Don't Cross the Streams

George Weasley's daughter Nymphadora, Dora for short, is in her second year at Hogwarts. For once she feels as if everything will be going the way she wants it, but when her cousin James won't let up on his endless ridicule she makes a rash decision that may end up threatening everything including Peeves' place at Hogwarts.

With the Ghostbusters running around trying to take care of the problems it is up to Dora and her makeshift team of friends to try and save Peeves and Hogwarts from her mistake.

Disclaimer: As this is a fanfiction story most of the characters in it will not be of my own imagination, well there personalities maybe a little but mostly are the works of people who got there first. Also I know there is a lot of post Potter/New generation fanfic out there and I can tell you now I probably am not going to be following all the groundwork that J.K. Rowling set down.