside that afternoon. The young brunette felt herself growing with anger as she watched Miguel take out his phone and hit the buttons, texting back whoever was texting him. He’d hardly concentrated on her throughout their meal. She wondered if he’d been listening to her at all. Her face laced with worry as she caught the smirk appearing on his face while letting out a cheeky laugh. Ava bit her lip when she saw him sending the text back before placing his phone into it’s secure place. Ava started to panic when he stood up and let out a deep sigh.

“I’m sorry Ava, I have to go.”

“Go where? We’ve not long been here.” She answered sadly.

“I know, and I wish I could stay, really, but I have somewhere else to be.” He sighed again, his shoulders slumping. Miguel really hated ditching her and most importantly, he hated lying. “My parents are flying over and I have to go meet them at the airport.” Ava began to sit up.

“Well let me come with you, I’d love to meet them.” She answered with a happy smile. But Miguel was far from impressed.

“No.” He said, far too roughly, regretting it soon as he saw Ava’s hurtful gaze peering at him. “I-I mean, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He grimaced, kicking himself inside for being too rash. His answers were becoming rather cautious. “No, I didn’t mean that either, I just...I don’t want them to get the wrong idea, you know seeing as you’re pregnant and I haven’t really spoken to them about our relationship properly.”

“Oh.” was all she could reply with.

Miguel approached her and grabbed both of Ava’s hands. “Besides, they don’t need to meet you yet. There’s plenty of time for that, right?”

“I guess so.” Ava mumbled. “I hoped to have spent more time with you though, seeing as you’re busy all the time and I know you can’t help that, but I just feel so...alone sometimes.” Ava confessed. “Even though I have Irina, it’s still not enough. I guess I just got my hopes up.” She said, shaking her head. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Miguel told her, sending her a sorrowful smile. “We always have vacation time. I promise. After this tournament is over, I’ll take you wherever and we can be free to do the things we want. No problems, no disruptions. Just us three.”

‘Us three?’ Ava silently thought. It didn’t sound right and soon as she felt the large stab in her gut, she knew she didn’t like it. Her, Miguel and the baby. But Ava shook away the denial feelings and smiled at him when she saw he was waiting for her answer.

“You mean that?”

“I do.” He answered before capturing her lips, giving her a sweet kiss. He felt her hands winding around the back on his neck while his own grabbed both of her sides. Ava smiled in the kiss before letting go of him. Miguel gave her cheek a quick peck until grabbing his jacket off the back of the chair and leaving to the place he didn’t want to go the most.

A place where someone would be expecting him.
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So something is up with Miguel. Any guesses what?

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