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Eight - Dinner With A Side of Arrogance

After the pregnancy tests had come back positive, Latoya immediately went to console her friend where together they both shed tears. They remained in the same position for an hour before Ava headed for the shower to cool off. She stood against the shower wall as the warm water cascaded down her body and she wept silently to herself. She scrubbed her skin clean and once she'd finished, Ava dressed in the clothes Latoya picked out for her. Ava's date with Miguel would be starting in 20 minutes time and she knew she'd be arriving late. Latoya suggested the blonde should stay home, especially after a shocking discovery that Ava was still recovering from, but Ava insisted if she stayed home, she'd only worry more. She needed something to take her mind away even if it was for a few hours. Latoya was still wary on the idea. She couldn't get Ava's exact thoughts but by her body language, Latoya knew how the blonde must be feeling.

"Let me know if you need anything." Latoya says as the two stood by the door. She stood to the side while Ava put on her long black pea coat. The blonde wore a glittery gold Randi Rahm dress. Ava chose to wear cream sandals instead of gold heels which Latoya had provided to match the dress. Ava didn't feel comfortable wearing high heels and having sore feet wasn't what she wanted by the time she'd arrive home at the end of the night.

"I'll call you." Ava replied before leaving the house without saying another word. Latoya could only look on in worry as she continued to watch Ava until she was out of sight. Letting out a heavy sigh, she proceeded back into the house where she instantly went to call Juan on her mobile.


Ava soon arrived at the restaurant, Patterson's in Oxford Circus. She parked quickly beside the curb before jumping out and locking up. Once inside, Ava searched the entire restaurant for Miguel. She was a bit late so she silently hoped Miguel hadn't left. Her luck was about to run out; she was about to give up when from the corner of her eye, Ava spotted Miguel near the bar. He had his back to her but she could tell it was him as he stood tall and confident with the bright smile he always wore on his face. He turned and she could see he was wearing a white buttoned shirt with a dark blue blazer over the top and denim jeans. A smile shown on her face as she checked him over. Miguel looked smart as well as handsome. Although, Ava was further surprised to find him chatting to someone beside him. She could tell from the back it was a male too who also dressed smartly in a casual black suit, but when the male turned to face a dark haired brunette, Ava's smile vanished completely. There, standing only a few meters away were Fernando and Olalla. On tonight of all nights, this isn't what Ava wanted.

Things took a whole lot worse when Miguel finally turned round and spotted Ava frozen in her spot. He signaled her over which caught the attention of both Spaniard's next to him. Ava had no choice but to walk over and her heartbeat increased when she saw the glare Olalla had on her face. She didn't bother looking to Fernando because she knew how he'd also be feeling- infuriated and jealous. The dark haired blonde hastily walked over where she came face to face with Miguel who held his arms wide out before eloping Ava in to a hug. Ava inhaled his strong cologne which somehow relaxed her.

"I'm so sorry for being late." Ava apologised gently. Miguel gave her a small squeeze before letting her go. "I got caught up with something."

"Don't be," he smiled which warmed the young woman's heart. Miguel checked her over as Ava stripped off her coat. "You look beautiful." Miguel complimented which made Ava look down in embarrassment as her cheeks flushed red.

"You don't look too bad yourself." Ava complimented him back; she gave him a teasing smile which Miguel let out a small chuckle before thanking her. Miguel and Ava were far into their moment, they had completely forgotten about the couple standing next to them.

"Ava!" the voice coming from Olalla made Ava's head shoot up to glance at her. A voice the blonde hardly wanted to hear. Olalla's voice was hard and angry. It was like venom to her ears. It made Ava's skin crawl just at the sound of it. "So nice to see you again." the dark haired Spaniard greeted through her gritted teeth. She gave Ava a fake smile; Ava herself gave one back. The blonde wasn't stupid. She knew Olalla was lying.

"Likewise." Ava replied back. If Olalla was going to pretend in front of everyone, then so was she. Miguel turned intrigued as he watched the two women.

"You two know each other?" Miguel asked, confusion obviously set on his face as he questioned. Ava silently thanked him for breaking the tension a little.

"We're good friends." Olalla lied in a sickly sweet tone. Ava couldn't believe what she was hearing. For the first time since she'd arrived at the restaurant, she glanced to Fernando who was staring right at her, but what made Ava held her breath was how he was staring. The scene from the parking lot came to mind. Not a look of anger showed on his features, instead she just saw the look of jealously and pure want. Ava looked over his body posture. Fernando looked defeated, rejected, almost as if Olalla was in control- and there was no doubt she was too, but it looked as if he was holding back from speaking. He desperately wanted to say something directly to her. Shaking away the thoughts, she ignored another glare Olalla gave her and turned to face Miguel.

