This Could Be A Possibility

(i need more affection than you know)

Will squints his eyes.

There’s just too much sunlight and too many people. But to more pressing matters, why are they in jail? What the hell happened last night?

He hears another groan beside him, and sees Abigail hiding her face in his arm.

“Make it stop,” She groans. “Loud, noises.”

Will grumbles


“You guys stole flowers, or something.” Nate shrugs simply, relishing in the future blackmail this will provide.

“Will!” Abigail mumbles sharply. She burrows into his arms more, trying to shield the goddamed sun. “Why the hell did you steal flowers?”

There’s no answer, and Nate ponders on whether he should impart this next saying of wisdom.

To hell with it.

“Yeah, and uh, you guys went streaking too.”

It falls on deaf ears, as he turns around to find his little criminals fast asleep. Nate smiles, before shaking his head.

“Streaking, huh?”
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