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Six - Goodbye William

The run in with one another was rather awkward to say at the least. After Fernando had managed to greet Ava, she was about to greet him back until the judge walked out and called them all in so they could get the trial underway. The judge had led them inside where they all took to their seats. From the look of it, Ava's lawyer sat in front while Ava herself sat behind her in between Juan and Latoya but with Fernando sitting next to his male best friend, she could still feel his intense stare on her face.

Latoya was the first to be called up on the stand where she honestly gave her word to tell the truth. Ava's lawyer based her questions simply on the night Latoya had been kidnapped. Latoya explained what happened from her point of view up until the part where she couldn't remember anything after that. She looked confident and with William in the same room, he hardly put her off from answering. Latoya just acted as if he wasn't there.

When there were no further questions, Latoya returned to her seat with a positive smile. She sent a filthy glare to William who was busy scowling at Ava as she was next up on the stand. The female looked nervous as she made her way to the box while William watched her every move. He sent a harsh glare to the woman from across the room from where he was sitting. Ava swore to the tell the truth before she sat down. Ava's lawyer, Danielle stood and prepared to ask the questions. Ava answered every one specifically. She fount it hard to concentrate as Fernando's eyes were on her at all times. Danielle asked Ava about the things she received from William and she confirmed that she'd found a necklace with her mothers' blood all over it. Ava tried to remain calm when she explained what happened at the scene. She was asked about what she saw and what occurred after she'd found her parents. Everything turned out to be simple up until when William's lawyer, Andrew stood and began speaking.

"Miss Garcia, in the statement you gave to the police, you said Mr.Richardson had help, that he wasn't working alone."

"That's correct."

"But there's no evidence to support that. You have no proof."

Ava shifted uncomfortably in her seat and sighed, "Look, William practically confessed right in front of my face to having help okay and what made it worse was the fact that I knew her. I can't prove it but I know what I heard. I wouldn't say for certain if I wasn't sure."

"Also in your statement, you spoke of defending yourself from the suspect," Ava wanted this to be over more than anything. She knew Andrew was trying to harass and judge her by giving her a bad impression. Andrew himself understood his questions were making Ava squirm under pressure. "So you had a weapon?"

"Objection!" Danielle shouted as she shot up from her seat. "There's no evidence to support that. No weapon was found and Miss Garcia does not own a weapon of any kind." The judge looked down at the young female and nodded in clarification as she flicked through her notes.

"Sustained, continue."

Andrew then continued asking Ava about her defense. She told the court she'd found a rusty pole at the house but she never used it, "He had the gun pointed at my mother and his back was turned to me so I got up and I reached for the pole. I approached him from behind, quietly as I could. William didn't see me but he must have heard my movements an...and the next thing I know, I'm lying on the floor with a bullet in my chest."

"Was it your intention to harm Mr.Richardson?"

"Your honor!" Danielle shot up again, fury of rage set on her face. "These questions are out of context. My client is not a killer."

"Overruled, Miss Garcia, answer the question and we'll continue."

"No, it was not my aim to hurt or do anything to William, but I feared for my life and I did the best I could to protect the three of us. In all seriousness your honor, he's the one that chose to kidnap my parents, he was the one that sent me the box, he was the one that sent the letter asking me to meet up with him. William is the one in the wrong. You want to know something else? It's thanks to him that I got reunited with my parents but at the same time, I have to live with these scars as well," Ava placed her hand over the wounds where she was shot. "For the rest of my life."

The whole court was left in silence as Andrew pursed his lips and gave a look to Ava that almost said he couldn't give a toss. Although, it seemed everyone else apart from William sitting in the court room felt Ava's pain as her hand was still placed over the scars. The young female could still hear the sound of the two gunshots that pierced her memory. Andrew sat down after confirming he had no further questions to ask. The judge announced a 10 minute break before the final decision would be made. It was now down to the jury.


The 10 minutes almost seemed like a full on hour for Ava. Her, Fernando, Juan and Latoya, along with everyone else got called back in to the court room where the jury were ready to announce the verdict. Ava didn't realize she was shaking until Fernando interlocked his hand with hers. She jumped from the coldness of his hand but with the Spaniards gentle touch, it soothed her a little. The blonde watched as one of the men from the jury passed over a note to the judge. "The jury find the suspect, Mr William Richardson guilty. He will serve 25 years in prison for the crimes he has committed." Ava grinned in relief as she went to hug Latoya before hugging Juan. Ava already knew the verdict but she just wanted to see justice happen so she could move on with her life.

One chapter has ended and another is just about to begin.
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