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"If Jackson doesn't know what he's doing, then he probably doesn't know that someone's controlling him." Allison's voice spoke through the phone.

"Or he doesn't remember." Scott said.

"What if it's the same kind of thing that happened with Lydia when she left the hospital?" Bella wondered.

"He'd have to forget everything, the murder.." Scott exclaimed.

"..Getting rid of the blood." Allison added.

"He needed help with one thing, though. The video. We know someone else helped him forget that." Stiles spoke.

Scott nodded. "Whoever's controlling him."

"Are you sure Jackson has know clue about any of this?" Allison asked through the phone.

"He thinks he's still becoming a werewolf. And being with Lydia somehow delayed the whole thing." Stiles said.

"So do we try and convince him he's not?" Allison questioned.

"If it helps us find out who's controlling him, then yeah." Scott replied.

"Do you think he'll talk to us after what we did?" Bella asked.

"Yeah, it's us. He'll talk to us." Stiles tried to reassure her. "Right?"

"You will not go within 50ft of Jackson Whittemore. You will not speak to him. You will not approach him. You will not assault, or harrass him, physically or psychologically." When the Sheriff had finished, he dropped his papers on the metal desk.

There was a short pause before Stiles spoke. "What about school?"

"You can attend ten classes while attempting to remain a 50ft difference." Stiles' father replied.

"Ok but what if we both have to use the bathroom at the same time, and there are only two stalls available and they're right next to eachother?" Stiles asked whilst gesturing with his hands. Stiles' Dad only glowered at him. "I'll just hold it."

"We filled the tank!" Stiles exclaimed loudly as Scott and Bella passed him, their mother pushing them along.

"Move." She told her son and daughter. When they were out in the hall, she turned them both around. "It's not just this. Although a restraining order is a new low I didn't think you would reach quite this soon. It's everything on top of it." When Bella noticed that her mother was talking more directly to Scott than herself, she attempted to slip away from them slowly. When Bella thought she was free, her mother held up a finger. Bella winced and stopped where she was. "Uh, uh, uh." Miss McCall shook her finger. "This involves you as much as it involves him." She told her daughter. Bella sighed silently, staying put a few inches behind her mother and Scott. Scott smilied slightly at his sister's attempt. "I have to ground you, I am grounding you. You are grounded."

Stiles walked out into the hallway and stood beside Bella.

"What about work?" Scott asked.

"Fine. Other than work. And no TV." Miss McCall said.

"My TV's broken." Scott said.

"Then no computer." Miss McCall tried.

"I need the computer for school." Scott replied.

"Then.. No Stiles." She turned and looked at Stiles and Bella standing together. "Either of you."

"What- no Stiles?!" Stiles interjected.

"No Stiles!" Miss McCall yelled, making Stiles shrink back beside Bella. "And no more car privileges, give me your keys." She demanded, holding out her hand. Scott sighed, making her stamp her foot. "Give them to me!"

"Ok," Scott whispered, taking his keys out of his pocket and placing them in her hand. Bella watched as she struggled to take the car key off. "Mom do you want me to-"

"No." She continued to struggle.

"Mom, come on, just let me.." Scott took his mother's hands in his. "Mom."

She exhaled. "What is going on with you? Is this about Allison?"

Stiles shook his head vigorously from behind them.

Scott sighed. "Do you really wanna know?"

Stiles shook his head again.

"Yeah." Miss McCall replied. There was a pause. "Is this about your father?" Bella's mouth dropped, Stiles nodded his head. "It is. Isn't it?" Stiles continued to nod. "Ok you know what, um, we'll talk about this at home. I'm gonna go get the car." And then she left.

Scott sighed before joining Bella and Stiles at the door way. "I'm the worst son ever."

"Well I'm not exactly winning any prizes either."

Scott grabbed the tablet Allison passed discreetly through one of the shelves of the libary. He zoomed in as Bella and Stiles looked over his shoulder.

"It's everything Lydia could translate. Trust me, she was very confused." Allison whispered through the shelf, whilst trying to look like she wasn't.

"Yeah, what d'you tell her?" Scott replied.

"That we're a part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures." Allison said.

Scott snickered. Bella looked up to Stiles, her mouth open slightly.

"I am a part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures." Stiles spoke.

"O-oh, great." Allison forced a smile. Bella grinned at Stiles, taking his hand in hers as if it was natural.

"Ok, does this say find out who's controlling him?" Scott questioned.

"Not really." Allison replied. "But Stiles was right about the murders." Bella smiled when Stiles celebrated. "It calls the Kanima a weapon of vengeance. There's a story in there about the South American Priest," Allison looked around before continuing. "who uses the Kanima to execute murderers in the village."

"Alright, see? So maybe it's not that bad." Stiles said.

"Until the bond grew strong enough that it killed whoever he wanted it to." Allison exclaimed whilst she reached for a book and pretended to read it."

Stiles' mouth dropped. "All bad. All very, very bad."

"Here's the thing, though. The Kanima's actually supposed to be a werewolf, but it can't be until.." Allison trailed off.

"Until it resolves it's past that manifested it." Scott finished.

