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Battlefield - Part One

Bella was helping Scott move the medicines around in the vets when the faint sound of the doorbell was heard. There were a few barks, also.

"Would you mind seeing who that is?" Allen asked them both. Bella nodded, placing a bottle down on the counter before she began walking. She stopped when barks erupted. She glanced warily at Scott, then walking towards the vets' entrance. She never would have guessed it would've been him. Isaac was standing there, his hands in his pockets. The dogs were still crying when Dr. Deaton moved closer to the gate that Isaac hadn't crossed. He pushed the gate door open. "It's ok, Isaac."

Isaac hesitantly moved forward, his eyes on Bella. He watched her as she walked after Scott and Allen into the main section. Isaac followed them, his eyes never leaving her. When he stood beside her, she smiled faintly up at him. He returned the favour, looking at her for a moment after she had returned her attention to the ill animal on the table.

Isaac followed her gaze, frowning. "Why does it smell like that?" Scott laughed slightly, his palm resting on the dog's neck. Dr. Deaton grinned. "What?"

"Scott said almost the same thing to me a few months ago." Deaton exclaimed, Bella looking to Scott as he nodded. "One day he could some how tell the difference between which animals were getting better, and which... were not."

"He's not getting better, is he?" Isaac asked. Bella swallowed the lump in her throat, she then shook her head in reply to his question. He looked at her, taking in every detail of her expression. "Cancer?"

"Osteosarcoma." Isaac looked to Allen when he spoke. "It has a very distinct scent, doesn't it? Come here," Isaac walked closer to him. "I know you're well aware of what your new abilities can do for you. Improved strength, sense, speed, healing. Ever wonder what it could do for others?" Isaac shared glances with Scott and Bella. "Give me your hand," Allen held out his hand, reaching for Isaac's. "Go on,"

Bella watched as Dr. Deaton placed Isaac's hand on the animal's body, his veins turning black as took away the pain.

Isaac backed away. "What did I do?"

"You took some of his pain away." Bella answered, smiling gently at him.

"Only a little bit." Scott added.

"But sometimes a little can make quite a difference." said Deaton.

"It's ok," Scott said when he noticed Isaac's expression. "The first time he showed me, I cried too." Bella smiled when Isaac did.

"I have to leave, now." Dr. Deation annouced. "Scott, Bella, would you mind cleaning up?" When they nodded, Allen smiled gratefully and walked away into the back room. The siblings began putting away bandages and bottles, only getting a few in the cuboard before Isaac spoke.

"They're leaving. Tonight, during the game." He said, reffering to Erica and Boyd.

"So, why are you telling us?" Scott said, walking in front of Isaac whilst placing a box on the counter opposite him. Bella hit his arm for his rudeness as she followed him.

"I'm not telling you, I'm asking you." corrected Isaac. He looked to Bella. "I'm asking for your advice."

"From me?" Bella asked, Isaac nodded in reply. "Why?"

"Because I trust you."

"Why?" She asked quietly as she frowned.

"Cause you always want to do the right thing." Bella looked away, shaking her head. "Do you want to let me know what you're doing right now?" She looked to him, confusion evident in her face. "You're not going anywhere. Even though, you could be killed."

Bella felt Scott flinch beside her at what Isaac had said. "I couldn't leave." She said. "I have too many people to keep safe."

Isaac smiled at her unselfishness whilst he looked down. "Well, I guess that make's me lucky cause uh.." He trailed off, looking up to her. "Cause I don't have anyone." He stood, walking towards the door.

Her heart broke, just like her voice. "Wait," He turned to her, his eyebrows pulled together. "Are you going to go with them?"

Isaac paused for a moment before he answered. "Yeah. Yeah, I think I will." Bella's stomach dropped at the thought of never seeing him again. "Good luck with the game, though." He said to Scott.

"Oh, thanks, but I'm not going either." Scott exclaimed. "Can't even think about playing some.. meaningless game right now."

"You weren't at practice last week, were you?"

"No, I skipped it. Why?"

"Then you didn't hear?"

"Hear what?"

"Jackson was there." Isaac said.

"What do you mean t-there? Like he was-" Scott started frantically.

"As if nothing had happened." Isaac finished.

"That means.. the game tonight.."

"Yeah." Isaac answered his unspoken question. "He's playing."
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