Status: Rated 'R' for langugae and sexual situations.


Penelope Meyers isn't about to let just anyone get in the way of her dreams- especially not some stupid hockey player. She's content with just the occasional one-night stand.

Patrick Sharp's living his dreams. While being a star player in Chicago and playing on a team that has a shot at going all the way, he's having fun playing the field.

She's a dancer, he's a hockey player, things are about to get complicated.

Written for this contest using the song 'Somebody to Love by Queen. I was given the player Patrick Sharpe. (Obviously.)

(I do not own Patrick Sharpe, the Chicago Blackhawks, or anyone affiliated with them. However, I created the Chicago Dance Conservatory, Penelope, her friends, enemies, teachers, and the like. The plot is also mine. No touchy-touch!)
  1. un.
  2. deux.
  3. trois.
    Rated 'R'!
  4. quatre.
  5. cinq.
  6. six.
  7. sept.
  8. huit.
  9. neuf.
  10. dix.
    2nd update today!
  11. onze.
  12. douze.