"Ok, so that mean's that Jackson needs a few thousand hours of therapy, I could've told you that myself." Stiles exclaimed.

"What if it has something to do with his parents?" Bella thought out loud. When the three of them looked to her, she spoke again. "His real parents."

"Yeah, does anybody actually know what happened to them?" Scott asked.

"Lydia might." Bella said.

"What if she doesn't know anything?" Scott pondered.

"Well, Jackson doesn't have a restraining order against me, so I'll talk to him myself." Allison said as she placed the book she pretended to read back on the shelf.

"What do I do?" Scott asked.

"You have a make up exam, remember?" Allison exclaimed, placing her hand over Scott's through the shelf. "Promise me."

"If he does anything, you run the other way." Scott ordered.

"I can take care of my self." Allison assured him.

"If he does anything.." Scott started.

"Like?" Allison asked.

"Anything.. weird, bizarre, anything." Scott said.

Suddenly, Stiles pushed his head through the shelf. "Anything evil."

Allison pushed his head back, forcing Bella to hold in her laughter when Stiles almost fell and dropped the book he was holding.

"Lydia! Lydia, wait!" Bella called as she tried to run up the stairs as fast as she could, Stiles behind her. "Lydia!"

Before either of them knew what was happening, they were thrown against the wall, both of them wincing. Erica's claws dug into their chests.

"Why are you asking Lydia about Jackson's real parents?" Erica demanded.

"Why are you bringing out the claws on camera?" Stiles replied, gesturing to the filming device just above them. When Erica saw, she pulled her hand back. "That's right." Stiles chimed as he stood straight and pulled Bella by her hand with him whilst he walked away.

"If you're wondering about Jackson's real parents, they're about half a mile from here. In Beacon Hills cemetery." Erica exclaimed from across the hall.

Stiles and Bella shared a look, both of them resisting not to scream in frustration. When they saw Erica had left, they shared another look, Bella taking off her heels and nodding. They grabbed onto eachother's hands before running the way they assumed Erica had gone.

"Erica!" Bella yelled when she spotted the blonde. "Do you know how they died?" She asked breathlessly when they caught up.

"Maybe." Erica answered proudly. "If you tell me why you're so interested." She bargained. Stiles nor Bella spoke until Erica stopped in her tracks. "It's him, isn't it?"

"What?" Stiles asked when they began walking again. "What? Him who?"

"The test didn't work but it's still him." Erica exclaimed. "It's Jackson." She strutted off as Stiles and Bella stopped.

Bella slapped her forehead with the hand she wasn't holding her heels with. She groaned before running after Erica, once again, with Stiles running behind.

"Erica, you can't tell Derek, ok? There's a lot more to this that you don't know about. And just because you got the Alpha Bite Makeover, doesn't give you a license to go around destorying people." Stiles exclaimed as he and Bella chased after Erica.

Erica stopped and turned to them. "Why not? That's all anybody ever used to do to me. I used to have the worst crush in the world on you." She told Stiles, making Bella's lips part slightly. "Yeah. You, Stiles. And you never once even noticed me." Bella frowned when she saw Stiles wasn't even looking at her. "Exactly like you're not noticing me right now." Both Bella and Erica followed Stiles' gaze to see water coming out of the boy's locker room.

Just seconds later, Scott flew through the door and onto the floor. Followed by Jackson who stormed out and grabbed his shirt. Stiles, Bella and Erica rushed to get them away from eachother. Erica held Jackson back, Stiles and Bella held Scott. Allison had also walked out of the boy's locker room.

"What the hell's going on?" Mr. Harris' voice boomed through the hall as he walked over. "What do you idiots think you're doing? Jackson, calm down. Mr McCall, care to explain yourself? Stilinski?"

"You dropped this." Matt, who had somehow arrived on the scene, handed Scott the tablet, but Mr. Harris snatched before Scott could take it.

"You," Mr. Harris pointed the tablet at Jackson. "And you," He pointed at Scott. He paused. "Actually, all of you." He pointed the tablet at everyone of them. "Detention. Three O'Clock."

They walked into the library at three, Stiles, Scott and Bella sitting down at the table Harris pointed to. Erica walked in last and sat next to Bella.

"We can't be in detention together." Jackson told Mr. Harris. "I have a restraining order against these tools."

"All these tools?" Harris replied.

"No, just us tools." Stiles exclaimed.

"Fine. You three," He gestured to a table on the other side of the room. "Over there."

The three followed his orders and sat down at the table.

"I'm gonna kill him." Scott seethed.

"No, you're not. You're gonna find out who's controlling him, and then you're gonna help save him." Stiles said.

"No. You were right. Let's kill him." Scott spoke.

"Oooh no." Stiles groaned quietly.

"Hey, what if it's Matt?" Stiles wondered whilst looking at Matt. "I mean this whole thing comes back to the video, right?"

"Danny said that Matt was the one who found the two hours of footage missing." Bella said.

"Exactly!" Stiles agreed. "He's trying to throw suspicion off himself."

"So he makes Jackson kill Isaac's dad, one of Argent's hunters, and a mechanic working on your jeep?" Scott asked unconvinced.

"Yes!" Stiles excliamed.

