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Seven - The Unexpected

Ava had a massive grin on her face as she left the court room. Juan and Latoya walked ahead of her and both shared the same delight she had as the smiles on their faces gleamed. As the three entered the outside world, they split and headed for each of their cars. As Ava made her way over to her black mini cooper, Fernando was hot on her trail. Before she even had a chance to climb inside, Fernando had pulled on the females arm taking Ava by surprise. She was about to ask him what he was doing but he had already lashed out first.

"Why did you have to go and do that? Why would you say William had help when clearly he didn't. Olalla had no part in his actions. She had nothing to do with William."

"It's not a crime to tell the truth Fernando."

"Well you still had no right, you have no proof."

Ava laughed. The Spaniard was trying so hard to protect Olalla, she could hardly believe it, "You're right, I have no proof, but I know what I saw and I know what I heard. Just let it go, it's done, over with."

"You're accusations mean nothing. Perhaps you should remember that the next time you try to judge someone you hardly know."

"You know what Fernando," Ava said sweetly before a glare set on her face. "When you eventually find out the truth, don't say I didn't warn you. You just can't accept the fact that Olalla went behind your back and mislead you. Who knows, you might thank me for it one day."

Fernando had a pure look of rage as he glared back at Ava and she could tell she'd hit a nerve but she didn't care. Ava wasn't going to apologise just because Fernando couldn't handle the truth. She watched him turn his back on her and before the male walked away, he whispered something, just enough for her to hear. The slight crack in his voice as he looked ahead of him, not looking back at the female once. "I'm glad you left." Ava pretended she didn't hear it but she full on did and it broke her heart. She watched the Spaniard walk away slowly from her until he got inside his Audi car and sped off fast leaving Ava alone in the parking lot.


Once Ava had pulled up outside her old house and went inside, she spotted Latoya in the kitchen but there was no sign of Juan. Latoya noticed Ava was home and signaled her to come in the kitchen before she grabbed two glasses and poured fresh orange juice into each glass. "I'm so glad that jerk got sent down, I can finally move on with my life without having to worry about getting kidnapped at night."

"Yeah." Ava mumbled, taking a swig of her drink. Latoya sensed her friend was feeling a little down which was unusual considering William had just got sent to jail so obviously there must have been another reason for her distress and Latoya knew exactly what it was. "Ava, are you okay? You seem a bit upset?"

"No, no I'm fine."

"Are you sure? It's not the conversation you were having with Fernando back at the parking lot that's troubling you?" The brunette offered her a gentle smile when Ava gave her a freaked look and Latoya took her hand in hers. "You know you can talk to me about it. I know you might not want to, but it looked pretty intense back there with you both."

"I don't get it at all, we both got heated up over something stupid and he got angry with me. I mean, Juan said he's different but I didn't expect this. Fernando looked so broken like I'd never seen him so wary and exhausted. Sure his appearance has changed; it's just, he didn't seem...his usual self."

"Fernando's been under a lot of pressure these last few months- you leaving, his marriage is hardly sunshine and rainbows and his football career has been kinda hard after settling in, trouble scoring but with me and Juan around, he tries to keep himself busy, he spends all his time with Leo and Nora which by the way are both still asking for you."

"I can't help feel bad." Ava mumbled. "Believe me, I wanted to stay but choosing between his married life and me, I couldn't have let Fernando do that, it would have torn him apart, it would have broke him to do so."

"Olalla is hardly a woman to mess with. Yeah. she's nice most of the time and sometimes she's not, but when it comes to her husband or her kids, she's very protective. She knew he was going to choose you so she did what she does best, she manipulated him leaving him stuck, in my case Ava, you did the right thing."

"I guess so. Anyway, um I kind of need a favor."

"Sure! What's up?" Latoya asked curiously. Her smile increased once she noticed the blush on Ava's cheeks. "Does this have anything to do with the Miguel guy by any chance?" she continued then smirked when Ava hid her face behind her hair.

"He's flying over tonight and he wants to take me out for dinner."

"A date?" the brunette said excitedly. Latoya couldn't help but let out a small squeal. "Girl, he must like you."

"Can you just help me get ready please?" Ava replied feeling rather embarrassed. When it came to guys, Latoya always had a way of making Ava feel nervous. The brunette was partially protective when it came to Ava dating but she was looking out for her friend mostly.


After an hour of insane searching for an outfit for Ava to wear, they both decided on the black tulle dress which Latoya had bought for Ava's 21st birthday. Ava matched the dress with nude patent platform heels before heading off to the bathroom to get ready. While Ava was busy getting dressed, Latoya had planned to do Ava's hair and makeup considering how nervous the blonde was for her date. There was no doubt she'd make a mess anyway.

"Latoya!" Ava called out from the bathroom.


"We have a problem." Ava called out again, opening the bathroom door and sticking her head round the corner. "The dress doesn't fit."

"What? That's impossible, even for you." Latoya stopped half way through her scurrying to glance up at her friend by the door. "I only bought that dress a few months back, I swear it should still fit."

"Well it doesn't. It's tight around the chest."

"You have to be kidding me, let me see."

Ava tried the dress on again once more before she let out an exasperated sigh and lifted the material back over her head. Ava threw the dress down onto the floor and stomped her feet in annoyance. She loved that dress and it just wasn't working. From where she was standing, Latoya noticed how much weight her friend had put on which came across a little odd considering both girls weighed the same. Latoya knew Ava would never starve herself and she'd never binge eat either. The only option left spooked the brunette and it made her wonder if Ava knew herself. Ava spotted Latoya's hard stares which left her puzzled. "What?"

"Ava, I don't mean to pry but when was your last period?!"

"Latoya!" the blonde said sternly. "I hope you aren't suggesting what I think you're suggesting. I'm not pregnant and I would know if I was."

"I'm not suggesting anything Ava, but don't you think it's a little strange? You said yourself you were sick on the plane, even these last few weeks. You don't drink alcohol and now even the dress doesn't fit." Ava was left stunned as she gaped at her friend. She never saw the signs until now when Latoya made them all clear. With the sickness, Ava just thought it was a little bug so she made nothing of it and with her weight, she never payed attention to her growth. Ava became frightened at the thought of being pregnant without her knowing.

"Oh god." Ava broke down sobbing. "I can't be, this is not happening." she chanted over and over. Latoya could only look on in worry. She consoled the blonde who was finding it hard to stand up as Ava lent against her.

"Listen to me, it's going to be just fine, ok? I'll get some tests, I have spares for emergencies so you can take them. I'm going to be right here." Latoya soothed Ava who still continued to cry in the brunettes arms. Within the next few minutes, Latoya had walked Ava into her en suit bathroom where they could handle it more privately in-case Juan came home and found them in the main one. Ava didn't need anyone else finding out right now. Latoya then waited in her room while Ava took 3 of the tests and the blonde walked out immediately when she was done. All that was left was to wait for the final verdict and they both knew it would be a long wait.

"I'm frightened." Ava said as Latoya's hand found her own. The minutes counted down slow as the two friends sat across from one another on the floor. Ava couldn't stop fighting and neither one said a word as the final minutes passed. Ava stood to go back inside the bathroom where she looked elsewhere but the tests.

"Whatever they show, I'll be by your side no matter what."

Ava headed on inside and closed the door behind her. She took a shaky breath before glancing down at all 3 sticks. Positive, Negative, Positive. Ava's heart pounded faster as she came to turns that her worst nightmare had just come true. "Ava?" yelled Latoya, her movements came closer to the room and soon she was standing in front of her friend. The look on Ava's face said it all and Latoya instantly pulled the woman into her arms.

"I'm pregnant."
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