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Brings Me Home

Shortie Shorts.

“Can you believe it?” Leah murmurs the next morning.

“Believe what?” I ask looking down at her.

We’re still in bed, watching some morning talk show. Propped up on pillows, Leah has her head leaning against my bare chest and I have my right arm wrapped around her. Even though it was warm with the light shining through the large bedroom windows, (hence my bare chest) neither of us minded.

“We’ve got less than 72 hours until we get married,” she says.

“Isn’t it already pretty official?” I ask as I toy with the diamond on her left hand. “I mean, you were mine from the start.”

“And how do you know that, hm?” she smirks up at me. “I dated Jimmy Carlson for nearly two years in high school.”

“And I beat him up when he broke your heart,” I argue. “You were always mine.”

“You and your big ego,” she shakes her head playfully. “I still don’t think I was yours from the beginning.”

I frown at her and flip her onto her back in one, swift moment. I hover above her before dipping down to speak into her ear.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” she giggles.

I graze my teeth against her earlobe and down her neck, making her gasp.

“What about now?” I say looking her in the eye.

She smiles at me. “It’s cute when you try to be all intimidating.”

I feign being hurt and she pecks my nose.

“Oh, you know I love you,” Leah says. “Always have.”

“Even that one time when I snuck you out of the house and you got in trouble for it?” I ask reminiscing about our teenage years.

“You took the fall for it, Jordy,” she says brushing a stray hair away from my face. “I’m so glad you got a haircut. I hated your hair busting out of that helmet.”

“Anything for you,” I smile.

She leans up on her elbows and kisses me. As usual, our tongues end up fighting for dominance. Leah lies back down on the bed and I hold myself up with my hands on either side of her face. Her hands tangle into my now shorter hair.

Breaking away, she gasps for air.

“Breakfast?” she giggles. Slipping out from under me, she dances out into the hall.

“Aw, fuck Leah!” I groan flopping back onto the pillows. “You’re such a damn tease.” I always spent way too much time looking at those shorts she slept in.

She pokes her head back into the room. “But you love me anyway. Now come on, me and my shortie shorts are making waffles.” Leah waggled her fingers for me to follow and pranced off down the stairs.

How could I say ‘no’ to an offer like that?
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One of them is a spin-off of my Not So Honest Perfection and Live In Reality stories. This one will feature Jordan and Chantal. If you haven't read the two stories mentioned above, they focus on Sidney and an OC. Check 'em out! Another is a Max Talbot story (God, he's gorgeous.) that I'm SOOO excited for. The final story on the list will be an original fiction. I know, I know. You're all like, "What? She's writing an OF? Is she the same Bex we've known and loved?" (You all know you love me.) And yeah, I know my record with original fictions isn't AMAZING. However, this is my NaNo baby. I'm determined to finish it.

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