This Could Be A Possibility

where fears and lies, melt away.

Abigail pokes Will in the cheek.

“Will,” She says softly. “You’re all broken.”

“Yeah, well….” Will trails off thinking. “At least I get free food.”

Abigail rolls her eyes, because the only thing Will would think of, after breaking what seems like nearly every bone in his body, is free food and hot nurses to feed it to him.

“Food. Right,” She sighs, sitting in the chair right next to him. “How long will it take to heal?”

He shrugs.

“We’re all trying to plan your surprise party,” She furrows her eyebrows, “Could you at least gives us an estimate?”

“It’s hardly a surprise, now. Why would you tell me what happens?” Will does his best impression of a hurt puppy, but because of all the drugs in his system, he just ends up blinking a lot.

“You almost threw a vase at Nate’s head last time we had a surprise party for you.”

“He didn’t need to jump out from behind the door.”

Abigail hums, patting his casted knee and placing a kiss on top of his head.

“Take care,” She waves. “Don’t stress and don’t check out the nurses when they’re not looking.”

Will just smiles.
♠ ♠ ♠
Be broken.