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Brings Me Home

My Everything.

She stood in a similar way as to the day I had first said goodbye. Down by the lake, in denim shorts, a tank top, and flip-flops. Her hair was windblown and fell down her back. Just like all those years ago, she didn’t wear her glasses.

“Hey beautiful,” I say wrapping my arms around her.

She jumps and stifles a gasp. “Don’t do that to me, asshole.”

“No name calling,” I scold playfully. “Especially one as hurtful as that.”

“Good thing your ego is so big,” she swats my arm.

“But you love my ego,” I say making sure to breathe on her.

She shivers as my warm breath creates goose bumps on her neck.

“Eh,” she pretends to consider it.

I trail kisses up to the corner of her mouth before stopping and turning her around so that she faces me.

“You know you do,” I say looking her in the eye.

“I don’t know about that, Staal,” she smiles. “You’re pretty tough to love.”

I smirk at her and knock her off her knees and into my arms. She squeals as her shoes go flying and I kick my own flip-flops off as we wade into the water. I hold her up high enough so that she doesn’t get wet, even though my shorts are practically soaked.

“Say it,” I tell her. “Or you’re going to get really wet.”

“I like these shorts, Jordy,” she moans.

“Say it.”

She sighs and rolls her eyes. I lower her towards the water and she fidgets in my arms.

“All you gotta do is say the three, little words,” I bargain.

“I love you,” she mutters into my shoulder.

“Like you mean it, Leah Marissa Emerlee,” I say.

“I love you, Jordan Lee Staal. And that includes your big ego and your heavy hockey playing ass!” she says loudly.

“Good,” and I dump her in the water.

I wait for her to surface. She doesn’t.


I dive below the surface, squinting into the murky water. I see her still body floating below me a few feet away.

Tugging her body upwards, I bring her to shore. She lies on the rough sand and I hover above her.

“Leah,” I say quietly. “Come on, you’ve better just be pulling my leg here.” I wait for her to move and tell me that it’s all a joke. It had to be; we were getting married in days I listen to her chest. It’s beating. “Leah!”

A smile tweaks at her mouth. She’s a terrible actress sometimes.

“You’re so lucky I love you,” I say as one of her eyes cracks open.

“I think you’re the lucky one,” she leans to press her lips against mine.

The kiss is similar to a lot of our kisses. Gentle and tender, but a heat and passion that leaves us both wanting more.

“I’m definitely the lucky one,” I say breaking away for air.

She touches her forehead to mine. “I think we both made out okay in the end.”

I kiss her nose. “I love you, Leah Marissa Emerlee.”

“I love you, Jordan Lee Staal,” she smiles.

This was our relationship. Playful, almost childish at times. But that’s how it was when you fell in love with your best friend. We had a bond that some people never have. I didn’t know how I got lucky enough to meet her, let alone get her to agree to spending the rest of her life with me.

Leah Marissa Emerlee was my everything.
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