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"They're coming back, so we don't have much time to talk." Allen said as he poured a liquid onto some cotton wool.

"Wh-what is that?" Scott asked whilst he held up his shirt.

"Rubbing alcohol, you don't want it to get infected, do you?" Dr. Deaton replied. Scott shook his head and Allen began to apply the alcohol to his wound. Bella grimaced at the sight whilst Scott winced. "You'll heal the same. Just not as quickly because of Derek." Allen placed the cotton on the counter and grabbed a cotton bandage and some tape.

Both McCalls stared at him, confusion on their faces. "How do you know all this? How do you know anything?" Bella asked as Dr. Deaton placed the bandage on Scott's cut.

He glanced at her. "It's a longer story," He looked back to Scott. "What I can tell you, is that I know about your kind. Your kind," He ripped a piece of tape off with his mouth. "I can help." He placed the tape on the bandage, attaching it to Scott's body. Allen turned to the lifeless body with deep claw-like cuts through it's chest. "This is something different." Bella swallowed, her lunch threatening to come back out of her mouth.

"Wh-wh, do you know what did it?" Scott asked.

"No. But the Argents will. And this is the crucial part, they'll have some kind of record, or a book, it'll have descriptions.. histories.. notations," Bella watched as Allen motioned with his hands. "of all the things they've discovered."

What did he mean? Bella wondered. All the things?

Scott spoke her thoughts for her. "All the things? How many different things are there?"

Dr. Deaton didn't reply when lights shone through the window and there was the song of a car door shutting. "Quick, hide." Allen told the siblings. Bella looked around frantically before Scott pulled her by her arm into the back room. He shut the door just in time before Chris Argent and another hunter walked in.

Both McCalls watched curiously, whereas only Scott could listen. Bella didn't have time to gasp when Gerard entered the room because Scott quickly covered her mouth. When she nodded, telling him she wasn't going to make any noise, he let her go.

Bella just watched through the door window as Dr. Deaton showed the hunters a cut on the body, then motioned upward with his hands.

When the hunters finally left, Bella looked to her brother. "What did they say?" She asked him quietly.

"You don't wanna know."

"Stiles!" Bella yelled as she ran over to the ambulance where he was sitting.

"Bella," He breathed, standing up and pulling her into a hug.

"What happened?" She pulled her head back. "Are you ok?" Bella looked at him, concern shining in her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah," Stiles looked down. "I'm fine." He replied quietly.

"Hey," She whispered, placing her hand on his cheek, making him look into her eyes. "You know you can tell me anything, right?"

Stiles smiled weakly, nodding. "I know." He kissed her forehead before bringing her closer.

They climbed into Scott's car, Bella in the back and Stiles in the front.

"You ok?" Scott asked Stiles.

Stiles sighed and replied with a quiet 'Yeah.' "You were right." He said. "He's not like you. I mean it's eyes were almost like.. reptilian." Bella frowned as she listened. "But there was something about them."

"What do you mean?" Scott exclaimed.

"You know, when you see like a friend in a halloween mask, but all you can actually see are their eyes? And you feel like you know them, but you just can't figure out who it is?" Stiles explained.

Bella's mouth was open slightly when she leaned forward, closer to the front seat. "Stiles," She said gently, carrying on when he looked at her. "Are you saying you know who it is?"

"No," Stiles replied, exhaling as he looked down then back to her. "but I think it knew me."

Bella leaned her head on the railing of the school stairs whilst she tried to contain her smile. Scott was making Stiles act as Allison for him.

"I'm so sorry about the other day." Stiles acted. "I'm trying. Uh.. we'll get through this. Uh, I know because I love you." Bella grinned along with Scott. "I love you more than-oh my god! I can't- you and Allison are just going to have to find a better way to communicate."

"Come on!" Scott begged. "You're the only one that we can trust, besides Bella."

Stiles glanced up at her and she poked her tongue out. Stiles followed her actions, making them both smile.

"Is Allison coming to the game tonight?" Scott asks quickly.

