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"Derek is not gonna kill her without proof." Scott stated in a hushed tone as he, Stiles and Bella walked into chemistry.

"Alright so he tests her like he did with Jackson, Right? But when and where?" Stiles asked.

They glanced to see Lydia sitting at the front of the class, and then they looked up. Erica and Isaac where standing at the other side of the classroom.

"I think here and now." Bella said quietly, swallowing when she saw Isaac smirking at her.

The trio glanced to the empty seat next to Lydia when Erica and Isaac looked at it. When they started moving towards the seat, Bella quickly pushed Scott towards it. Stiles frantically pulled Bella by her wrist to the bench next to Lydia's, and they sat down. Leaving Isaac and Erica to sit at the bench behind Scott and Lydia's.

Mr Harris walked up to the front of the classroom. "Einstein once said, 'two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.' And I'm not sure about the universe. I myself, have encountered infinite stupidity." Bella's blood boiled when Mr. Harris patted Stiles shoulder. He had always picked on him, for no reason. If only he knew how smart Stiles really was, she wished.

Bella could feel Isaac's eyes burning into the back off her head. She wouldn't look at him, Bella promised herself. She couldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing that he got to her.

"So," Mr. Harris began again. "to combat the plague of ignorance in my class, you're going to combine efforts through a round of group experiments. Let's see if two heads are indeed better than one."

Great. Bella thought. Really really really great.

"Or in Stilinski's case, less than one."

Bella's teeth grinded against eachother as she tried not to scream out profanities at the man.

"Erica, take the first station. Start with.." Mr. Harris exclaimed. Bella rolled her eyes to see everyone except themselves and Isaac had risen their hand. "I didn't ask for volunteers. Put your hormonal little hands down." He glanced at Scott. "Start with Mr. McCall."

Bella and Stiles paired up quicker than the wind. Bella reached for the beaker whilst Stiles mixed the liquids. They talked about what they could, knowing that three people in the room could hear them. No matter how quiet they were.

After a minute, Mr. Harris tapped the bell. "Switch."

Stiles quickly pointed out a free seat next to Danny. Bella nodded before hesitantly leaving Stiles alone, and sitting beside Danny. When Bella looked up from her seat, she saw Stiles and Isaac had some how wound up next to each other.

Oh god, Bella thought. That can't be good.

She attempted to work on the experiment whilst trying to watch them. Since she obviously couldn't hear them, she could only watch. All she could see was that Stiles was pretty angry. Isaac looked smug as always. He had glanced to her once, and she glared back. Suprisingly, Stiles didn't notice.

"And switch."

Bella said goodbye to Danny before she stood from her seat and looked for an empty one. She saw a space next to Allison, and moved for it. Bella glared when Erica took her place, she then frowned when Erica glanced forward as she smirked. But then she saw, the only free seat left was at the front desk.. next to Isaac.

Bella inhaled deeply and began walking forwards, towards the desk. She sat down, not looking at him once as she started the experiment.

"Well, hello there." Isaac said. Bella couldn't see him, but she knew he was smirking. When she didn't reply, he spoke again. "Hmph." He shrugged. Bella was doing well at paying no attention to him. Until he touched her. Isaac's hand rested on her upper thigh, just before her dress ended. Bella jumped slightly at his touch, making his smirk wider. She froze, and he chuckled. "I guess actions do speak louder than words."


Bella stood up at the speed of light, ripping Isaac's hand away from her. She forced herself not to run to the open seat beside Scott. When she sat down, she looked at her brother and frowned. He was seething in anger, his glare directed at the back of Isaac's head.

Bella touched her brother's arm. "Scott?" He ignored her, so she shook him lightly. "Scott!"

Scott turned to her, his eyes glowing brighter than the sun. "If he touches you again, I'll kill him."

Her mouth was open, she had never seen her brother like this, not when it wasn't the full moon. "Did Stiles see?"

Scott nodded, and looked behind him. Bella followed his gaze to see Stiles practically thriving in his chair, glaring Isaac down the way Scott had. Bella turned back to her seat, looking down at her desk.

Something in her brain clicked. Who was Isaac sitting next to?

Her had snapped up and she gasped. How had she missed the red hair? Bella grabbed Scott's arm, getting his attention. When Scott saw what she was looking at, he stiffened. Bella faintly heard Mr. Harris say something about eating the final solution. Isaac gave Lydia the crystal, but Bella noticed something. It was dripping with some liquid. Was it supposed to be dripping? No, it wasn't. The crystal was dripping with the Kanima's vemon. Lydia took the crystal from Isaac and studied it before moving it towards her mouth.

Before Bella knew what was happening, Scott jumped up. "Lydia!"

Lydia looked at him. "What?" She spat.

