This Could Be A Possibility

in you and i. there's a new land

“42 is the meaning of life.”

Will states this like he’s just learned that the sky is indeed blue, and not purple like he grew up knowing.

“Yes, it is.” Abigail says softly, not wanting to further damage his delicate psyche. “It is.”

Will gives a soft sigh, burrowing his face in Abigail’s stomach.

“Are you sure you’ve never see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy before?” She asks, carding her fingers through his hair.



“So because 42 is the meaning of life, you know music can’t be the meaning either.”

Awkward pause.

Will doesn't have enough brain capacity to refute this claim, seeing as how there technically can be too meanings of life.

“Yeah,” he sighs.

Another awkward pause.

“Which means you and Jack both owe me twenty dollars.”
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