"Yes, ok. Message complete." Stiles replied with an annoyed tone. Stiles checked his surroundings before speaking again. "Right now tell me about your boss."

Scott also looked around him before speaking. ""He thinks Allison's family keeps some kind of uh.. records of all the things that they'e hunted. Like a book."

Stiles clapped his hands together. "He probably means a beastiary." Bella smiled to herself at his intelligence.

"What?" Scott asked.

"A beastiary." Stiles replied like it was obvious. He glanced at Bella who shrugged her shoulders.

Bella rolled her eyes when Scott laughed. "I think you mean beastiality." She slapped her brother on the back of his head, making him hold his head and turn around to look at her. She smiled sarcastically.

"Nope. Pretty sure I don't." Stiles said. "It's like an encyclopedia of mythical creatures."

"Wh-" Scott glanced to Bella who was smiling. "How am I the only person who doesn't seem to know anything about this stuff?"

"Ok, now you're my best friend, and you're a creature of the night. It's kind of like a priority of mine." Stiles explained.

"Ok." Scott nodded. "If we can find it and it can tell us what this thing is," He exclaimed.

"And who." Bella interjected.

Scott and Stiles both nodded before speaking at the same time. "We need that book." Bella attempted to stifle her laugh by biting her lip when they both stared at eachother before leaving.

Scott and Bella were walking down the school hallway when Stiles ran up behind them.

"Yes, seen her grandfather, with a book like that." He panted.

"Ask her where he keeps it." Scott said and Stiles nodded before running off again.

This time, when Stiles came runnning, the McCalls were getting books out of their lockers that were next to each other. When Bella closed her locker, she jumped a bit when she Stiles slammed against the locker next to hers taking deep breaths.

"So she says," deep breath. "it has to be," deep breath. "office." Stiles attempted to say. Bella opened her locker again and got out her bottle of water to give to him. "Thank," deep breath. "you." He took large gulps and in a couple of seconds he downed the water. Stiles gave her a apologetic look and she smiled.

"Ask if she can get the book." Scott exclaimed and Stiles sighed before running off again.

"Not without the keys." Stiles told them when he came back. Bella and Scott shared a look before nodding.

Bella watched nervously from the bleachers as she sat next to Allison who was sat next to her grandfather. Bella nodded at Allison, silently telling her to go on with the plan.

"I knew I should've brought a jacket." Allison exclaimed, rubbing her arms.

"You're cold," Gerard said. "Here take my coat." He said as he stood up and began taking of his coat and giving it to Allison.

Bella moved her hand closer to Allison's, and Allison placed the keys in her hand whilst trying not to make it obvious. Bella heard Gerard say something about how violent the game was as she held the keys out to her left when she saw Stiles walking over. She sighed quietly of relief when Stiles gently took the keys from her hand as he walked by with no problem.

"Uh oh.." Bella muttered when Finstock called for Stilinski because they needed another player. When coach pointed to someone in the crowd she looked to see who it was. Boyd? Really? Oh god, she thought. No, no, no, no.

Bella stood up when Boyd sent another player to the ground, the crowd cheering. She sat back down tapping her foot nervously. Bella pulled her phone out of her bag when it beeped.

'Nothing here x' The text from Stiles read and Bella resisted the urge to scream out in frustration.

'Ok. Where are you? x' She replied before placing her phone back in her bag. Bella stood up cheering when she saw Scott running to the goal with the ball. She jumped and cheered when he scored, but she covered her mouth when he was knocked down by another player.

"Scott? Scott!" Bella called out as she ran down the steps of the bleachers and across the field, Allison following close behind. "Scott? Are you ok?" She whispered whilst kneeling beside him.

"I'm fine, I'm healing, it's ok." Scott reassured her. "The book?"

Bella looked around her before answerign quietly. "It's not in his office."

"It's gotta be at the house." Allison interjected. Bella nodded before looking down at her brother's leg.

"Scott, your leg, oh my god. Your leg, it's broken." Bella exclaimed.