Scott glanced around himself before sitting back down. "Nothing."

Bella's eyes widened when nothing happened to Lydia. She didn't fall to the ground, paralysed from the neck down. She failed the test.

Lydia couldn't be the Kanima, Bella thought. She just.. couldn't.

Stiles, Bella, Allison and Scott hurried into Finstock's office, setting their bags down and closing the door behind them.

"Derek's outside waiting for Lydia." Scott stated.

"Waiting to kill her?" Allison asked.

"If he thinks she's the Kanima, then yes." Scott replied, making Allison sigh.

"She's not." Bella said. They all looked at her, unreadable expressions on their faces. She knew they wanted her to explain herself. "She, she just.. isn't. Lydia.. she wouldn't.. I.." She paused, not knowing what to say. "She's not. I know she isn't."

Stiles could see how her eyes were shining. He grabbed her hand, rubbing her skin with his thumb. Bella looked to him, glancing down to their hands and smiling at him. He smiled back sadly, hating how much she was hurting.

"Bella, she didn't pass the test. Nothing happened." Scott exclaimed.

"It's not her." Bella said, shaking her head.

"It doesn't matter because Derek thinks it's her." Allison said. "So either we can convince him that he's wrong, or we've gotta figure out a way to protect her."

"I really don't think he's gonna do anything here. Not at school." Scott said.

"What about after school?" Scott sighed at Allison's reply.

"W-what if we can prove that Derek's wrong?" Bella suggested, taking a break from chewing on her lip to speak.

"By three o'clock?" Scott asked, no hope in his voice.

"There could be something in the beastiary!" Allison exclaimed.

"Oh, you mean the nine hundred page book written in Arcade Latin that none of us can read? Good luck with that." Stiles said as he became annoyed. Bella squeezed his hand.

"Actually, I think I know someone who might be able to translate it." Allison said quietly.

"Uh.. I can.. talk to Derek." Scott said hesitantly whilst he exhaled. "Maybe convice him to give us a chance to prove it's not her." Scott looked between them. "But if anything happens, you guys let me handle it, ok?"

"What does that mean?" Allison asked.

"You can't heal like I do. I just don't want you getting hurt." Scott replied. They watched as Allison stood quickly and went through her bag to pull out her crossbow.

She held it up to show Scott. "I can protect myself." Scott looked down, and Allison placed her bow on the table. "What? Did something else happen?"

"I just don't want you getting hurt." He replied quietly, moving closer to her. "Seriously, if anything goes wrong you call me. Ok? Cause I-I don't care if your Dad finds out. Call, text, scream, yell, whatever and I'll hear you and I'll find you, as fast as I can." Allison nodded. Scott looked around her and to his sister. "Same goes for you." He told her. Scott walked back a few steps, glancing between them all. "We have until three."

Bella had no idea that Stiles had let go of her hand until she heard something fly past her face. Scott turned around just in time to catch the arrow that was flying towards his head. Bella shot Stiles a look.

"Uhh, sorry." Stiles handed Allison back her crossbow. "Sorry. Sensitive trigger.. on that." He pointed towards the bow. Bella rolled her eyes, smiling faintly.

"If we're doing a study group, why don't we just stay in the library?" Lydia snapped as herself, Bella, Stiles, Allison and Jackson walked into the school hallway.

"Because we're meeting up with somebody else." Stiles exclaimed.

"Hm. Why don't they just meet us in the library?" Lydia asked.

"Oh, that would've been a great idea!" Stiles forced a laugh. "Too late."

"Wait, hold on-" Lydia started, but Jackson grabbed her arm and pulled her with him.

"Lydia, just shut up and walk." Jackson ordered lowly. Stiles and Bella shared a look of confusion before following after then.

They drove to the McCall's house in silence. When they reached it, they climbed out and began walking up the steps to the house.

"If we're studying here, where's Scott?" Lydia asked.

Oh my god, Bella whined internally. Lydia, can't you just be quiet for five seconds?

"He's meeting us here." Bella said before she unlocked the door and walked into her home, the four of them following after her.

Stiles shut the door and locked every single lock on it before he moved the curtain to look out the window. When he turned back, he saw Lydia's eyebrows raised.

"Uh, there's been a few break ins around the neighbourhood." Stiles lied. He waited a few seconds before grabbing a chair and placing it under the door knob. "And a murder." He explained himself. "Yeah, it was bad."

"Lydia, follow me." Jackson said. "I need to talk to you for a minute."

Lydia sighed heavily. "Seriously? What is going on with everyone?" Bella heard her ask herself as she followed Jackson.

When Derek, Boyd, Erica and Isaac arrived and stood outside the house, Bella knew they had to call her brother. She knew what they were waiting for. They all knew.

