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Ice Pick

Bella watched Scott and Allison climb the rock wall with her arms crossed. She had given up trying to listen to their conversation, deciding that Allison wouldl tell her later. She was brought back from her thoughts when an arm draped lazily around her shoulders. Stiles. Bella smiled up at him, Stiles returning the favour with a goofy grin, making her chuckle.

Both of them whipped their heads to the rock wall when they heard the sound of laughter. Stiles laughed too when he saw Scott dangling a few inches from the ground. Bella rolled her eyes, but grinned when she looked up to see Allison smiling mischeviously.

"All right, next two!" Coach Finstock called, and pointed at Stiles. "Stilinski," Coach scrunched up his face when Stiles gestured to Bella. Finstock glanced at her, before shooting Stiles a look. "Erica." Stiles looked at Erica, then nodded before taking his arm reluctantly off of Bella's shoulder and walked to the wall.

Bella had a look of sympathy on her face as she watched Erica struggle to climb the wall whilst Stiles was storming ahead. In no time, Stiles had reached the top and dropped back down. Whereas Erica was barely half way up. Stiles unclipped himself with a proud smile on his face and walked back to Bella. He placed his arm over her shoulder again, looking smug. She shot him a look of disappointment, making him frown when he looked down at her.

"What?" Stiles asked.

Bella glanced to Erica. "You couldn't have waited?"

"Oh, come on! Don't say that didn't impress you." He smirked as she rolled her eyes, both of them looking back to Erica, who was stuck in the same spot. Bella moved forward when she noticed the girl starting to sob. Everyone else moved closer.

"Erica, dizzy?" Finstock called up. "Is it vertigo?"

Lydia frowned. "Vertigo is a dysfunction of the vestibular system of the inner ear." She stated. "She's just freaking out." Lydia gestured to Erica.

"Erica?" Finstick called again.

"I-I'm fine." Erica replied. Bella frowned, she obviously wasn't fine. Then she remembered.

"You know she's Epileptic, right?" Bella directed at Finstock.

"Epi-Epileptic? She's Epileptic? Wh-why does nobody ever tell me this stuff?!" Coach looked back to Erica. "Erica, you're fine. Just, kick off from the wall. There's uh, a mat to catch you." He gestured with his hands.

Bella sighed of relief when Erica's feet touched the ground. But a look of disgust crossed her face when laughter erupted. She went to go after Erica, but decided against it, realising she probably just wanted to be alone.

Bella was just about to begin changing when she saw people running back into the gym room. She glanced at Allison before they both closed their lockers and followed the people back into the hall.

Bella gasped when she entered the room just in time to see her brother catch Erica in his arms. She quickly followed Allison and kneeled down beside Stiles. Bella watched in horror as Erica spasmed on the ground, holding onto her Scott's hand like she was holding onto life.

"Got 'em." Stiles exclaimed as he put the keys on the table and sat down next to Bella. He smiled at her before turning back to Scott. "I'll pick you up when you finish work after picking up Bella, then we go straight to the ice rink, cool?" He told Scott. When her brother didn't reply, Bella's eyebrows furrowed together before she followed his gaze, Stiles following suit.

If Bella hadn't swallowed her water, it would surely be all over the table. Erica walked, well, more like strutted into the cafeteria. Her hair was no longer messy and frizzy, it was in lucious blonde curls. She was wearing much more make up, including blood red lipstick. And her clothes were a lot more provocative. A lot more. What on earth had happened to her? Bella, Stiles and Scott watched in confusion as Erica bent down and took a bite of some poor guy's apple before walking out, all eyes on her.

As soon as Erica was out of sight, Scott, Stiles and Bella all rose out of their seats and followed quickly after her. They ran down the steps and towards the school front door, and when they opened it, no one expected to see what they did. Erica was climbing into Derek's car with a wide grin on her face. Derek flashed a grin at the trio before speeding off.

They had arrived at the ice rink later on that day. Stiles and Bella were currently tying up the laces on their skates whilst they sat on one of the benches. After Bella had finished, she looked up to see Lydia skating gracefully on the ice. She frowned slightly, feeling a little sorry for her. Bella looked to Stiles.

"Didn't you invite Jackson?" Bella asked.

"Yeah. I mean, I tried. But whenever someone even mentions Lydia's name he goes all..." Stiles looked up as he pondered for a word. "Well, Jackson."

Bella laughed lightly as his reply before looking back to Lydia. "Come on," Stiles grabbed her hand as he stood up, pulling Bella with him. "She's fine." He gestured to Lydia spinning skillfully on the ice. Bella took one last glance at Lydia before nodding and following Stiles towards the entrance to the rink.

Stiles took a step back, gesturing to the door. "Ladies first." He grinned. Bella smiled back at him.

"Thank you." She replied gratefully before stepping onto the ice, Stiles right behind her.

When they were both on the ice, Bella grinned mischeviously as an idea came into her head. "Let's race." She suggested.

Stiles raised his eyebrows at her. "You think you can beat me? The almighty Stiles? King of the ice?"

Bella scoffed. "Oh, I know I can, Stilinski."

"Fine, fine." He raised his hands as if in surrender whilst they got into position. "Don't say I didn't warn you about my skating skills."

She chuckled again before counting down. "Ready, set," Bella began skating away before she finished. "Go!" She called back at a bewildered Stiles.

"Hey!" He yelled as he tried to catch up to her. Bella laughed loudly, her sound echoing through the room. When she reached the other end of the rink, she skidded to a stop, crossing her arms with a smile on her face as she saw Stiles skating towards her.

When he was close enough, she skated forward a few steps. "I thought you were the king of the ice?" She asked him.

Stiles grinned down at her. "Hey! You cheated!"

Bella smiled. "You want a re-match?"

He moved closer to her, placing his hands on her waist. "Oh, you bet I do." Stiles began to lean down as Bella leaned up, their lips inches from each other as a scream erupted through the rink.

Bella pulled away quicker than light and moved around Stiles to see Lydia kneeled down on the ice screaming her lungs out. Bella sucked in a sharp breath as she skated towards Lydia, kneeling beside her.

"Lydia, Lydia," Bella yelled as she shook Lydia slightly. "Lydia!"

Bella looked up to see Scott and Allison standing at the entrance of the rink with the same bewildered expression that she had.

'She's fine.' Bella remembered Stiles saying. Bella swallowed the lump in her throat.

Lydia was so not fine.
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