"Not for long." He said as he attempted to stand, Bella and Allison helping him.

"Don't move!" Finstock told him.

"Scott," Melissa said, worry on her face.

"It's ok," Scott said, forcing a laugh. "I'm fine. I'm fine."

"I could have sworn I literally heard bone breaking from where I sat." Melissa exclaimed.

"Heard it? I felt it." Finstock said.

"Seriously guys, I'm fi- I'm fine." Scott attempted to reassure them, placing his arm over Bella's shoulder for support when Allison walked to Gerard.

"Hold on," Gerard said. "I wanna ask him one more thing." Bella's heart stopped, she was sure. It didn't beat again when Gerard asked if Scott would attend to dinner at the Argent's. Not being able to refuse, he agreed and Bella reluctantly let him go.

Stiles having still not returned, Bella decided just to go wait in his Jeep, which she had a spare key too. She stared at her phone, wondering whether or not to call Stiles for the eighth time. She exhaled heavily as she pressed the green button and held the phone up to her ear. It rang, and rang, and rang until Stiles picked up.

"Stiles?" Bella said frantically, moving forward in her seat. "Stiles, where the hell are you?"

"I'm.. I'm looking for the book," Bella frowned, he was panting and she could hear water swishing aroung through the phone. "Just stay where you are. I'll be there soon."

Before she could say anything, Stiles hung up the phone. She sighed and threw her phone onto the driver's seat in frustration.

When she saw Scott's car speed up into the school car park, she jumped out of the Jeep.

"Scott!" Bella yelled, running towards her brother. "Scott!"

"Bella? What are you doing here? Where's Stiles?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

Scott had just found Gerard's keys in the door to his office when they heard it. The kind of screech that couldn't possibly ever be human. It echoed through the halls as Bella's heart thumped against her rib cage.

"Stay here." Scott told her. Even though he knew she never listened to reason when it came to Stiles.

"No, Scott. I'm coming with you." Bella said.

Scott huffed. "Fine. Stay close to me."

When they reached the pool room, Bella was only the door when Scott had shifted and was crouching on the lower diving board. She gasped when he pulled out Stiles and Derek from the pool, and they landed hard on the ground. She ran towards them and stopped beside Stiles. Bella attempted to wake Stiles by shaking him gently as Scott roared and wrestled with the creature. She screamed when the creature threw Scott against the wall, smashing the mirror he landed against. Her eyebrows knitted together when the creature had seen it's own reflection in a piece of the glass Scott had held up, and ran out through the sky light.

When Stiles started to stir, Bella whispered to him.

"Hey, hey, you're ok." When he looked bewildered, she pulled him to her chest. "You're ok." Bella had never been more happy to see Stiles in her life.

"Is that even a language?" Stiles asked Bella turned to another page.

Scott exhaled. "How are we supposed to figure out what this thing is?"

"It's called the Kanima."

The trio snapped the heads to see who the voice had come from. Derek. He was walking towards them, Erica at his side.

"You knew the whole time." Stiles assumed.

"No." Derek replied. "Only when it was confused by it's own reflection."

"It doesn't know what it is," Bella said, looking down as thoughts processed in her head.

"Or who." Derek said.

"Well what else do you know?" Stiles asked in an annoyed tone.

"Just stories. Rumours." Derek said, shaking his head.

"I-it's like us?" Scott asked.

"A shape-shifter, yes. But.. it's, it's not right." Derek exhaled. "It's like uh..."

"An abomination." Stiles said, glancing down. Derek nodded before turning away.

"Derek!" Scott called. "We need to work together on this. Maybe even tell the Argents."

"You trust them?" Derek was appalled.

"Nobody. Trusts. Anyone! That's the problem!" Scott yelled. "While we're here, arguing about who's on what's side, there's something scarier, stronger and faster than any of us and it's killing people! And we still don't even know anything about it!"

"I know one thing, when I find it," Derek turned and began to walk away. "I'm gonna kill it."
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