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Shape Shifted.

Bella exhaled as she rubbed her arms, attempting to make the goosebumps go away. She should've have bought a jacket, Bella thought. She sighed of relief when she saw Scott and Stiles sit down on the bench, they weren't doing anything stupid. Yet, she thought. She frowned when she saw Stiles run off, then come back with lacrosse equipment in his hands. Bella thought about calling down to them, but decided against it. Whatever they were doing, they had reason.

Bella inhaled sharply when coach blew his whistle and called for the players to line up. She watched as Scott ran into goal and Stiles stood in line. coach blew his whislte again and threw the ball to first in line. Bella frowned when Scott ran past the guy in front of him, but she grimaced when he crashed into the player opposite, forcing him to the ground.

"What are you doing, Scott?" Bella whispered when Scott was back in goal, knowing he heard her when he stiffened and looked for her in the crowd. When he found her, he gave her a thumbs up, making her roll her eyes.

Bella slapped her forehead when the same thing happened again, and again. She squinted to see the player who walked away from the line, Jackson. She looked back to the field when Scott and another player fell to the ground, staring at each other. Who is that? She wondered, but didn't have time to figure out as Sheriff Stilinski and two other officers arrived on the field.

"His father's dead. They think he was murdered." Scott said.

"Are they saying he's a suspect?" Stiles asked.

"I'm not sure, why?" Scott replied. Bella's eyebrows furrowed together when she saw the Sheriff take Isaac to his car.

"Because they can lock him in a holding cell for twenty four hours." Stiles stated, making Bella's mouth drop open.

"Like overnight?" Scott asked.

Stiles sighed, nodding. "During the full moon." Bella found Stiles' hand and held onto it, and she smiled faintly up at him when he smiled to her.

"How good are these holding cells at holding people?" Scott asked.

"People? Good. Werewolves? Probably not that good." Stiles replied.

There was a pause before Scott spoke. "Remember when I said I don't have the urge to maim and kill?" Bella and Stiles nodded. "He does."

"Why would Derek choose Isaac?" Scott asked his best friend and his sister as they sat in class.

Bella chewed on her lip as realisation dawned on her. Maybe Isaac chose Derek, she thought.

"Peter told me that if the bite doesn't turn you it could kill you. Maybe teenagers have a better chance of surviving." Stiles exclaimed.

"Does being a teenager mean your Dad can't hold him?" Scott asked.

"Not unless they have solid evidence.. or a witness." Bella's head jolted up when Stiles spoke. She looked up to the person in front of her, Danny.

"Danny," She hissed, and smiled slightly when he looked up at her. "Wh-" She began, but was interrupted by her boyfriend.

"Danny!" Stiles hissed.

"Shh!" Bella whisper-shouted to him, she heard Scott chuckle before turning back to Danny.

"Where's Jackson?" Bella asked him.

"In the principal's office." He looked to Stiles. "Talking to your dad."

"What?! Why?" Stiles replied.

Bella missed what Danny had said next because she was thinking of a plan.

"We gotta get to the principal's office." She heard Stiles say.

"How?" Scott asked. Bella opened her mouth to speak, but Mr. Harris beat her to it.

"Everyone please turn to page seventy three." His voice called. Bella quickly carried out her plan she had thought of in her head by rolling her paper into a ball and throwing it at her teacher's head. Scott and Stiles both turned to look at her and she mouthed that she had a plan. She swallowed when Mr. Harris turned around. "Who in the hell did that?"

Bella pointed at her brother, who frowned and then got the idea and pointed to Stiles, who pointed to Bella.

The trio leaned against the window to try to listen to the conversation Jackson and the Sheriff were having.

"You're telling me that you knew Isaac's father was hitting him?" Sheriff Stilinski asked Jackson.

"Hitting him? He was kickingthe crap out of him." Jackson replied. Bella looked down in sorrow, she had only ever spoken to Isaac once, but she had always noticed his bruises. And she never even thought twice about it when he said they were from lacrosse.

"Did you ever say anything to anyone? A teacher? Parents? Anyone?" Sheriff asked.

"Nope. It's not my problem." Bella rolled her eyes at Jackson's answer.

"No, no. Of course not. You know it's funny, the kids that are getting beaten up are always the ones who least deserve it." Sheriff exclaimed.

"Yeah.. Wait what?" Jackson said.

"I think we're done here."

Bella, Scott and Stiles all sat back in their seats. When Stiles' father exited out of the room, Stiles tried his best to hide himself with a magazine. Bella slapped her forehead at his attempts.

"Hi Scott, Bella." The McCalls both smiled faintly, Scott waving. When his father left, Stiles put the magazine down.

"Ah, the McCall siblings. And their trusty sidekick Stilinski." Bella almost jumped out of her skin when she saw who the voice came from. "Come on in."

Bella sat inbetween Stiles and Scott, biting on her lip so much that it might bleed.

"Scott McCall... academically not the most accomplished. But I see you have become quite the star athlete." Scott nodded after Gerard finished speaking.

"Bella McCall," She felt her heartbeat pick up slightly. "straight B student.. and captain of the Volleyball team." Bella's stomach churned at Gerard's sly smile.

"And Mr Stilinski.. Oh, perfect grades, but little to no extra curriculars." Gerard closed Stiles' folder. "Maybe you should try lacrosse."

"Oh actually I'm already on-" Stiles started, but Gerard held up a finger, making him pause.

"Hold on, McCall.." Bella knew Gerard was speaking to Scott when he looked at him. "You're the Scott that was dating my grandaughter."

Oh god, Bella thought. This can't be good.

"We.. were dating, but not anymore. Not dating, not seeing each any of each other or nothing anything with each other.. at all." Scott finished and Bella resisted the urge to slap him upside the head for lying so badly.

"Relax Scott, you look like you're about to crack a cyanide pill with your teeth." Gerard observed.

Scott exhaled before speaking. "Just a hard break up."

"Oh that's too bad, you seem like a pretty nice kid to me." Gerard moved on when Scott didn't reply. "Now listen guys, yes I am the principal, but I really don't want you to think of me as the enemy."

Pfft, Bella scoffed internally. Like that was realistic.

"Ha, is that so?" Stiles said, glancing at Bella and Scott.

"However, this being my first day I do need to support my teachers, so unfortunatly someone is going to have to take the fall and stay behind for dentention."

Bella opened her mouth to speak and take the blame, but Stiles stopped her.

"It was me." He said, almost shamefully. Bella frowned at him and hit him slightly before turning back to Gerard.

"No, it was me." This caused Gerard to furrow his eyebrows together.

"It was both of you?" He asked coldly.

Stiles and Bella shared a look before nodding. Scott sighed and muttered something about love being stupid.

"Hey, sorry, Harris just literally let us out of detention, literally. And he had our phones the whole frickin' time." Stiles explained to Allison over the phone as he and Bella hurried to his Jeep.

Bella couldn't hear what Allison replied, but she knew it was bad by Stiles' face. "Wait, what guy?" He asked Allison.

"They're sending him to the station for Isaac. What was it?" There was a pause until Stiles' phone beeped and he look down at it. He held up his phone so Bella could see.

"Wolfsbane." Bella breathed.

Stiles nodded and sighed before holding the phone back up to his ear. "Yeah, Wolfsbane."

Bella faintly heard Allison asked what it meant.

"It means they're gonna kill him."
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