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Master Plan - Part One

"I'm gonna meet with the medical examiner and try and figure out what happened to Jackson. I've got an APB out on Stiles." Sheriff said. Bella was listening but she wasn't really there. She had this distant look in her green eyes, like she wasn't even thinking. Just nothing. Isaac was watching her as she stared downward, taking in everything Stiles' father said. "His Jeep is still in the parking lot, so that means… Hell I don't know what that means." His voice was a raspy whisper, and Bella felt her eyes water when she finally looked up. "If he answers his phone or if he answers his e-mails, if any of you see him…" He trailed off.

Bella went to speak, but she knew her voice would falter. Isaac noticed, and spoke for her. "We'll call you." He told him. Bella looked up at him and he looked back at her, he smiled at her but she didn't smile back, she just looked at him.

"He's probably just freaked out from all the attention or something." Scott said, then looking to his sister at his side. "We'll find him."

"Yeah," Sheriff agreed. "I'll see you, okay?" When he was about to walk out of the locker room, Bella finally caught up her strength to go after him.

"Wait!" She called, moving away from Scott and Isaac to catch up with him. He turned around with a sad look on his face. "I promise we'll find him." She said quietly.

"Me too, Bella." He smilied sadly. She quickly pulled him into an embrace, letting go before she started crying. "I'll see you soon." He said and left after she nodded. Bella just stood there for a moment. Not doing anything. Not feeling anything. Numb. Isaac's voice brought her back.

"Hey, Bella," He said quietly, still by the lockers with Scott. When she turned around, she saw that everyone was gone except them. "You okay?" He frowned at her. Bella just nodded and walked over slowly to join them. Scott suddenly ripped off Stiles' locker.

"You're going to find him by scent?" Isaac asked.

"Yeah, we both are." Scott said lowly, handing Isaac a shoe. Bella felt so worthless, she couldn't do the things that they could do. She couldn't help at all.

"How come you get his shirt and I get his shoe?" Isaac asked, making Bella smile slightly. She frowned when Derek appeared in the room.

"We need to talk." Derek told them.

"All of us."

"Holy shhh.."
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