This Could Be A Possibility

angels in flight

Okay, so once upon a time there lived this really cool princess. She was cool—

“I really wasn’t that cool—“

Anyway…she was so cool, that neighboring villages were insanely jealous of her coolness. So, her village’s council decided that she was just too cool to be seen by us mere mortals. They decided to hide her coolness and beauty—she was insanely beautiful too, did I mention that—but alas! Her beauty and coolness could not be hidden!

So, those other villages that I mention, right? They decided to steal the princess. See, they were so jealous and shocked that such a divine creature could be among the unworthy. And they hatched a plan, a very evil plan.

Once every couple of blue moons, the beautiful princess (Her name is Abigail-Louise if I forgot to mention that) would go out to the village. She would go out and talk to everybody, and visit stalls, and buy flowers. Now, on this particular village-visit day, she happened to come across a poor black cat stuck in a tree! The tallest cherry blossom tree in the whole forest!

(But the fact that there was a Japanese cherry blossom tree in the middle of England is irrelevant, thanks for asking Jack. And considering it was the only cherry blossom tree in a forest among willows doesn’t matter either.)

Completely disregarding her tingling Abi-senses, she continued to help that black cat out of that evil cherry blossom tree. Also failing to notice it was the only cherry blossom tree in a forest of willows—

“Why is there a forest of willow trees? Is there a river? Cause I think only willows grow around river bends.”

“Everybody knows willow tress don’t grow in England.”

“Yes they do.”

“No, Nate. They don’t. This isn’t Pocahontas.”

“Pocahontas was in England, Emily.”

“No, idiot. It was in Massachusetts.”

“Jamestown, Virginia actually. The people that wanted Pocahontas’s land were from England.”

“No need to be so smart, Will. Google will tell me the answer.”

“No need to be an—idiot, Nate.”

“No need to mean. There are children present, Emily.”

Anyway, there was a cherry blossom tree in a forest of willows, and Abigail was helping the black cat, failing to notice the mysteriously placed tree, or the net conveniently placed above her head.

As soon the cat jumped out of the tree, the trap activated, and three guys jumped out from being another cherry blossom tree (because now the forest is half cherry blossom and willow). Abigail looks around, realizing that’s she’s been capture and there’s no way out. Not until she sees the three men, staring at her from below.

“Um, hello.” She waves, for the kindness in her heart could hold no contempt for the men involved her capture.

“Hello, my dear princess.” The oldest one bows respectfully. “I regret to say you must come along with us, for we must be going before anybody realizes you are missing.”

“Oh.” Abigail says thoughtfully. “May I at least know your names?”

“My name is Fred,” the oldest one continues, smiling. “This is Josh—“ he points to the one on the right, “—And this is Andy—“ he points to the one on the left, “—and we are The Band of Bandits That Do Terrible Things. Pleased to meet you.”

“Yes, well…”

And so the Princess Abigail-Louise was kidnapped by bandits. Musical bandits, at that. But they were very entertaining, and sang her many songs, including songs about house fires and revolutions. Yes, she had a merry time, until they reached their destination.

For the Band of Bandits That do Terrible Things did not capture her for their own use. They were contracted!

“I’m sorry, we must be departing at this time princess Abigail-Louise,” Fred says depressingly.

“But we’ll meet again.” Josh smiles softly.

“I’m sure of it.” Andy chimes in.

They all depart with a kiss on the fair maiden’s hand, before leaving her to her fate.

Abigail-Louise is now faced with a conflict. Should she leave? Or continue to her doom?!?

“Stop right there, princess,” A sly voice comes from the shadows, to reveal a tall lanky man. How did he know what she was going to do? Can he read her mind?

“Actually dear, you’re saying most of things out loud.”

She has the good nerve to blush, and the tall man squeals, and grabs her hand.

“YOU’RE EVEN CUTER IN PERSON, OH MY HEART!” He grabs her hand and leads her up the stairs to the mysterious castle that had mysteriously appeared before her.

“It does that.” The man says. “Don’t worry.”

And before she can say anything else, he says, “My name is Adam, by the way.”


Meanwhile, in another galaxy far, far away


There lived a very handsome prince named Will Noon. High Noon, as they liked to call him, because he was the best shot in all the land, and could take out just. About. Anybody.

But his cold assassin’s heart needed something else. Not that he didn’t delight in taking care of the bad guys, but he wanted something more. He wanted someone to share his victory with, someone he could hold at night, someone to wash his dirty laund—

“So, is this ‘High Noon’ guy an assassin, or a prince? Cause he can’t be both…”

“Yeah. I actually agree.”

So the prince named Will Noon wasn’t an assassin. He liked ruling over his people with a fair and iron fist, and the people liked him too. But one day, in all his loneliness, he realized something.