"Why?" Scott pondered.

"Because.." Stiles glared at Matt. "He's evil."

"You just don't like him." Scott argued.

"The guy.. bugs me. I don't know what it is." exclaimed Stiles as he leaned back in his chair, watching Matt. "Just look at his face."

"Any other theories?" Scott suggested.

Suddenly, Jackson stood and walked out of the library after telling Mr. Harris he just needed some water.

Harris stood up. "No one leaves their seats." He ordered before he walked out after Jackson.

As soon as the door closed, Scott, Stiles and Bella ran to the table Erica was sitting at.

"Bella and Stiles say you know how Jackson's parents died." Scott said.

"Maybe." Erica replied, not looking up from her notebook she was writing in.

"Talk." Scott demanded.

Erica closed her book. "It was a car accident. My dad was the insurance investigator and every time he sees Jackson drive by in his Porsche, he makes a comment about the huge settlement he'll be getting when he's eighteen."

"So not only is Jackson rich now, he's getting even richer at eighteen?" Stiles said in an irritated tone.

"Yep." Erica replied.

"Ok there are some things that are deeply wrong with that." Stiles exclaimed.

"You know what," Erica leaned forward and opened her laptop. "I could try and find the insurance depot in my Dad's inbox, that's where he keeps everything."

Erica had just begun typing when the voice travelled through the speakers. "Scott McCall, please report to the principal's office." Bella frowned as Scott up and left.

Stiles moved to stand over Bella's chair to be able to see Erica's laptop. Bella felt her heart literally snap when Jackson walked back into the library with tears flowing down his cheeks. She went to go over to him, but Stiles rested his hand on her shoulder, shaking his head when she looked up to him.

Bella never took her eyes off Jackson until Stiles spoke. "Whoa, look at the dates."

"Passengers arrived at the hospital D.O.A.. The estimated time of death.. 9:26PM, June 14th 1995." Erica read off the screen.

"Jackson's birthday is June 15th." Bella stated, earning looks from the two. When the six of them saw Harris zip up his bag, they stood.

But they all stopped when he chuckled. "Oh, no, I'm sorry. Yes, I'm leaving. But none of you are. You may go when you're done with the re-shelving." He patted two book shelves beside him filled with old books. "Enjoy the rest of your evening." Bella tried not to throw the books at him as he walked out.

"That means he was born after his Mom died, by C-Section." Stiles stated as he leaned on the book shelf. "They had to pull him out of her dead body."

"So was it an accident or not?" Allison asked.

Stiles shrugged. "The word all over the report is inconclusive."

"Wait, his parents could have been murdered?" Scott asked.

"Well if they were then it falls in line with the Kanima myth. You know, 'seeks out and kills murderers'" Stiles explained.

"For Jackson or the person controlling him?" Bella asked.

"We have to talk to him," Scott said whilst moving around the shelf. "W-we have to talk to him."

"He's not gonna lis-" Allison started, but Scott was already walking away.

Scott was only gone for ten seconds when the first light smashed. Tiny little pieces of glass fell like raindrops. Sparks sprayed over the room like a sprinkler.

"Scott!" Bella screamed.

"Bella! I'm ok!" Bella faintly heard Scott call back. "Erica!"

Erica's roar was heard just before the light above her row exploded. Stiles grabbed Bella by her waist, pulling her down and covering her from the glass and rubble that was falling.

"Stiles, Stiles, what's happening?" Bella whispered.

"I-I don't know."

Tables flipped and books flew across the room like a hurricane. Bella reached out for Scott when he landed beside her. Scott quickly stood and rushed to cover the three. Bella watched, breathless, as Jackson's head hung. His arm moved up to the chalkboard like he was posessed. When Jackson had finished, he dropped his arm. Bella swallowed when she saw what he had written.


There was a pause, then in less than a second Jackson jumped out of the window, glass flying. The four of them stood and slowly walked towards the board, studying the writing. Bella turned when she heard something. She gaped when she saw Erica thriving on the floor.

Bella rushed to her side. "Guys!" Bella tried to hold Erica as best as she could. "I think she's having a seizure."

"He's alive." Allison said from the other row.

"We need to get her to a hospital." Bella stated.

"D-Derek. Only Derek." Erica stuttered.

"Ok when we get her to the hospital-" Scott started.

"D-Derek. To Derek." Erica breathed.

"Go." Allison ordered. Scott ran around to the other row where Allison was.

"Scott!" Stiles called.

When Scott came back, he lifted Erica into his arms. They quickly left the library, leaving Allison alone with an un-concious Matt.

"Hold her up!" Derek ordered and Scott rushed to hold Erica.

"Is she dying?" Bella asked frantically.

"Sh-she might.." Derek replied, grabbed Erica's wrist. "This is gonna hurt." He told her before snapping her bones. Bella hid in Stiles shoulder when Erica cried out.

"What are you doing?!" Scott yelled.

"It'll trigger the healing process." Derek explained. "I've still gotta get the venom out. This is where it's really gonna hurt." Derek squeezed Erica's arm and she screamed again. Bella took cover in Stiles' shirt, she couldn't stand anyone being in pain.

No matter who it was.
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