Bella pressed the green button on Stiles' phone that he had given her to use, and she held the phone to her ear. When he picked up, she began speaking quietly. "It's me." She told him. "Scott, you need to come home."

"Ok, I'm leaving now. On my way." Was all Scott said before he hung up.

Minutes had passed, and Scott still hadn't come home. Stiles exhaled as he ran a nervous hand over his head before looking to Allison who was on her phone. "What are you doing?"

"I think.." Allison took a deep breath. "I think I have to call my dad."

"But if he finds you here, you and Scott.." Bella trailed off.

"I know." Allison nodded. "What are we supposed to do? They're not here to scare us, ok? They're here to kill Lydia."

Stiles eyes flickered down to Allison's crossbow she was holding at her side. "I got an idea." Allison and Bella looked to him. "Just shoot one of them."

"What?" Bella breathed, her air having left her lungs so she had no voice.

"We have to protect ourselves." Stiles replied, his voice hushed. He paused for a while, just staring at Bella. "I have to protect you." Stiles told her, his voice barely audible. Bella moved her mouth like she was going to speak. When she didn't, Stiles looked back to Allison. "At least give it a shot, right?"

"Ok." Allison agreed quietly.

"Look, they don't think we're gonna fight. So if one of them gets hit, I guarantee they'll take off." Stiles explained. "So just shoot one of them."

"Which one?" Allison asked, moving the curtain to select her target.

Bella mentally cursed herself for even hoping for no one to choose Isaac. How could she want him to be ok? She shook off the thought. He meant nothing to her.

He should have meant nothing to her.

"Uh, Derek. Yeah, shoot him. Preferably in the head." Stiles said.

"If Scott can catch an arrow, Derek definitely can." Bella said.

"Ok. Uh, just shoot one of the other three then." He told Allison.

Bella swallowed the lump in her throat.

"You mean two." Allison said.

"I mean three." Stiles exclaimed. Bella hurried to Stiles side to look out the window for the first time since they had arrived at the house. Isaac was gone. "Where the hell's Isaac?"

He left, Bella told herself. He left. Yes, he left. It's okay. He's gone.

Allison stepped back, breathing heavily as she pointed her crossbow at the window. Before Bella could stop anything, Allison was thrown to the ground. She recognised him immediately. Isaac.

He threw Bella against the wall, her wincing as he head connected with the hard material. She cursed herself internally. Isaac had so not left. She yelled out Stiles' name when Isaac hit him and threw him along the floor, his eyes glowing. Bella pushed herself off the wall, looking around frantically for anything to help her. When Isaac was inches away from Stiles, she grabbed the chair that Stiles had placed under the door knob. Bella held the chair up above her head whilst she moved closer to Isaac. She saw Stiles look at her, his mouth hanging. He shook his head, but it was too late. Bella forcefully crashed the wooden chair onto Isaac's back, breaking it in the process.

To her surprise, Isaac was barely hurt. He turned around, seething in anger as he walked towards her slowly. Bella began to back away, making him growl. At least he had left Stiles alone now, she thought.

"Guys, it's here!" They heard Allison yell from another room. They all stiffened. At that moment, Scott came out of no where and tackled Isaac to the ground. They thrashed and roared, Bella and Stiles both frozen. Bella whipped her head when she heard noise, Allison had dragged a limpless Erica down the stairs. Bella frowned and turned her head back to her brother. He was opening the front door. He threw the two werewolves out, one by one.

Scott walked out, Allison following. Stiles stood quickly, he and Bella staring at each other with both of their mouths apart. After a few seconds, they ran into eachothers arms. Stiles pulled back, breathing heavily.

He looked down at her. "You're so stupid. You're stupid and crazy and I can't believe you just did that." Stiles breathed out.

Bella smiled. "I have to protect you." She mimicked his words.

He breathed out a small laugh. "You're insane." He told her before pulling her closer to him.

They stayed pressed against eachother for a few seconds before following Scott and Allison out, their fingers intertwined.

"I finally think I get why you keep refusing me Scott. You're not an Omega. You're already and Alpha, of your own pack. But you know you can't beat me." Derek exclaimed.

"I can hold you off until the cops get here." Scott replied, and as if on cue, sirens blared in the background.

Bella frowned when she heard hissing. They all looked upwards to hear padding footprints on the porch ceiling. They shared looks before quickly running down to stand beside Derek and Boyd.

Bella's breath caught in her throat when she saw it. The Kanima was their, crawling along the roof of the house. It looked towards them and screeched before jumping off into the night.

When Lydia ran out of the house, Bella had a thousand thoughts running through her mind.

"Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?" Lydia spat.

"It's Jackson."
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