He wanted—no, needed—a wife.

And because his people wanted to see him happy, they all told him of the beauteous fair maiden of the east, who’s kind and calm nature could melt anybody’s heart. And her name, they said, is Abigail-Louise.

And so began his journey for Abigail-Louise’s hand in marriage.


Abigail-Louise slightly nods at everything Adam is saying.

He speaks fast, and flails a lot, so she has no idea what to say. She doesn’t want to anger him by not listening (not that she would, because she’s just too nice for that), because rule number three of being kidnapped says that it’s unwise to anger your captors.

Anyway, Adam eventually walks her down to the deepest, darkest part of the dungeon. The farther they walk, the quieter Adam becomes.

“I’m real sorry, princess.”

Abigail almost replies, but she’s knocked unconscious a moment later—

“Oh! The plot thickens!”


“She’s been kidnapped?!”

Prince Will asks sharply, enraptured in the story the old man is telling.

According to the tale, the village hasn’t been the same since their princess was stolen. Everything began to take a turn for the worst. Everybody was sad, and nobody wanted to do anything. Nobody knew where to start looking for her, and anybody that did was surely met with certain death. Also, there begun a strange increase in cherry blossom trees. But all that did was to remind the village of the once fair and kind maiden.

“No,” Will shakes his head, frowning. “This can’t be right.” He sits back down, thinking for a moment, before coming up with a brilliant idea.

“I will rescue this fair maiden, and then take her as my bride.” He states confidentially. Everybody in the rooms cheered, for they knew of Prince William and all of his valiant deeds. Of course, they’d be sad that Abigail would have to go very far away to live with him, but they knew she would be in good hands.

“But where will you go?” the old man asked. “How will you begin to look?”

“I don’t know,” Will answers honestly, “But I have a feeling.”


Abigail awoke, disoriented and cold. Of course she’s locked up in a dungeon, but whatever. She opens her eyes, to be met with Adam on the other side, with enough waterworks to cry a river.

“I’m sorry princess.” He sniffs. “I was told to bring you down here and knock you out! I didn’t really want to do it!”

“It’s quite alright,” She winces a bit, smiling. “You’re boss would’ve killed you otherwise?”

He nods hesitantly.

“Oh, food!” She says brightly, finally, taking heed of the tray in Adam’s hand.

Adam slides it through the opening in the bars, and leaves without making a sound.


“I think we can be of assistance.”

A voice comes from Prince Noon’s right side, and his sword is drawn at the stranger’s throat before the guy could even finish his sentence.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t listen to strange bandits who hide in shadows.”

Will can hear the guy smirk, and he reveals himself.

“But Prince Will,” the stranger openly mocks, “You do wish to find Princess Abigail?”

Will glares, but motions for the bandit to continue.

“Well, I’m Fred, and these two—“ He motions to the other lumps of shadow coming forth “—Are my sidekicks. And together, we make up The Band of Bandits that Do Terrible Things.”


So, of course The Band of Bandits that do Terrible Things and Prince Will rode on their horses day and night, when suddenly space ninjas!—

“That’s enough.” Abigail clamps a hand over Will’s mouth. She’s been sitting here, trying not to be embarrassed or strangle Will in the middle of his story. It’s hard, seeing as how Nate, Jack, and Emily are holding in extreme amounts of laughter. It’s really hard to seeing the look of shining adoration on her son’s face.

“But mom!” Her son, Fred exclaims, his big brown doe eyes widening. Where the hell did he get eyes like that? Oh yeah. The idiot sitting next to her. “The space ninjas!”

“Yeah, Abigail! The space ninjas!” Nate and Jack smirk.

Abigail unclamps her hand from will’s mouth, but her eyes say “Three minutes.”

“So, anyway,” Will continues, “Space ninjas come, and they help out Prince Will and The Band of Bandits that do Terrible Things rescue Princess Abigail from the dungeon. As it turns out, Clint, one of Prince Will’s trusty advisors—

“Not so trusty anymore,” Emily whispers.

“Clint ordered for Abigail’s abduction. So the ninjas—“

“SPACE ninjas”

“—Space ninjas, okay. The space ninjas, Prince Will, and The Band of Bandits that Do Terrible Things defeated Clint and rescued the princess. And because the Princess Abigail was so awesome, she decided to let Adam go back to his family. Every couple of days she would check on them.” Will nods solemnly. “Yeah. So Prince Will and Princess Abigail got married and everybody lived happily ever after.”

Will turns to his son.

“That’s pretty much how I met your mother.”

Fred nods seriously. He dons his ‘thinking face’, before he smiles and asks, “So where did I come from?”
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