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Bella walked around the corner of the local hospital to see her boyfriend, Stiles, sigh heavily and hit the vending machine. She frowned as she leaned against the corner, crossing her arms. Bella watched Stiles shake the machine, gently at first, then vigorously. She placed her hand over her mouth to stifle her laugh as he attempted to lift the heavy machine. Bella hid around the corner when Stiles walked backward a few steps, then she moved back when he did. Stiles held the top of the machine as he moved it back and forth forcefully. Bella gasped when the machine began to fall forward and Stiles was forced to move out of the way. Bella placed her hands over her mouth in shock when the vending machine hit the floor with a loud crash.

"Stiles!" Bella scolded, Stiles turned in the direction of the voice.

"Oh my god! You were here there the whole time?" Stiles replied. Bella nodded her head, not being able to help her smile.

The couple were interrupted by a blood curdling scream. Two pairs of eyes widened at the same moment.

"Lydia?" Bella called before spinning on the balls of her feet and running in the direction of Lydia's room. Stiles followed quickly after her, along with Melissa and Lydia's father. They opened the door to Lydia's room urgently before they opened the bathroom door, frantically searching for the redhead. Lydia was nowhere to be seen. Mrs McCall turned off the shower as the bath was overflowing. Stiles stood beside Bella as he looked to his left, his mouth dropping open. Bella frowned when Stiles tugged on her hand, gesturing to where he was looking. Bella gasped slightly when she realised what Stiles had been looking at.

The window was open.

The four teenangers walked slowly up to the Hale house, Stiles and Bella in front, Scott and Allison behind. Which was strange, Bella thought, considering Scott, her brother was the almightly werewolf. And Allison was a hunter.

Bella shook off the meaningless thought when Stiles spoke. "She came here?" he asked, turning to look at Scott. "You're sure?" The air was so cold that whenever someone breathed or spoke, mist followed.

"This is where the scent leads." Scott told Stiles, gesturing to the house slightly. Stiles turned back, holding onto Bella's hand gently as they walked closer. He turned to his beloved girlfriend.

"Alright, but has Lydia ever been here?" Stiles asked Bella.

She shook her head. "Not with me."

The two turned to Allison who also shook her head. Stiles and Bella glanced at eachother before facing the front again, Bella chewing on her lip as they walked forward. Each step causing her to jump whenever a leaf cracked under her feet.

"Maybe she came here because she was.. looking for Derek." Allison pondered.

"You mean, looking for an Alpha." Scott exclaimed.

"Wolves need a pack, right?" Allison asked.

"Not all of them." Scott argued.

"But would she have been drawn to an Alpha? Isn't it instinct to be apart of a pack?" Allison asked. The two couples had stopped by now and were looking at the house.

"Yeah. We-we're stronger in packs." Scott shrugged.

Allison nodded. "Like strength in numbers."

"No. Like-like literally stronger, faster, better in every way." Scott corrected.

"Is that the same for an Alpha?" Allison asked.

Scott nodded before facing the house. "Yeah it'll make Derek stronger too."

Bella had barely noticed that Stiles had let go of her hand and was searching the forrest before she heard the leaves rustle.

"Whoa, hey, look at this." Stiles called. Bella and Allison walked over slowly. "You see this?" Bella bent down next to him to see he was holding a long wire in his hands. "I think it's a trip wire." Bella frowned as Stiles pulled on the wire and nothing seemed to happen. That is, until, she turned around.

"Stiles." Scott exclaimed from behind them.

"Yeah buddy?" Stiles asked as the three turned around to see Scott hanging upside down.

"Next time you see a trip wire." Scott held out his arms. "Don't trip it."

"Noted." Stiles pointed to his hanging best friend. Bella nor Allison could stop the corners of their mouths turning upwards.

Stiles sighed before walking towards Scott with the two girls.

"Wait wait wait," Scott interjected, holding up his hands. "Someone's coming. Hide." He told the trio. Stiles, Bella and Allison all looked around, not knowing where to hide. "Go!" Scott demanded. Stiles quickly grabbed Bella's hand before running back the way they came, and hiding behind a tree. Bella sighed of relief when she saw Allison hiding a few yards away from them.

Bella watched as Allison's father and his group walked over to Scott. Her breath hitched slightly as Chris leaned down to Scott's level to be face-to-face with him. "It's okay." Bella felt Stiles' cold breath on her neck as he sqeezed her hand. She smiled weakly up at him before turning back to the scene.

Stiles quickly pulled Bella back behind the tree when he saw Chris standing and she winced when her back hit the hard wood. Although she smiled when Stiles mouthed 'Sorry.' Stiles poked his head around the tree and nodded to Bella when he saw the hunters were gone.

The couple quickly ran over to Scott with Allison following behind them.

"You ok?" Allison asked her boyfriend.

"Just another life-threatening conversation with your dad." Scott's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Bella, help me with this." Allison said before jogging over to the tree that held the trip wire. Bella followed and began to help Allison but stopped when she heard feet hit the floor. She turned and smiled when she saw her brother standing upright again..

"Thanks, but I think I got it." Scott said proudly. He breathed out a laugh before turning and taking a few steps towards the Hale house. Scott stopped when he saw the others werent following. "Coming?" He nodded towards the house.

Stiles, Bella and Allison all followed Scott without another word.
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