"Maybe we should head to our table now Miguel." Ava suggested, desperately wanting to get away. She no longer wanted to spend another minute where she was. The awkward tension happened to be bad enough that Ava found it hard to breath properly. Before Miguel could get a say in, Olalla had interrupted him.

"Why don't we share a table? The four of us can double date," said Olalla while a large grin plastered on her mouth. She was enjoying this, too much. Ava wanted to know exactly what the brunette was playing at.

"Sure." Miguel agreed. Ava instantly flicked her eyes over to Fernando and his expression accurately matched hers. Disbelief. "Only if it's okay with Ava."

Ava tried to stop herself from walking away as she pursed her lips. Everyone's gaze turned to her and she sent a fake smile in return. Fernando could see right through it. "Why not?" she answered before saying- 'It's not like this night can get any worse.' under her breath.


It hadn't taken long before all four were seated. The waiter clearly had no problem with sharing the tables and from where they sat, the couples were in a nice spot as well. Ava was seated next to Miguel while Fernando sat across from her with Olalla next to his side. The waiter passed around a bottle of wine to share which Olalla had kindly bought but Ava shook it off. There was no need for alcohol now. Ava ordered a sparkling water instead.

"So, what brings you both here?" Miguel asked the married couple sitting across from him. Ava sipped on her water and found herself zoning out again into her own thoughts until Olalla's reply brought her back into the conversation.

"Actually, it's Fernando's birthday, I'm treating him." Olalla said proudly, taking a sip from her wine glass. Ava sat stunned in her chair. She'd completely forgotten about the date. It didn't occur to her that it was Fernando's birthday today. She hadn't payed most attention to the last few weeks in general.

"Happy Birthday Fernando!" Ava blurted out without thinking. The male Spaniard shot her a large smile and blushed. Ava could tell it was genuine. He truly appreciated it. Although Ava didn't quite understand it. Fernando's behavior was unusual when it came to her. Only a few hours ago, Fernando had argued with Ava after the trial and now suddenly he was being nice. Something wasn't right.

"Gracias Ava," he thanked her sincerely.

"Well I propose a toast, firstly to Ava for having strong courage and determination with today's trial. The bad guy goes down and no more suffering." Miguel announced. Ava glanced to Olalla who began to frown and the blonde knew why. "Second, a birthday toast to our man here, Fernando." he continued. Fernando thanked Miguel before they all raised their glasses and clinked them together. Only Olalla didn't join in until her husband gave her a look. 'fun killer' Ava thought. She giggled as Miguel spilled a few drops of wine down his shirt before muttering something in Portuguese. He was adorable.

"To the start of something wonderful, here's to greater things that are about to come." Ava joined in as well. Miguel immediately interlocked his hand with hers and pressed a kiss down to the back of it. The gesture shocked her and from the corner of her eye, she caught Fernando holding onto the table. His hand gripped so tight, his knuckles turned white.

Conversations remained frequent around the table while everyone ordered their meals and more drinks arrived by the time the food came. Only after multiple questions and numerous glares from Olalla, Ava was ready to go home. It was late and Ava wanted comfort; she felt tired. Her stomach was full from eating so much that she could feel her stomach doing flips. The sick vile taste returned leaving Ava feeling drowsy. She found it hard to concentrate so she laid her head against Miguel's shoulder. Just the thought of her baby made her turn dizzy.

"Are you okay Ava? You don't look so good." Fernando asked worryingly. He had watched her for a few minutes and grew concerned when the blonde became pale.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Ava held a hand to her mouth before shooting up from her seat and running off to the women's toilets. Everyone was left stunned. The whole table had gone quiet since Ava left and it had been quite a while since she'd ran off. Fernando's worry got worse as he raised from his seat and Olalla sent him a 'what-are-you-doing look'.

"Perhaps, I should go check on her." Fernando called which sent his wife into a fiery mood. Olalla stood and faced him before pulling on his arm, stopping him from leaving. The tight grip around his arm told him to back off. She was in control again.

"No!" Olalla ordered. She saw the look he was giving her but she then registered that they still weren't alone at the table as Miguel's eyes were on them both. "I mean, you can't because it's the women's washroom Fernando, it will look insane if you just walk on in there."

"She has a point mate." Miguel agreed which Olalla sent him a thankful smile for sticking up for her. Fernando couldn't help but feel pissed with Miguel as well as his wife. Miguel hadn't offered to go check on Ava either since he'd been affectionate with her most of the night. Just the sight of him touching Ava made his skin crawl. However, he knew the Portuguese deeply cared for Ava just as he did too.

"I'll go, stay here with Miguel," she ordered Fernando again before walking away and heading over to the toilets with a devious smile. It was about time she had words with Ava.
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