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Life's Sweeter with Revenge

Even though Victor and Vanessa have received their happily ever after Victor is still haunted by the memories of his parents death. As the anniversary of their deaths draws near his dreams of that horrid night becomes more vivid and real. He even starts to question whether or not he had actually killed the vampire that had murdered both his parents and changed him into a monster. Is that Vampire still alive? If so at what price will Victor pay get his revenge?
  1. The Turning
    When we find out what happened the night Victor was turned into a rogue.
  2. The Graveyard
    When Victor and the Gang go to pay their respects to his parents and more is revealed about the night they died
  3. The Crash Site
    When they all look for clues
  4. The Surprise Secret
    When Aiden confronts Vanessa
  5. The Waste of Time
    When Vanessa goes into deep thought and the group decided their next move
  6. The Dumbass
  7. The Lost Control