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Omega - Part Two.

"She ate the liver?" Scott asked as he, Stiles and Bella walked towards the school.

"No, I didn't say she ate it, I just said it was missing." Stiles exclaimed before sighing. "And even if she did, so what? It's the most nutritious part of the body."

"I never ate anyone's liver." Scott said.

"Yeah right, cause when it comes to werewolves you're a real model of self control." Stiles said. Bella shook her head as she smiled. "Actually wait hold on," Stiles pointed at Scott, stopping in his tracks with Scott and Bella following suit. "You're the test case for this, so we should be going over what happened to you." Stiles realised.

"What do you mean?" Scott asked, glancing at Bella.

"I mean, what went through your mind when you where turning? You know? What were you drawn to?" Stiles exclaimed.

Scott paused for a while before answering reluctantly. "Allison." Bella rolled her eyes, smiling.

"Ok nothing Allisss-" Stiles trailed off, sighing. "Seriously?"

"Nothing else mattered." Scott reasoned. Stiles gritted his teeth and nodded, however Bella smiled at his sweetness.

"She was looking for Jackson the night she was bit." Bella tells them.

As if on cue, Jackson rode up into the school car park, parking his porsche. Bella sighed and shook her head when Jackson called security on a homeless guy before walking into the school.

Bella looked down at her paper that Mr. Harris handed her before looking to Stiles when he spoke.

"It's causing me severe mental anguish to say this, but he's right." Bella looked behind her to Jackson when Stiles gestured to him.

"I know." Was all Scott replied.

"What if the next body part she steals is from someone who's still alive?" Stiles emphasised the last word and Bella cringed slightly.

Bella jumped when Mr. Harris' voice boomed. "This is a pop quiz, Mr Stilinski. If I hear your voice again I may be tempted to give you detention for the rest of your high school career."

"Can you do that?" Stiles asked.

"There is again, your voice. Triggering the only impulse I've ever had to strike a student repeatedly, and violently." Bella glowered over her shoulder when she heard chuckles from behind her. "I'll see you at three for detention." Bella frowned as anger rised up in her.

"Mr. Harris-" She interjected.

"Do you want dentention, too, Miss McCall?" He called out to her, causing her to bit her lip and shake her head. Scott turned his head to look at his sister and his best friend. "You too, Mr McCall?"

"No Sir." Scott replied. Bella sighed and chewed on her pencil, smiling when Stiles grabbed her hand from under the table.

"Yo," Stiles whispered when he crouched down next to Scott, Bella following. "Who the hell's that?"

Bella gasped when Chris Argent looked directly at them, Scott having to pull her back behind the statue.

"He's definitely an Argent." Scott exclaimed before looking over again, waving to Allison when she looked over.

"Hey, you know, maybe they're just here for the funeral." Bella looked to Stiles. "Maybe they're the non-hunting side of the family. There could be non-hunting Argents, that's possible, right?" He glanced inbetween his best friend and his girlfriend.

Scott looked to Stiles. "I know what they are." He paused. "They're re-inforcements." Bella had a second to breathe before Stiles and Scott were pulled up by their collars. She stood up quickly, dusting herself off.

"The two of you.. Unbelievable." Sheriff Stilinski said, through gritted teeth. He looked to Bella. "Bella." He gestured over to his car, and she replied with a slow nod. "Pick up my tie." Stiles father ordered to him, and he obeyed.

"Right, sorry. I know, I'm supposed to ask." Stiles muttered as he and Scott were pulled away, Bella following.

Bella chewed on her lip whilst she sat in the middle of Stiles and Scott in the Sheriff's car. She slapped her brother's hand away when he played with the buttons on the ceiling, causing Scott to frown at his younger sister.

"Disturbance in the car." Stiles whispered, referring to his father talking on the radio. The trio attempted to discreetly listen as the voice on the other end explained the accident.

"Take it easy, I'm on my way." Was the last thing Bella heard before she climbed out of the car and started running.

Stiles held Bella's hand as they walked slowly towards the ambulance, then crouching behind a small hill.

"What the hell is Lydia doing?" Stiles exclaimed as they watched the ambulance, Bella grimacing at all the blood.

"I don't know." Scott replied.

"What kept you from doing that? Was it Allison?" Stiles asked.

"I hope so." He replied and Bella smiled faintly, Stiles nodding.

"Do you need to get closer?" Bella asked her brother.

Scott paused for a while, smelling the air. "No, I got it." He told her, before smelling the ground. Stiles squeezed Bella's hand when Scott ran off.

Stiles and Bella were speaking to Sheriff Stilinski, when something caught Bella's eye. She tugged on Stiles' shirt, causing him to frown and look in her direction.

"Lydia?" Bella called, her mouth open when a naked Lydia was in front of her. "Lydia?" She called louder.

She was shaking, to no surprise. Her red hair was spiking out in all different directions, filled with leaves. And her face was make-up free. For a moment, Bella smiled to herself. Lydia Martin wasn't flawfree.

"Lydia!" Bella shouted, making Lydia look up. She frowned, Lydia's eyes were watering.

"Well?" Lydia called out weakly. "Isn't anyone going to get me a coat?" Bella smiled.

Same old Lydia.
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