This Could Be A Possibility

all i fear, means nothing.

“WILL, KILL IT!” Abigail screams, pointing to the floor. “KILL IT, KILL IT, KILL IT!”

Will glances at the floor, then at Abigail. Then at the floor. And the two centimeter spider crawling on the floor.

“Kill what?”


She points to the two centimeter spider.

Will frowns.


“Kill it, please,” Abigail’s lip starts to quiver, and her eyes water. “It’s poisonous. It almost attacked me.”

“Abi, I highly doubt—“


Will lets out a frustrated sigh, before leaving the room (much to Abigail’s horror), and returning with a cup. He traps the spider underneath the cup, and using some computer paper, he walks it over to the window, opens it, and lets it go free.

“Yes, well—“ Abigail starts scratching the back of her head. “I—thank you.” She smiles. “But I still need to change. So get out.”

“You want me to leave?” Will tilts his head. “That was a poisonous spider back there. I saved your life. The least you could do is let me watch you change—“

Abigail imagines the shiny new bruise surrounding Will’s eye doesn’t hurt that much.
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Save a life